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Six Degrees of Crossing Over

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Summary: Collection of ficlet chains written for the challenge of the same name at tthdrabbles.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralgrundyFR1366,331073,83413 Aug 0811 Mar 12No


Disclaimer I am not the creator or owner of any of these characters.


The challenge at tthdrabbles was to write six crossover drabbles starting and ending with a Buffy-verse cross, but not repeating any others, while passing a theme, object, message, weather pattern, etc. (but not a person, because that adds extra crossovers) between each of them.

For clarity, I'm putting each set of six in its own chapter.

The crosses are as follows:

The Zippo - Buffy/PotC/Ocean's 11/CSI/L&O:SVU/X-Men (movie)/Buffy
All Apologies - Buffy/Firefly/Saving Private Ryan/Indiana Jones/PotC/HP/Buffy
Love The One You're With - Buffy/James Bond/HP/Batman (movie)/Jurassic Park/ST:TNG/Buffy
Long Time, No See - Buffy/ST:TNG/Sherlock Holmes/Pride&Prejudice/PotC/HP/Buffy
No One Expects - Buffy/Sherlock/Law&Order UK/CSI/Big Bang Theory/BSG/Buffy
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking