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Altered Reflections

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Summary: Hiei gets caught in a portal that switches him with his double from an alternate universe. There he finds that nobody is as he remembers. **Alternate Pairing**

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Chapter 3: Desperately Seeking Keiko

Title: Altered Reflection
Author: Rose
Classification: AU; action/adventure/romance
Parings: Hiei/Keiko
Summary: Hiei gets caught in a portal that switches him with his double from an alternate universe. There he finds that nobody is as he remembers. There is a Kurama-ish Kuwabara (ie: he isn't a klutz and is very popular with the ladies), Botan is the princess of Renkai while Koenma (in his teenage form) is a ferry boy desperately in love with her! Yusuke has a picture perfect family and is dating Yukina. And that's just the beginning!
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, they belong to their creator
Spoilers: None
Distribution: FanFiction.Net. If anyone else wants it, just email me and ask.
Feedback: Yes, please.

Author's Note: Since I have no idea how Youko Kurama acts, cause I've only seen him briefly in one episode, I'm going to portray him in the mirror realm as having the looks of Youko Kurama and a hint of Suuichi Minamino's mannerisms. But he's still full fox demon. Thanks.

Author's Note 2: Okay, so you won't be confused, just keep in mind that the Mirror Realm's Hiei is now in the Natural Realm and vice versa. I'm not gonna use any labels on them, so please keep this in mind so as not to get confused later. If and when they eventually return to their correct realms, I'll let you know.

Chapter 3: Desperately Seeking Keiko

Natural Realm

What in the name of Makai is going *on* here?! Hiei thought as he leapt with swift agility through the treetops. Everyone has gone crazy it seems. Kurama has disappeared, replaced by some *human* and the others didn't seem to notice! Could they have been affected somehow by that strange energy? And Keiko is gone. Where could she be? I must find her fast, I must! But what of the other? Yukina? Koenma and Botan? Have they been affected by this as well?

His mind was in such turmoil that the fire demon failed to see the streak of blue flying directly into his leaping path, causing him to collide head on with the ferry girl, effectively knocking her off her oar. They both grunted with the impact and fell. At the last moment, however, Hiei regained his senses and--clasping onto the falling female--summersaulted so that he landed on his feet.

"Hey mister, why don't you watch where you're --- H-hiei?! What are you doing here? Why aren't you with Yusuke and the others? Have you finished with the mission already?" Botan looked over Hiei's shoulder as if expecting to see the others coming up behind him.

"Botan?" Hiei's face showed a hint of surprised, which he masked almost immediately. Silently he wondered what she was doing outside of the Reikai. She was the princess after all. Why didn't she have one of the lesser demons running her errands? Or Koenma for that matter. He *was* the assistant to the Reikai Tentai. But despite all this, he was very relieved to see her. If anyone could help him locate Keiko, it would be her.

Taking hold of the blue haired girl's shoulders, Hiei shook her slightly to direct her eyes back to him instead of behind him. With a hint of menace in his voice, he demanded,. "Take me to Keiko, *NOW*!"

Botan let out a startled "eep" at Hiei's action and turned to stare blinkingly at the obviously upset fire demon. What is his problem? Has something happened to the others? she thought. No wait...he wants to see Keiko. Keiko? But why.....

"Why do you want to see Keiko?"

"Why must you ask such questions? Just take me to her now, Dammit!" came the demon's harsh reply.

Botan sweatdropped, not knowing what to make of Hiei's sudden interest in Keiko. "Uhh, ookay." the ferry girl said slowly. "Come on then, I actually just left her house. She was getting ready to do her homework. I swear that girl's brain will explode if she doesn't take a break once in awhile."

Hiei looked at Botan strangely. Studying? he thought idly but said nothing as he hopped onto her oar. Botan manuevered her oar into the air and made a beeline for the Ukimura residence, all the while wondering about Hiei's strange behaviour and what Yusuke's reaction would be when he found out about Hiei's new interest in his best friend. It wasn't long before they were landing on the tree branch outside of Keiko's bedroom window. With great balance, Hiei turned abruptly to Botan.

"Botan, why did you bring me to a human residence? I asked for Keiko."

Botan blinked. "But Hiei...we *are* at Keiko's."

"I wonder if going back and forth from your two forms may have done something to your brain, Your Highness." Hiei replied, practically sneering his last words.

"Your Highness?" Botan's eyes narrowed and she poked a finger at his chest. "Just what are you implying buster?!"

"Oh, Please forgive me. Is my tone not respectful enough for the likes of the Princess of Reikai?" There was evident sarcasm dripping from his comment.

Botan gasped. "Princess of...? I don't know what you're on, Hiei, but I think you are losing it. What are you -- " At that moment thier heated arguement was disrupted by a form appearing at the window and throwing it open.

"Botan? Hiei? What's going on? Has something happened to Yusuke or the others?" Keiko stood in the open window, a look of slight worry and curiosity on her face.

As if in slow motion, Hiei turned around to face the girl in the window, a look of....happiness? etched across his face. "Keiko!"

There was a blur of black, and suddenly Keiko found herself being hoisted out her window and onto the tree branch outside. She felt strong arms engulf her, holding her snuggly against a slim but muscled chest.

"Eep!" she squeaked, not particularly liking the precarious position, though a nagging thought in the back of her mind insisted that the embrace was nice and even.

Then the realization of just *who* was holding her fell into place and she drew her head back to look into intense red eyes. Her own brown eyes widened in shock when the next instant she felt warm, firm lips pressed hotly to her own. Too shocked to protest, Keiko simply endured Hiei's kiss at first. Then, to her amazement, she soon found herself responding to his insistent attentions. Keiko's soft lips became pliant beneath the onslaught of Hiei's firm ones. He was on the verge of deepening the kiss when the sound of someone nervously clearing thier throat behind them caused Keiko's eyes to snap open and her to pull away from him abruptly, cheeks thoroughly flushed in both embarassment and a hint of desire.

"Uhh, I don't really mean to interrupt, but Hiei.....what do you think you are doing?"

"I'm kissing my mate. Amazing, your idiocy is surpassing Kazuma's today." Hiei never once took his eyes off of Keiko as he shot his retort at Botan.

"M-m-mate? Wh-wha...what are you talking about?" Keiko asked hesitantly. She was still reeling from the fact that *Hiei* had just kissed her. And not just kissed her. But *really* kissed her. Not to mention all the emotions that the simple action had stirred within her.

"My angel, what has happened to your eyes?" Hiei breathed softly, bringing a hand up to caress the side of Keiko's face as he stared into her eyes. He had just now noticed the lack of lilac tint to them. Instead they were brown. Definitely *not* his mate's normal eye color.

Keiko nearly swooned at his tender touch. As much as she hated to admit it, it was enjoyable. "Uh..h-huh?" She asked, the confused word coming out no more than a whisper.

Botan leaned forward with her hands clasped before her chest. "Aw, that is sooooo sweet." she sighed before finally realizing that *Hiei* had kissed Yusuke's girl! That *Hiei* was now stroking her face! She shook her head to clear the fuzzyness. "And soooo completely wrong." she continued, her voice growing stern. "What do you think you are doing Hiei? Do you want to end up on the wrong end of Yusuke's Spirit Gun?"

Finally loosening his hold on Keiko, Hiei spun around to glare at the blue haired "Princess". "Why don't you go back to Reikai and mind your own business, Your Highness!" the fire demon growled, red eyes flashing angrily. Smirking at the tinge of fear that appeared in Boan's eyes, Hiei then turned back around to face Keiko--who had by now regained her composure as well as her ability to think straight. He was greeted by angry brown eyes and the sensation of an open palm making contact with his cheek.


"That'll teach ya!" Both Botan and Keiko's exclamation rang out over the resounding slap.



The End?

You have reached the end of "Altered Reflections" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Aug 03.

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