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The Last Son and the Slayer Part 2

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Entwined Destinies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Clark and Buffy’s reunion is interrupted by events in LA (NFA) and two of Clark’s deadliest enemies return along with a certain ex-girlfriend. Can they survive all this and fulfil their entwined destiny? Clark/Buffy Angel/Cordy

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Smallville > Multiple PairingsjohnsmithFR181658,03222625,75912 Aug 0815 Oct 08Yes

Chapter One

Summary: Sequel to One Year Later. Clark and Buffy’s reunion is interrupted by events in LA (NFA) and two of Clark’s deadliest enemies return along with a certain ex-girlfriend. Can they survive all this and fulfil their entwined destiny? A destiny that they will discover is more in their own hands than either realises.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters in this story.

Author’s Note: I use this to write my own little ending to Angel Not Fade Away because while I did like the ending I hated the way they concluded the Angel/Cordy relationship. Anyway I assure you there will be plenty Clark/Buffy stuff. After all I did write this as a Buffy/Clark story to start with.


Buffy is lying in bed on top of Clark, engagement ring on finger and Clark’s arms wrapped around her. His muscles are slightly bigger and even more defined than they were before he left a year ago. She is slowly trailing her finger along their outline. A part of her is thinking she should sleep but she’s afraid this might be a dream and Clark will disappear if she falls asleep. She considers it a bonus Clark possesses an eidetic memory. They had spent the last few hours making love and he had remembered exactly how to bring her to her peak. Good god she screamed his name to the heavens, everyone in the castle probably heard it. Oh well, who cares? She is thinking about what he said. He has to travel the world he said and understand its peoples. Why doesn’t she go with him? In an emergency he could fly her back here in minutes. She could even check up on the other slayer cells spread across the world while they were at it. “Clark?”

Clark has his eyes closed but is still awake. He is savouring the feeling of Buffy lying on top of him. The feeling of her soft skin against his own. “Yes Buffy.”

“Can I come with you?”

Clark opens his eyes “Sorry what?”

“On your travels. Can I come with you?”

Clark hadn’t really thought about that. Of course he hadn’t really been thinking about anything for the past few hours except making love to Buffy. God it had felt so good, they still seemed to fit each other perfectly.

“Clark?” Buffy asks.


“You drifted off there.”


“What were you thinking about?”

“You, us, the last few hours.”

Buffy grins “Yeah they were a good few hours. By the way who’s Rao?”

Clark looks at Buffy “Where did you hear that?”

“You said it about an hour ago.”

Clark blushes “I did?”

“You did. You said oh Rao Buffy that‘s amazing.”

“It’s the Kryptonian name for God. Rao is the Kryptonian god.”

“Oh so you were saying oh God Buffy that’s amazing.”

Clark’s blush deepens “Yes I was and you are amazing.”

“Yeah I know but back to my question. Can I come with you?”

“I don’t see why not but it isn’t going to be a picnic Buffy. There aren’t going to be 5 star hotels. This will entail actually living amongst people, following their customs and cultures.”

“It doesn’t matter as long as we’re together.”

Clark smiles and kisses the top of Buffy’s head. She slides up and kisses him full on the lips. He returns the kiss and moves onto kissing her jaw and is moving on to her neck when the door shoots open and in walks Xander. He stares at them lying there naked, puts his hand over his one eye and screams “My eye, oh god my precious eye. I’m blind, I’m blind.” His histrionics stop for a moment “Oh hi Clark by the way.” before he’s back to his histrionics “Oh my god I’m blind!”

Buffy grabs the sheet trying to cover herself and Clark up when Willow walks in “What is going on?” Her eyes widen at the sight in the bed “Oh hi Clark.”

Clark puts on his goofy smile and waves “Hi Willow.” His cheeks burn red.

From there things go downhill when Dawn walks in “Ok what is going on? I’m trying to sleep.” She sees Buffy naked on top of an incredible looking man. She can’t help but stare.

“Dawn!” Buffy yells. Oh for goodness sake, her sister shouldn’t be seeing this.

“Going to introduce me Buffy?” Dawn asks with surprising calm.

Buffy groans. This could only happen to her. “Dawn this is Clark. Clark this is my sister Dawn who will now be leaving.”

“Oh so this is Clark. I was beginning to think you made him up.”

“What! I told you all about him.” Buffy looks at Clark “I swear I told her about you.”

“Of course and it was so believable, a man from the another planet. If it wasn’t for Xander and Willow I would have said you imagined it.”

Clark can’t help but note they’re all getting away from the fact that he and Buffy are lying here naked in front of Buffy’s little sister. “Buffy, we’re still...” Clark gestures with his eyes.

“Oh right. Everyone needs to leave so we can get changed and can get to why Xander barged in here in the first place.”

“Ok then. Oh by the way Buffy is that a new ring?” Xander asks as he points to the ring on Buffy’s left hand.

Willow notices it for the first time “Buffy is that an engagement ring?”

“Yeah.” Buffy says rather sheepishly. Clark is slowly dying at all this.

Dawn stares at it and stutters the words out “What? Engagement? When?”

“When Clark showed up and crushed a lump of coal into a diamond for me? Now if that doesn’t say love, I don’t know what does. Now everyone out!” Buffy demands.

All 3 leave. Buffy looks at Clark “I have got to get locks installed on that door.”

“At least we have a sheet this time.” Clark replies, referring to the time they were caught on the couch on the farm.

“Yeah well, come on lets get changed. I want to see their faces when you walk out in that suit.” Buffy points to Clark’s red and blue costume.

“Hey don’t mock my fashion taste. I designed that suit.”

“And you look gorgeous in it.” Buffy kisses Clark. “but it’s not everyday wear.”

“I was in a rush, I wanted to see you.”

Oh he‘s just so sweet. “I love you.” Buffy kisses Clark again.

“I love you.” Clark replies. “Buffy.” Clark says in between kisses.


“They’re waiting.”

“Who? What? Oh yeah.” Buffy sighs and gets up and so does Clark.


Outside the door Dawn, Willow and Xander are waiting. Xander is rubbing his eye “I can’t believe we had to see that again.”

“I know.” Willow adds

“What are you two complaining about? I never got to see it the first time. Why did no-one tell me that Clark looked like that?” Dawn complains. “I never get to find someone like that.”

“How about because you‘re a teenager and technically you‘re not old enough to do that.” Willow tells her.

“I am in this country.” Dawn hits back. “In Scotland the age of consent is 16.”

“Yeah but don’t tell Buffy that or she’ll ship you back to the states before you can say age of consent.” Xander warns her.

They turn as the door opens and Buffy and Clark walk out.

Xander looks at Clark in his costume “Now why can’t I get a cape?”

“You don’t fly.” Buffy tells him.

All 3 look at Clark. “You fly now?” Willow asks flabbergasted.

“So do you.” Buffy points out to Willow.

“Yeah but that’s by magic. How does he do it?”

Clark shrugs “I just do. It’s natural like it’s natural for you to walk or run. If you want to race sometime I should point out I can break the sound barrier quite easily.”

Willow just shakes her head in sheer disbelief “No thanks. I like to keep at speeds below 700mph.”

“Ok back to why Xander barged in?” Buffy wants to know why her reunion sex was interrupted.

“What? Oh right. Picked up earthquakes from LA.” Xander answers.

“Fly!” Dawn shouts “You can fly. Why doesn‘t anyone tell me these things?”

“Well a year ago I could only float and that usually only happened in my sleep.” Clark points out.

Dawn just shakes her head. “You just don’t do normal boyfriends do you?” she asks of Buffy.

“Clark’s normal more or less but can we get back to why I am getting disturbed for run of the mill tectonic stresses.” Buffy demands to know.

They all look at her.

“What?” she asks.

“Tectonic stresses. Have you been watching the national geographic channel again?” Xander asks.

“Maybe. Not my fault we can’t get a decent cable package.” Buffy replies.

“Well we’re getting away from the point. The quakes are caused by portals opening, large ones.”

Buffy rolls her eyes “Angel!”

Clark looks at her “Angel? As in you’re ex-boyfriend?”

“Don’t be jealous. We’re engaged now.” Buffy says to Clark.

“I’m not jealous.” Clark says defensively. “Although I can always fry him with my heat vision.” he mutters under his breath.

Buffy hears Clark’s mutterings but ignores them “Well we better get going before the world ends. Again! Willow can you fix up a teleport spell? Have a feeling we’re going to need the troops.”

“Sure. Might take me a little while for one that large though.” Willow points out.

“I can get there in a few minutes.” Clark points out.

“You’re helping?” Buffy asks

“Can’t let the world end now can I?”

“You can carry me then.” Buffy tells him “Just let me get a couple of things.” Buffy goes back in her room with Clark following her.

“Buffy...” Clark begins, worrying about her safety.

“Clark I’m still a slayer.” Buffy gets the scythe from under her bed.

“You keep it under your bed?”

“Of course I do.” Buffy turns to face the door “Xander round up the troops and meet us in LA as soon as you can and no Dawn you‘re not coming.”

“I didn’t say anything!” Dawn protests.

“You were going to. Xander put a guard on her if you have to, she‘s staying here.”

“You’re the boss.” Xander salutes and all 3 wander off.

“Right come on Clark, lets motor.” Buffy gestures to him to pick her up.

Clark picks her up “You’ll have to hang on. I’ll go as fast as I can without hurting you.”

Buffy puts her arms around Clark and they fly out the window.


Willow, Xander and Dawn are walking to the command centre.

“I’m not staying here by the way.” Dawn points out.

“I know but it makes Buffy feel better that she at least tried to keep you out of danger.” Willow tells her.

Xander is walking along with a look of glee “Finally get to use the apocalypse alarm.”

“The what?” Dawn and Willow ask.

“You’ll see.” Xander smirks

“This is going to be bad.” Dawn says to Willow recognising that look on Xander’s face.

“You have no idea.” Willow says to Dawn. Goddess only knows what Xander has set up.

The girls watching the monitors of slayer activity, salute Xander as he enters. “At ease. Ok the apocalypse is approaching, you know what to do.”

One of the girls nods and hits a control. A very loud alarm goes off.

“Xander, is this necessary?” Willow shouts while covering up her ears.

“Sorry what Will?” Xander shouts back.

“Never mind.” Willow grumbles.
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