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A New Friend for Teal'c

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Summary: Teal'c makes a friend outside of work, Cordelia Chase

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Chapter Two

Stargate SG-1 belongs to MGM and Buffy belongs to Mutant Enemy. No copyright infringement is intended. Fanfiction is, in my opinion, free advertisement. There are many things I've bought because I enjoyed fanfiction that crossed into a new fandom. I encourage everyone to purchase these products.

This is my first post on TtH and is an answer to a challenge.

Teal’c has a relationship outside of SGC. I picked Cordelia, not planning it to be romantic…

Chapter 2

“Thanks so much for helping me move!” Cordelia said to Cindy as she helped her pack up her living room.

“It’s not a problem, I enjoy doing different things,” Cindy replied.

“At least you got thanked,” complained Wesley as he packed up Cordelia’s kitchen. “And asked rather than ordered to help. The ghost doesn’t help any!” Wesley yelped as Dennis, the ghost, tried to move Cordelia’s plates back into the cabinet.

“Dennis! Behave!” Cordelia ordered.

“You have a ghost roommate?” Cindy asked curious.

“Yeah, I’ll hate having to leave him, but I don’t want to die because of headaches.”

“Ah. You know there are a couple of ways to release a spirit so they can travel. We could fix things so he can go with you.”

“That would be great! I like having Dennis as a roommate.”

Hearing this Dennis started to help Wesley pack up the kitchen.

“So…” began Cindy, “Where’s your boss? The vampire.”

“Oh he couldn’t come, daylight and all. He’ll come tonight to help pack all my stuff into a rental truck.”

Once again silence filled the room.

“Wesley!” Cordelia exclaimed.

“What?” Wesley asked as he jumped in surprise dropping the glass he was busy wrapping for safety. Luckily, Dennis caught it.

“Cindy was telling Angel and me about the history of the world. What do the Watcher’s say about the gold demons?”

“The goold demons of Egypt,” Cindy clarified.

“Oh, they’re fascinating. They were parasitic demon snakes that could climb into people and possess them. They claimed to be gods and made men worship them. It’s one of the oldest tales in the Watcher Chronicles. It’s also one of only three times when humans and demons teamed up to defeat an enemy. They were driven through the portal to their dimension.”

“Yes, the Goa’uld were driven through the Stargate,” Cindy confirmed.

“Exactly how did they possess people?” asked Cordelia concerned since she knew she might come into contact with them in Colorado Springs.

“They enter your body, wrap themselves around your spinal column and control your body,” Cindy answered.

“Ewwwwwww. Is there any way to prevent that?”

“Why are you concerned about the goold?” asked Wesley. “There have been only a couple of sightings of them over the last 4 millennium.”

“Colorado Springs has the portal they were driven through. I just want to be safe.”

“I can make a protective amulet for you,” offered Cindy. “Any piece of jewelry you wear should work.”

“Ok,” Cordelia said as she hurried into her bedroom to locate something that wouldn’t go out of fashion so she could wear it everyday. She returned with a necklace. “This belonged to my grandmother. I can wear it and claim sentimental value.”

“Alright,” Cindy said taking it from her. “Dennis, can you get me a knife?”

“You’re not going to damage it, are you?” Cordelia asked concerned.

“No, the knife is for me.” Cindy took the floating knife and cut her finger. From the wound flowed green blood which Cindy wiped onto the necklace pendant. Cindy said a couple of words that the others couldn’t understand and the pendant glowed bright green before returning to its original appearance. “There you go! Not only does it protect against the Goa’uld but anything else that can possess people.”

Wesley snapped out of the trance he’d gotten into when Cordelia said that Colorado Springs had a goold portal, “explain?” It came out as more a squeak than he had hoped.

“It’s the source of the non-magic that will protect me,” Cordelia explained, she had gotten good at understanding Wesley and knew he wanted to know about the portal.

“I thought nothing supernatural could get near the source of non-magic. How can it be the goold portal?” Wesley asked, once he was in his element he could talk for ages.

“The goold, properly called the Goa’uld, aren’t demons, they’re aliens. The only reason the slayer of the time was able to get near the portal is because she had the amulet of light. The demons had to battle outside Ra’s temple, while the humans had to take the brunt of the fighting,” Cindy explained.

“Why would the slayer need the amulet of light? She’s not a demon.”

“The source of the slayer is a demon…” Cindy’s voice trailed off into sadness.


This announcement got her the focused attention of Cordelia and Wesley.

“Oh… I suppose spending time near you will involve a lot of history telling, huh? Let’s see, first let me explain that I liked humanity. After my mother, God King Illyria, had commanded me to make the first vampire as she was sealed in the deeper well with most of the other old ones, I wanted to help protect humanity. So I forged a weapon, a scythe, with my blood. I entrusted it to the care of a group of powerful shaman. They were to use it to protect humanity, instead they used it to kill my daughter and force her essence into the first slayer. Hence, the source of the slayer, is that of my baby, a demon. I hated men for what they did, I didn’t hate women though, so I did nothing to harm mankind, I instead isolated myself until I felt the cry of the second slayer. I’ve always felt bad for her, she was the first girl to ever wake up unexpectedly with super-powers. You only really ever hear about the first slayer. I went to her and came to act as her watcher. When she died she gifted me with her body. It looks good on me doesn’t it? I’d been using the same body before that since the second age of man.”

“You’re a slayer?” Wesley asked shocked.

“No no, I’m in the body of a former slayer. Physically perfect, but the soul is gone, the slayer essence is in the soul.”

“OK,” Cordelia said. She could adjust very quickly to information like this. Kind of explained Buffy, Kendra and Faith. “I think we’re done packing. Time flies when you’re discussing ancient history. Now we wait for sundown and Angel to come put all these in the truck.”

End – Chapter 2


I promise in the next chapter Cordelia and Teal’c meet!

I ended up needing to create more back story for Cordelia. But I’m actually going somewhere with this now. YAY!! I think if I was a more experienced author I would have told all this in flashbacks… Cindy will hardly be in this from now on. I really should have planned my back story better… I ended up throwing in all sorts of random ideas I’ve had for ages like my taking liberties with the slayer creation story…

To summarize: Cindy is the daughter of Illyria, created vampires and was the mother of the source of the slayer power. I’m probably contradicting a lot of stuff from the shows for that…

So many people have read this story so far! Over 1,000 hits on TtH. And over 150 on The reviews were so nice here. Got my first flame on FF. Honestly, if you don’t like Stargate OR Angel why would you read this?
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