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The Last Son and the Slayer Part 2

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Entwined Destinies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Clark and Buffy’s reunion is interrupted by events in LA (NFA) and two of Clark’s deadliest enemies return along with a certain ex-girlfriend. Can they survive all this and fulfil their entwined destiny? Clark/Buffy Angel/Cordy

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Chapter Sixteen

“So it sounded like you had a good night last night.” Faith comments when she bumps into Buffy on the way to get some breakfast.

Buffy groans. “I was trying to be quiet.”

Faith smirks. “You failed but seriously what is it actually like to be with an invulnerable man because it sounds pretty damn good from what I heard last night.”

“Faith I think I’ve mentioned before how I don’t talk about stuff like this with you.”

“But come on B. How does it even work? He can crush coal into diamonds. I can only imagine what he could do to bones.”

“Alright I’ll say this much and then we are dropping this. Clark, because of his strength, is acutely aware of how much force objects can absorb and during the first time we met he adjusted his powers to match mine so in a sense he is only as powerful as me when we‘re together.” she explains.

“Sounds like fun.”

Buffy gets a very satisfied smile on her face “It is and this is the end of this conversation.”

“Sure B. So when do the other potential leaders get here?” Faith asks.

“10 I think.” Buffy answers as she and Faith enter the dinning hall to find Kennedy and Willow arguing.

“Looks like someone got here early.” Faith comments.

Buffy shakes her head. “Alright! What are you two arguing about this time?” she demands to know. It was their constant arguing that led to their break-up in the first place.

Kennedy and Willow stop arguing for a minute. “This is not an argument. I was just reminding Kennedy how my private life isn’t her concern anymore.” Willow tells Buffy while shooting an accusatory glance at Kennedy.

“Huh. It wouldn’t be if you weren’t dating someone who could put us all at risk.” Kennedy hits back with.

Willow narrows her eyes “Chloe would do no such thing and I’ll ask you not to accuse her of such a thing.”

“Oh come off it Will. She is a reporter. You don’t think that is putting us at risk.”

“No.” Willow states. “A reporter means she happens to be very good at keeping secrets.”

“You are being seriously naïve you know that.” Kennedy tells Willow.

“Ok stop.” Buffy says. She is now seriously regretting the fact they put Kennedy’s name on that list.

“Oh and you are not much better.” Kennedy says turning to Buffy.

“Excuse me?” Buffy asks not amused.

“Don’t give me that Buffy. I’ve heard all about your boyfriend.”

“That’s fiancé I’ll have you know.” Buffy corrects.

“Whatever. Bottom line…”

Buffy cuts her off “Bottom line Kennedy is that you say one insulting thing about him and I’ll let him beat the crap out of you in the fraction of a second it would take him. You know I thought being in charge of the cell in New York might have mellowed you a bit and from what I have heard this last year you’ve done a good job so explain to me where all this attitude comes from.”

Faith snorts loudly “It’s called bitter ex-girlfriend syndrome and seriously K get over it. Relationships end. Move on.”

Kennedy is raging. “That is not what this is about.” she protests.

“Yes it is.” Faith says back to her. “Look we all have people we never wanted to lose but it happened anyway. Red has moved on and good for her. Now I suggest you come to terms with it or you can bugger off back to New York.”

Kennedy stares at Faith who simply glares back daring Kennedy to take it further. She doesn’t and storms off. Faith smiles smugly and then notices Buffy looking at her with an amused expression “What?”

“Bugger?” Buffy asks in reference to where Faith got that word from.

“Dammit. I’ve been hanging around the G-man too much lately. Must have picked it up from him.”

Buffy chuckles “Yeah you must of and I have to say Faith you handled that really well. I was impressed.”

Faith was somewhat proud of that compliment. “Thanks B. By the way where is your sex buddy?”

Buffy shakes her head. Now that is the Faith she remembers. “Out getting some sun.”

“What do you mean out?” Faith asks.

Buffy points straight up “About 10 miles that way. He says the unfiltered sunlight above the Earth’s atmosphere is best for him.” she explains. “Now I would like to eat. Worked up an appetite last night you know.”

“Yeah I know B. Seriously have you always been that loud?”

“Fraid so.” Willow answers. “Oh by the way Faith thanks for dealing with Kennedy. I am so tried of arguing with her.”

“No problem Red.” Faith tells her as she gets some food.


After breakfast Buffy goes up to the roof and looks for Clark wondering where he has got to. After all he eats more than she does. She thought he would be back for breakfast. Her attention is caught though by the fact that across from her on the other side of the roof Xander and Renee are in a major make out session.

“Whoa. D wasn’t kidding about those two.” Faith comments after following Buffy up.

“Nope. It’s about time. They’ve been dancing around each other for ages and I would like to see Xander happy. It took him a while to get over Anya’s death.”


“So any particular reason you’re up here Faith?” Buffy asks her.

“Not really. It’s just…does Clark really fly now?” she asks. She had to admit she was really, really curious.

“Yes I do.”

Buffy and Faith look up to see Clark glide down and land softly next to them.

“That is awesome.” Faith can’t help but say.

Buffy smiles brightly “I know. I have the best fiancé ever.” She goes over and give him a kiss. “You‘re even warmer than normal.” she comments at the feel of Clark to her lips.

Clark shrugs “It won’t last.” he tells her and it won’t. It is just a temporary side effect of being in more direct sunlight.

“I thought I’d see you at breakfast.” Buffy says to him.

“Yeah about that. I like to avoid having to listen who your fellow slayers say about me. It is bad enough they look at me like a lion eyes its prey.”

“You’re exaggerating a bit.” Buffy tells him. Although not by much she would have to admit.

“Not really.” Clark mumbles.

“So you were up there hiding from us helpless, little girls.” Faith teases.

“No. I was up getting some sun and decided to vaporise some space junk. It’s good target practice.” Clark tells them. “Erm has Xander even noticed we’re here?” he asks Buffy at the sight of him and Renee.

“Nope.” Buffy then checks her watch. “Oh nearly time for the other arrivals.” she says in reference to the other slayers who might take over from her. “I better go meet and greet but don’t think your little combat training sessions are over because they’re not.”

Clark groans loudly at that.

“Oh suck it up. If you’re good and attentive maybe we can leave by the end of the week.”

“Is this really necessary Buffy?” Clark asks her.

“Yes and note my version of the resolve face.” Buffy tells him.

Faith bursts out laughing “That is your resolve face!? Needs work.”

Buffy glares at her “Laugh it up while you can Faith. From what I hear Giles has some wicked ideas for how to test if you’re leadership material.”

Faith sobers up instantly. She has a feeling that this could be very, very bad.


When she finds herself groaning flat out on her back in the training room she knew she was right. She pushes herself up “This is daft Giles. How does getting our butts kicked by Clark help?” she asks. She had decided that her nickname for him needed work so she was sticking to Clark for now.

Clark stands next to Giles not even feeling strained in the slightest. He had reluctantly agreed to help out even if he agreed with Faith and couldn’t see the point of this test. He had already beat the other 5 much to Kennedy’s complaining, more like whining.

“You may face beings of great power in this job Faith. I’ve giving you a taste of what Buffy endured fighting Glory.”

“Hey she had a magical troll hammer.” Faith points out to him.

“And Clark is holding back. He could have killed you instantly if he wanted to.” Giles sighs. “Faith. You may have to fight beings more powerful than you. You have to learn how to exploit their weaknesses if you wish to survive.”

“Yeah but I can’t do magic and I don’t see any green rocks around do you?”

Giles smiles slightly “If it was in plain sight that would make it a little obvious don’t you think Faith or maybe it is.”

Faith blinks and then looks around the room. Now what had B said about those rocks?

Giles studies Faith and can see he has at least got her thinking. “Ok Clark I’ve given her the hint. Time for round 2.”

Clark shrugs. The hint hadn’t helped the other 5. He superspeeds off and sends her flying to the ground again. “Have to try harder Faith.” Clark tells her. “Oh by the way Buffy said if I really wanted to annoy you I should say you have to try harder Miss Lehane.”

Faith’s eyes narrow and her face darkens “No-one says the surname.” She gets to her knees and then she notices the wrist guards they had been given. On one was a little tiny blue stone. In plain sight huh. She begins to fiddle with it, trying to get it off. Suddenly she finds herself hoisted up with ease.

“Give up?” Clark asks her.

Faith puts on one of her smoltry smiles. “Nope. Just getting started.” she tells him as she snaps the guard onto Clark’s wrist and he drops her instantly.

Clark actually smirks “I was wondering if anyone would figure that out.”

“You are going down.” Faith tells him and she throws a punch only to find Clark block and counter it.

“Remember trained with Buffy yesterday.”

Faith rubs her jaw. “Not bad but you know you can’t win.”

“All I have to do is rip this off my wrist and you lose but Giles says I have to play nice so give it your best shot Lehane.”

Alright that does it. No-one says it twice. Faith is about to kick Clark’s butt when a thought occurs to her that perhaps he is trying to wind her up deliberately and force her to strike in anger. She smiles “Nah because that is what you want me to do isn’t it Giles?” she asks as she turns to look at him.

Giles smiles. “Very good Faith. You’ve passed.”

Faith smiles smugly and then spins round and punches Clark in the jaw. “Don’t ever say my surname again.” she tells him.

Clark rubs his jaw “Right got it.”

Giles shakes his head while Faith shrugs at his reaction “What? I don’t like it my name. Sue me.” she says.

“I think we’ll put it as a partial pass and note we’ll have to work on your surname issues.” Giles comments as he makes some notes.

After that they both leave while Clark just stands back up and goes and sits down and stares at the blue stone on his wrist. Once upon a time he would have given anything to find something like this, something to make himself normal. Now after he had finally accepted who he was it felt wrong.

“Oh good you’ve finished.” Buffy says as she wanders in with a smile on her face.

Clark looks up at her and smiles. God she looks so beautiful when she smiles.

“What?” Buffy asks at Clark’s smile.

“You’re beautiful.”

“That’s sweet and all but it isn’t going to help you now and oh look you’re wearing the pretty blue stone.”

Clark’s smile turns into a frown “Buffy. Do we have to do this right now?”

“Yep. Giles is tallying up the scores or something so we’ve got some time. Besides I don’t remember you complaining about the way we finished yesterday.”

Clark laughs at that which confuses Buffy. “What?” she asks him.

“Sorry. It’s just I never thought I would be able to do a lot of that for as long as I had my powers.”

“I understand.” Buffy tells him. “I had a normal human boyfriend once and you know it was tricky having to hold back but it wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy it.”

“Yeah as much fun as it is hearing about that Buffy I don’t like the images it conjures up. I could point out the time I lost my powers and me and Lana…”

Buffy cuts him off “Alright stop right there. You’re right we don’t need to rehash all this. I just wanted to say I understand.”

Clark stands up and pulls Buffy into him “I know you do and just to put your mind at ease, being with you has been the greatest experience of my life.”

Buffy stands on her tiptoes and kisses him “Thank you. It’s been a lot of fun for me too but you’ve put this off for long enough.” she tells him as she backs off and assumes a defensive position. “Right I’ll let you go first. Lets see what you learned from yesterday.”

Clark shakes his head. He has an ominous feeling he’s going to have a few bruises by the time this is all over.


He was right about the bruises. He is just glad they heal as soon as he takes the blue kryptonite off. Right now he, Buffy, Xander, Willow and Dawn are with Giles who has decided who should take over from Buffy.

“Is that a hickey?” Willow asks Xander as she studies his neck.

“Erm yeah.” Xander answers.

“About time.” Dawn announces. “I was beginning to think you’d never get together with Renee.”

“Speaking of Renee…” Xander begins. “Giles?” Xander asks

“No Xander.”

“No you’re not telling me or no she wasn’t the one you picked?”

“No I didn’t pick her. She needs more experience yet but if it makes you feel better I would have no problem with her leading if it came to it.”

“Thanks Giles and oh thank you Clark for not beating her too badly.” Xander says in reference to her time with Clark.

“Sure no problem.” Clark answers.

There is a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Giles shouts and in walks Faith.

“You wanted to see me Giles?” Faith asks.

“Yes. Buffy has something for you.” Giles tells her.

Faith turns round to find Buffy holding out the slayer scythe. That is when it dawns on her “Me? You want me to lead?”

Buffy nods “Yep. Here take it.”

Faith takes it from Buffy “So does this mean I get to order you around now B?”

“Don’t push your luck Faith and besides I’ll be more of a freelance trouble shooter. If anything comes up just give me a call and Clark will get me there in minutes.”

“Right. You sure about this? I’m not exactly a shining example of righteousness.” Faith feels the need to point out.

“Neither am I.” Buffy points out. “Well Willow, Xander I leave her in your capable hands. I’ll be around for a few more days and then Clark and I will be gone but all decisions you run through Faith.” Buffy takes Clark’s hand. “Come on Clark.”

Clark lets Buffy drag him off “Buffy. Where are we going?”

“Away. I don’t need to know any more. If I know I’ll have to do something or add an opinion. That isn’t my job anymore.”

“Are you ok giving this up? I never really asked.”

Buffy smiles “Yeah I am. I’m tired of all this destiny of the chosen one crap. I want to be with you. When I’m with you I feel free again. Free to live my life the way I want but if they need me I’ll be here for them in an instant.”

“I know you will.”

Buffy drags Clark back to her room and as soon as the door is shut she leaps on him attacking his mouth hungrily.

Between kisses “Erm Buffy not that I’m complaining but why are we doing this right now?” Clark asks.

“Like I said, I want to be with you or perhaps I should say…” Buffy lowers her voice to a whisper “I want you in me.”

“Oh ok but only under protest.” Clark jokes causing Buffy to chuckle.

“I love you Clark Kent.” Buffy tells him.

“I love you Buffy Summers.” Clark says back.


A few days later and in Clark’s case many bruises later as Buffy worked on his fighting skills and the two of them get ready to leave.

“Xander. You look after Dawn or else.” Buffy warns him as they stand outside the entrance to slayer HQ.

“You can count on me Buffster.”

Buffy turns her attention to her sister “Dawn I know I’m not the easiest person to get along with…”

Dawn cuts her off “You don’t need to say it Buffy and I promise you I’m not upset you’re going. Truthfully I think you need this.”

“Wow you grew up and I missed it didn’t I?”

Dawn smiles “Fraid so but I forgive you. Be careful out there and remember when you do actually get around to getting married I’m coming out with you to celebrate the night before and there will be male strippers.”

Buffy frowns at her “Dawn Summers!”

Dawn chuckles and throws her arms around her sister. “Seriously be careful and know I do love you.”

“I love you too Dawnie.”

“Why don’t I get a hug?” Xander complains.

“And make Renee jealous? Nah but Will on the other hand…” Buffy tells Xander just as she hugs Willow.

“Buffy…too tight.” Willow struggles to get out.

“Oh right sorry.” Buffy says as she lets go.

“Tell Chloe I’ll keep my word and write to her.” Clark tells Willow.

“Consider it done.” Willow replies.

Buffy turns her attention to Giles “Giles. Truthfully there are too many things I would like to say so I’ll just stick to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

“You don’t need to thank me Buffy and if this is something you have to do then go do it the best you can.”

Finally Buffy gets to Faith. “Don’t waste any mushy stuff on me B.”

“I’m not going too. I don’t have to. I know you’ll take care of things so I’ll just say see you soon.”

With that Buffy picks up her bag and walks over to Clark. “Right Clark come on. Time to go.”

Clark picks her up and hovers a few feet off the ground. “Well bye everyone and if you need me I’m always around.”

Clark flies off upward. “You know that is so corny.” Buffy comments.

“But very true. I am always around somewhere.” Clark says to her.

“You have a point I guess. So where to first?”

“Well I have always wanted to see London.” Clark tells her.

“Yeah that’s a good place to start. Lots of underground tunnels there. Keeps the London cell busy. Maybe we could give them a hand.”

“You know I’ll do anything you want.”

“I know.” Buffy tells him with a kiss and then squeezes her arms around his neck. She loves flying with him and here they are now flying off to the next stage of their lives.

End of Part 2.


Author’s Note: So I’ll end part 2 here and pick up part 3 with Buffy and Clark’s world tour. I hope to get it up soon. Thanks for all the reviews.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Last Son and the Slayer Part 2". This story is complete.

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