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Birth Of The Sarafan Brotherhood

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Summary: The Sarafan are reborn when Xander dresses in some old armor. Now he restarts their genocidal quest to rid the world of all vampires. And all that harbor them.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredTheLaughingManFR1826,3084339,29313 Aug 082 Sep 08No

The Birth Of A Priest

AN: I was playing Soul Reaver 2 the other day, when this idea hit me. If you haven't played the game, then read the summary on wikipedia. It will be necessary for this story. I will likely not update as often as my other stories, but hey, now I have a story for every mood. Hope you enjoy this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, Legacy of Kain, Hellsing, Charmed, or any other characters or shows found or mentioned in this story. They belong to their rightful owners and not to me. This is the only disclaimer I'm putting up, so read it!


Xander was, as much as he hated to admit it, brooding. He was a little depressed at how every one was going crazy over their costumes, but he himself couldn't afford a decent one. 'Hey, at least I survived until Halloween.' He thought, trying to cheer himself up. It didn't work.

Then a costume did catch his eye, even though he knew that he was just window shopping, Xander could not help but admire it. It was a suit of what appeared to be genuine armor. Decorated in red and gold, with intricate runes carved lovingly onto it. A symbol that almost looked like an eagle with outstretched wings was imprinted on the chest piece. On the left gauntlet was a blade that stuck out past the hand by about seven inches, along with a real broad sword strapped to the belt. It took Xander's breath away just looking at it.

"I see that your interested in the armor." Came the voice of the shop owner. Xander jumped at the sound and cursed himself for being unawares. He turned to look at the, obviously, english man.

"Yeah, it must have cost a fortune." Xander said, gazing back at the suit of armor. Maybe he could weasel the costume of the guy.

"Yes, I imagine it would have, if it were real." The man said sadly, probably thinking of the money he could have made by selling it. "It, unfortunately, was forged ten years ago, judging by the tests I had performed on it. It doesn't match any known culture or age, even though it's obviously European in style. Probably made by a Dungeons and Dragons fan."

Xander thought for a moment and finally asked, "How much for it?"

The man raised an eyebrow. "Well, owing to the fact that we don't know if it will fit you and no one wants to buy it, I feel interested in making you a deal."

Xander looked at the man curiously, "What kind of deal?"


When the chaos spell swept across the town, Xander fell to his knees as the owner of the armor's memories subverted Xander's. Xander's personality was overwhelmed by the warrior priest's own and was effectively trapped in his own mind.

"What sorcery is this?" Asked Lord High Inquisitor Raziel as he looked around at the monster's running about. His body was feeling extremely awkward to him, as if it were not his own at all. His armor felt much heavier as well.

'Well, if these demons wish to fight, then I will send them back to Hell, painfully preferably.' Raziel thought as he drew his sword. 'Odd though it is. I distinctly remember being run through by that blue vampire with the glowing eyes.'

"Xander! Don't!" Came a cry from a girl that was running toward him. Raziel, acting upon years of knowledge and experience in battle, turned quickly and brought his sword down upon the girl. To his shock, his blade passed harmlessly through her, as if she were air. Raziel recovered himself and leaped back, bring his sword up into a defensive position.

"A spirit, then!" Raziel exclaimed, narrowing his eyes. Spirits were tricky things to deal with, they required magic to defeat, and Raziel, for all of his skill with a blade, was not very adept at spell-casting at all. In fact, he was down right deplorable with the magical arts.

"Xander?" Came the terrified voice of the girl. Now that Raziel was able to get a good look at her, he could tell that she was a woman of ill-repute, despite her young age. Perhaps it was her dissatisfaction at her life, which lead to her current existence?

"My...Lady," Raziel stumbled over which word to use to describe her before deciding that lady was the most neutral. "I'm afraid that my name is Raziel. Not this 'Xander' that you have confused me with. Now if you could be so kind as to tell me where I am, I will see to it personally that you find peace. I am a Sarafan Priest, thus I can help you, as well as this town. If you only give me the name of this village, then I can send word to my brethren to march upon this town and bring damnation down on these foul beasts."

Willow's face resembled a fish, this was not Xander, Xander didn't know half the words this guy used. But, he said he was a priest of some kind, and, judging by the sword, a knight too. Maybe he could help.

"Umm...Raziel, right?" He nodded. "Well this going to sound strange, but you have to believe me. Everyone has been turned into what they dressed up as. Your in the body of a friend of mine, his names Xander, and you have to help me find Buffy."

'Well, that explains the awkwardness of my body' Raziel mused. But who or what was this Buffy? The girl seemed honest enough, almost innocent as well. "Who is this Buffy? Why is she so important?"

"Buffy is the Slayer! We need her help! C'mon." With that the girl began to run toward, presumably, toward this Buffy.

"A hunter, then? They are normally under-trained and under-funded but they do have spirit. Perhaps, I can give her some training routines before my time here is done." Raziel said as he swiftly followed the girl, he had some trouble keeping up do to both the boy's body not being up to Raziel's standards, and the fact that few could match teenage girls when it came to running.

When they found the Slayer, Raziel was less than impressed, she was nothing but a cowardly noble woman, the kind that Raziel had found to be relatively easy to bed. The spirit informed him that this Slayer had also been targeted by the spell thus was not her usual self. The high born woman had latched onto to Raziel, believing him to be a Templar Knight, whatever a Templar was. Raziel supposed it must have been an order similar to the Sarafan, given the woman's relief.

"Where is nearest stronghold?" Raziel questioned the spirit whom, if she was telling the truth, would go back to her body when the spell was done. If so, he may want to get to know her more intimately, she was quite attractive after all.

"Buffy's house is the closest place that I know." The spirit informed him, a little shyly do to noticing Raziel's lustful gaze.

"Then lead the way with all due haste, spirit." Raziel said as he lifted the noble woman who had fainted upon seeing a horseless carriage. The carriage had disturbed Raziel as well, but he would contemplate the mechanical transport later, when it was safe to do so.

Once at the house, Raziel ignored the women in favor of checking the structure and it's durability. What he discovered did not please him at all. The dwelling, while formidable against the elements, was ridiculously easy to infiltrate and would not hold up to the unholy evil that lay outside. He supposed the architect must have felt it was safe due to fact that they were in a village. Either way he needed to strengthen the structure at both the windows and doorways.

"Hey what are you doing, Mrs. Summers will kill us if the house is boarded up!" The spirit cried out, personally Raziel would not want to be the monsters outside when the lady of the house realized that it was their fault that her fine home was damaged. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as the saying goes.

"Listen closely spirit, this house will not last if we do not enforce certain areas. The Lady Summers can scream at us all she wants, but I for one would like to be alive when she does so. I have died once already, and I do not intend to repeat the experience." Raziel told the girl as he turned the table over to cover the main door. Then a scream ripped through the night. Raziel turned toward the back door.

"It's Cordelia! We have to help her!" The spirit cried urgently. Raziel would have rolled his eyes if the action hadn't been undignified.

"It could very well be a trap as well. Vampires often use the screams of maidens to draw the attention of other prey." Raziel chastised, "But you are correct, we can not risk it, should the girl be in danger and it not be a trap at all."

Raziel drew his sword and ran out the door, looking around for the source of the screams. It didn't take long. The girl, in a skin tight body suit Raziel noticed, was being chased by a werewolf of some kind. Raziel ran past the startled girl and thrust his sword deeply into the creatures chest as it leaped toward him. Pulling his sword out, he turned toward the girl who was getting informed of the current situation by the redheaded spirit. When the spirit noticed the body of the were on the ground and Raziel with it's blood on his blade, she swelled in righteous anger.

"What were you thinking, or were you even thinking at all? That was a normal person who couldn't help the fact that he was turned into that ....thingy." The spirit berated him. Raziel sighed.

"Exactly, the person was turned into that thing. Rather like someone is turned into a vampire. Either way, it was trying to murder me, so I responded in kind. I believe you are familiar with the concept of kill or be killed?" The spirit nodded. "This was one such occasion." Raziel explained patiently to the obviously naive girl or rather ghost. It wasn't her fault, after all, she was simply ignorant of the world. That did not mean she was of low wit, it simply meant that she did not know of such things. She would learn.

"Now let us go back into the house." Raziel said as he led them back into the sanctuary. The dark haired girl was suspiciously quiet, Raziel had never known a woman who could scream like she had, to be quiet when not in danger. He reached out and put his hand on her shoulder, while this may have been seen as a comforting act, it wasn't. Raziel's holy armor would burn like fire to anything that was damned. To his relief, his glove did not burn her at all. However it seemed to snap the girl out of whatever shock she had been in and she turned the full force of her anger on the nearest thing, which was Raziel.

"What the hell kept you?! While I was being chased Jojo the dog boy, you took your sweet time! Your lucky I didn't die!" Cordelia screamed at him, then she smacked him, hard. She thought he would respond like Xander would, either take it or yell back. He didn't. Raziel backhanded her hard enough to make her stumbled back.

"Know this girl: No one strikes me with impunity. Not man, nor woman, or creature. I do not enjoy hitting women, but I will not be struck by one and not respond in kind. Do you understand me?" Cordelia nodded. "Good."

"Wow, thank god I found you guys! You wouldn't believe what going on outside." Said a pale good looking man as he rushed in. Raziel reached out to grab him, making sure he was trustworthy, when the man jerked back on contact, smoke coming from his arm. Raziel's eyes narrowed as he drew his sword to destroy the creature in front of him.

"Wait! Angel's a good vampire!" The spirit yelled at him. Raziel nearly laughed when he heard the absurd statement coming from the redhead.

"A good vampire? How so?" Raziel asked, keeping his blade close to Angel's neck.

"He has a soul!" The spirit said desperately. A soul? What does that have to do with anything?

"So did Janos Audren. All the vampires I've faced had souls, as well. Dark, twisted, and evil souls infected by the demon within, but souls none the less. What makes him so special?" Raziel sneered hatefully at the unclean thing before him.

"I fight other vampires and demons!" Angel said, worry creeping into his voice. He had realized this was not Xander. The hate in this man's eyes wasn't the petty hate that Xander had, but the fanatical hate of a man on a crusade. Controlled, honed, and directed at all things he saw as evil.

Angel had seen this look before on Holtz, a man who had chased him across Europe and nearly killed him several times. It was the look of a killer.

"Really? You fight others of your kin?" Raziel said, looking deep into Angel's eyes. "What happens if you do destroy them all? There will still be one left, and all know that if there is but a single vampire left, then it could still repopulate others of it's kind. The only way emerge victorious is to wipe out every single one of them. Including you."

Angel licked his lips, "Then I guess I'll have to die, huh?" There was amusement in Raziel's eyes now.

"Yes." Raziel lowered his sword. "But until then, you shall live. Unless you return to your kind's ways. In which case you will be purged of all evil, so that your soul may rest in peace. What is your name creature?"

Angel felt relieved that there was no longer a sword to his neck, and decided to answer the man in Xander's body. "Angel." And he knew instantly he had made mistake. The hate in the man's eyes increased to new levels.

"You will change your blasphemous name immediately. You had a different name when you were human. Use it." Raziel snarled at the vampire.

Angel nodded in acceptance. "It's Liam then." The hate receded from Raziel's eyes a bit, though there was still a great deal there. Raziel turned to Willow.

"Spirit!" He commanded. "This girl, Cordelia, was not changed by the spell. Why is that?"

Willow looked him in annoyance, "My name is Willow and how am I supposed to know?"

Raziel's eyes narrowed dangerously. "I suggest you find out." He paused. "Perhaps there is a connection in the costumes, as you said, we all turned into what we dressed as. She did not."

Willow's eyes lit up. "Of course!" She turned to Cordelia quickly. "Where did you get your costume?"

Cordelia glared at Willow as she rubbed her bruised jaw. "Partytown. What's it to you dork?" Willow ignored her insult, Raziel did not.

"If detest your rescuers so much, then perhaps we should see how long you last without us?" Raziel commented darkly. That shut Cordelia up. Raziel turned back to the spirit.

"Where did you purchase yours?" He asked her. Willow thought for a moment.

"At a new place, Ethan's." She said brightly, pleased with herself for remembering. Raziel nodded.

"And where is this shop?" He asked. After Willow told him, Raziel turned toward Liam. "I'll find this man and stop the spell. You will protect these women with your existence. Go to a room with no windows, there you will be able to defend them easily. Your vampiric strength will help you fend off any enemy's and they will not be able to overwhelm you as they will have to enter through the doorway in small numbers."

Liam nodded in agreement, but Willow did not. "What about Giles?" At Raziel questioning look she explained, "Giles is Buffy's Watcher. He knows all kinds of things about demons and magic."

Raziel looked thoughtful, "Can you find this man?" Seeing Willow nod her head in the affirmative, he continued, "Then have him meet me there, his expertise will be invaluable in dealing with the situation. Go now!"

As Willow left through the wall and Liam lead the noblewoman and Cordelia up to the bathroom, Raziel ran off into the night.

Running along the streets and fighting his own instincts to kill all the monsters he saw along the way. He was stopped when he heard a woman's scream. Cursing his own bleeding heart, he quickly left to where he heard the scream come from. It was a woman being attacked by a pirate. Looking at her torn blouse, he knew what perversion the pirate was attempting. He ran toward the pirate, unsheathing his sword along the way, and quickly beheaded him.

The woman looked at him with shock. "Xander?" She asked, unsure if it was him. Raziel's brows furrowed as he realized that he had found someone who knew the boy.

"I see that I have found another who knows the boy whose body I now inhabit. I am Raziel, and what is your name my lady?" He asked looking at the dusky, dark haired woman.

"Jenny." She said, trying to cover herself up. Raziel, upon noticing her attempt, yanked the bloody shirt off the headless pirate and offered it to her.

"He won't need it now." Raziel said when he saw her look. "Now, you better get inside. Stay there until this madness stops." With that said he ran back off.

Upon finding the costume shop, Raziel carefully entered it. Finding a man smiling, he knew this was the sorcerer responsible. He grabbed the sorcerer and slammed him up against the wall. The man stopped struggling when Raziel put his gauntlet blade to his throat.

"You have one chance to live." Raziel snarled at the man. His eyes, cruel and cold, glaring at the man before him.

"What's that? Tell you how to stop the spell?" The man laughed silently.

"I already know how. To stop an Idol spell, you simply destroy the focus statue." Raziel grinned maliciously at the man's shocked and worried expression. "No, I want you to cast a spell for me. You see the boy whose body that I now inhabit fights vampires and demons. I have spent my entire life training and killing these things as well. I wish for you to make my memories permanent, so that he will gain my knowledge, skill, and experience. Can you do that? Or shall I simply slash your pathetic throat and put an end to the spell?"

"Okay!" The man said, his eyes had dilated with fear. "But, there will be side effects."

Raziel narrowed his eyes, "And what side effects are these?" He asked the trembling man.

"The boy's face will slowly change to resemble yours, and he may pick up a bit of your personality." Ethan said quickly, he had been prepared for Ripper, not this..whatever the hell this guy was. "You will, in a way, be making him your son."

"Son?" Raziel wondered. "Well, I have always wanted a son. If someone lives to continue my work, then I can rest in peace." He paused, then threw Ethan down. "Get to it Mage."

After the spell was done, Raziel as promised, let Ethan go. His "son" would undoubtedly hunt him down and kill him anyway. He walked over to the statue, lifted it up, and smashed it on the floor.

There was a bright light, then everything went black.


AN: I told you I would extend this chapter and I did. Review and tell me what you think. If anyone would like to adopt this, then write me, and we'll talk about it.
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