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Dances With Vampires

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Summary: Willow is betrayed, seeks the strangest people for comfort.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralJaydaFR1512,754051,50424 Aug 0324 Aug 03No
Author: BloodRedWicca

Name: Dances With Vampires

Rating: PG 13 (Character death)

Disclaimer: Joss did a spell so that in this reality, he owns them. In my reality, Joss is just an obsessed fan like he made me out to be. (That is my wacky way of saying, I DON’T OWN THEM, NEVER DID, SOMEDAY I WILL… MOHAAAAAAAAAAA)

Description: Willow is betrayed, seeks the STRANGEST people for comfort…

Feedback: Yes, please,please, please, please, please, but be kind, this is my first fanfic EVER.

Willow walked into the library for a night of research on a new demon in town. She was ready to be research-girl tonight, for Buffy. Angel had recently lost his soul and it was taking a toll on Buffy. She hadn’t smiled since the night that she found out what happened to Angel.

“Hey, Will I’m gonna go to the bathroom” Buffy yelled on her way out the door. Buffy had been gone for twenty minutes when Willow decided to go look for her. Willow walked down the hall towards the bathroom when she heard voices coming from the cafeteria. Willow walked into the room to find Buffy and Oz making out. Willow gasped and ran out of the building toward her house.

Drucilla could sense the pain of her little tree. Drucilla knew that this was pain caused by the naughty slayer. Drucilla stepped out of the shadows and grabbed Willow’s wrist. “’Ello little tree, Miss Edith told me I’d find you here” Drucilla said sweetly.

Willow’s red eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw who had grabbed her wrist.

“D-druc-c-cilla” she stuttered

“Yes little tree, Miss Edith told me your heart was hurting, and I came to make it all better” Drucilla said insanely “Come now little tree, and we’ll have such fun, we’ll have tea parties and play games and all sorts of little things”

“I can smell your fear, Willow-mine, I would never hurt you” Drucilla said giggling. Drucilla took her to a large mansion on Crawford Street on the edge of town. Drucilla stepped in to find Angelus and Spike standing by the door looking cross.

“Drucilla, where have you been” Angelus asked as if he was talking to a child. “Daddy, I’ve been getting my little tree,” said Drucilla.

“Uh, hi” Willow managed to squeak.

“Dru, pet what are you doing with the slayer’s little friend” Spike asked, half concerned for the safety of his family.

“Oh Spikey, the little tree was hurting, I had to make it better” Drucilla chimed. “’Ello ducks” Spike greeted willow.

“H-h-hi Spike” Willow half talked half squeaked.

“Hello Willow” said Angelus. Willow ignored him and instead turned to Drucilla. “Um, Drucilla, I have to go home, I have school in the morning”

“Oh Willow-mine, you shall sleep right here, but I’ll take you shopping for some new clothes tonight” Drucilla said, cheerily. Willow and Drucilla went to the mall and bought clothes for Willow. These clothes weren’t the kind Willow would normally wear, they were more for Buffy, but Willow didn’t want to disappoint the raven-haired vampiress, so she tried them on and found she liked them. When he heard Willow walk into the mansion, Spike came to the door to help. When he saw Willow in one of her new outfits, and carrying several bags from assorted clothing outlets, his jaw nearly hit the floor.

Bloody hell, Spike thought, She’s gorgeous. When Angelus walked into the room, his reaction was entirely different; Angelus grabbed Willow and told her she looked good enough to eat. Which, in his case, was entirely true…

~~~~~~The Next Day At School~~~~~~~

Willow walked into the school scared, but knew one thing; Buffy wasn’t going to stab her in the back again.

“Willow, hey, where were you last ni-OH MY GOD, WILLOW” Buffy gasped, “What are you wearing”

“For your information Buffy, last night, I was having a fun time with my friends” Willow said coldly “I am wearing one of the outfits my friends helped me pick out”.

“What’s wrong, Willow” Buffy asked, her face a mask of concern.

“Oh, well, lets see, Xander is too busy with his new girlfriend to even notice me, Giles is too busy mourning Miss Calendar and, to top it all off, you are sucking face with my boyfriend.” Willow finished, yelling.

“Oh my god, Willow, I had no idea you knew” Buffy said, eyes wide

“Yeah, I knew Buffy, and I am so mad at you right now, I can’t even look at you” Willow said, tears coming to her eyes. Willow closed her locker and walked down the hall, leaving a surprised Buffy still staring at Willow’s locker door. Buffy had to tell Oz; but she didn’t know how. Buffy walked to Oz’s locker, grabbed his hand and dragged him into the library.

“She knows…” Buffy told him

“No, she can’t, we’ve been so careful!” Oz said with disbelief

“Well, she was mad and she seemed to know everything except the fact that you and I have had sex.” Buffy replied

“And now I do…” Willow said, coming out from behind one of the stacks.

“Oh my God, willow, this is not how I wanted you to find out!” Buffy gasped for the second time that morning.

“Willow, you look…wow…”Oz stuttered

“Oh, thanks Oz, I dressed this way just for you…” Willow replied sarcastically.

“Willow we’re sorry, we never meant to hurt you…” Buffy said, sorrowful.

“Oh, but did you expect me to wish you a happy life and move on?” Willow asked coldly.

“Good god, Willow, shut up!” Buffy said “Even you know that any guy that may seem interested in you, will end up with me anyway.”

Willow had enough of Buffy’s crap and she ran out of the library in devastation. Before Willow knew it, she was in front of the mansion. Willow opened the door and ran inside, tears streaming from her eyes.

“DRUCILLA!!” Willow wailed. Drucilla awoke instantly and hurried down the stairs with Spike and Angelus closely at her heels.

“My little tree, it will be okay, come now, tell Drucilla all about it…” Drucilla crooned as Willow told Drucilla what Buffy had said.

“That’s it, I am going to kill her right now, along with the mutt!” Angelus fumed after he heard the atrocities that had come from the dirty slayers mouth.

“Daddy cares for the little tree, the stars told me…” Drucilla said as Angelus took Willow in his arms “Daddy shall have the little tree then.” Angelus picked Willow up and took her to his room. He laid her down on his bed and kissed her. He undressed her and himself slowly, savoring every minute, every heavenly second. Angelus then lay down beside her and kissed her soundly.

“It will hurt only once, and then, there will be so much pleasure, you will forget the pain,” Angelus told her. They made passionate love for the rest of the day, until the sun fell behind the horizon.

Willow got out of bed slowly and picked up her clothes. She had just made love with Angelus, Buffy’s lover’s soul-less counterpart.

Willow woke Angelus up and told him she was going shopping with Drucilla.

Willow and Drucilla were walking down the street from the mall, when Willow spotted Oz and Buffy making out on a park bench. Willow told Drucilla to go behind them and Willow walked straight by and they noticed her.

“Hey Willow,” Oz said “Willow, you’re giving off a different scent, it smells like… like… ANGELUS!?” Oz yelled “WHY THE HELL DO YOU SMELL LIKE ANGELUS?!” Oz was obviously angry. “HE DARES TO TOUCH WHATS MINE?!” Oz was bellowing and Willow was getting angry.


Buffy snickered “Cares for you? Willow, he is just using you to get to me, and you know it.” At that precise moment, Buffy wasn’t able to breath. This was because Drucilla had picked her up by her neck and was growling into her face.

“My daddy loves the little tree, and you hurt Willow-mine’s feelings, you are lucky to be alive now, now, I am going to put you down, and Willow-mine and I are going to go home.” Drucilla threw Buffy roughly back onto the bench, turned on her heel and walked away with Willow at her side.

“Oh Daddy, it was awful, the mean slayer said you didn’t love Little-Tree, and you were using her.” Drucilla whined to Angelus when she and Willow had returned to the mansion.

Angelus planted a kiss on Willow’s lips and said “Let the slayer think what she wants, all I know is, I love you, Willow.

“I love you too, Angelus…” Willow replied confidently. With that, he carried her up the stairs to his room and transformed her into a vampiress, and forever altered her life.

Willow walked down the dark alleyway hand in hand with Angelus. This was amazing, all the new smells and sounds, but most of all, the taste of warm blood running down your throat.

While Angelus and Willow were walking, they heard small moaning noises. Angelus altered his course and soon, came across Oz and Buffy making out again. Angelus cleared his throat and stepped back. Buffy was surprised to see him standing there.

“Where is your new sex-toy?” Buffy asked him snidely.

“Right here” Willow commanded a certain respect as she stepped out of the shadows.

“Buffy, you have insulted me for the last time.” Willow said, morphing into game face. She heard the surprised gasps of both Buffy and Oz as Angel held Buffy down while Willow fed from Oz. Willow let Oz’s body fall to the ground as she advanced on Buffy. “Please Willow, I am so sorry, I don’t want to die.” Buffy pleaded for her life. “Then you should have never been born.” She replied as she sunk her fangs into the struggling slayer’s neck. When she was done, she held a her bleeding wrist over the slayer’s mouth, picked her body up and carried it back to the mansion. When Angelus asked her why she was doing this, she stated that she wanted to turn Buffy, let her kill her friends and family, torture her, and dust her. It was the perfect plan.

Buffy arose to the screams of a human. Hungry. She was hungry. She got out of bed to find her sire. When she found her, she was eating a blonde. Buffy knew this blonde. It was Harmony. Buffy knew Harmony had been mean to Willow for many years. Buffy giggled at the irony of this.

Willow heard the giggle of her first child and dropped the struggling teenager in her hands. She turned to see Buffy standing at the door.

“Sire.” Buffy stated

“Buffy, do you want something to eat?” Willow asked her, pointing towards some teenagers in the back of the room

“Don’t mind if I do” Buffy answered, biting into one of the teen’s necks. When the teen was dead she let it fall to the ground. Willow walked over to Buffy and grabbed her midriff, pushed her onto the bed and fed from her.

Angelus walked into the room to find his mate feeding off the slayer. He walked over and picked up his newest child by her stomach. He then turned her around and kissed her, their tongues dueling over the dominance of one another.

Buffy stood up and growled to make herself known to the kissing couple. She let out a yelp of surprise when her sire picked her up by the neck and tossed her onto the bed.


“Yes, Mistress” Buffy replied meekly. Buffy left the room, angered but still dismally aware of her place, she decided to talk to Spike for a while. She wandered through the corridors of the mansion and entered a large, dusty, and dank room only to find Spike sitting on the bed, staring off into space.

“Hi Spike.” Buffy greeted.

“’Ello Slayer.” He replied, only half aware of his words.

“Um, Spike, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“I think I love Willow…” Spike said.

“Everyone loves Willow…” She replied coldly, “It’s all about Willow, what’s so great about her anyway?”

“She’s honest, cute, smart, funny…do you want me to go on?” He replied, saying words that the former slayer didn’t want to hear.

“Yeah, well I am all that and more!” She said, looking at Spike seductively.

“Oh bloody hell, Slayer. You are nothing like her. She is amazing, beautiful inside and out. You will never be half of what she is” He replied, obviously enraged at the words of the self-absorbed slayer.

Angelus heard the words of his child and grinned. Buffy was oblivious to Spike’s love for Willow. He knew Spike would go to the ends of the earth for her. As would I, he thought to himself. He would share Willow because he knew Spike would feel pain beyond words if he could not be with her. Angelus slid slowly out of bed, trying not to wake Willow. He walked slowly down the hall towards Spike’s room and entered to find Spike chained naked on the bed and growled at Buffy “You get your slutty hands off my child.”

Buffy bent down, unchained Spike and walked over to Angelus “Why, do you rather it was you chained down?” She whispered seductively.

“You are so lucky,” He replied coldly “You would be in the grave right now if I had things my way, but for some reason, Willow wants you around, so, I’d watch my tongue if I were you.” Angelus walked over to Spike and helped him up. Angelus then whispered in his ear “I would never let Buffy touch you, that is mine and Willow’s job.”

Willow awoke to find that Angelus was not in his bed. Willow sensed that he was down the hall in Spike’s room. So she got out of bed and walked out of the room. She hadn’t gone far when Drucilla stopped her.

“My Spikey loves you, Miss Edith told me.” Drucilla told her “He doesn’t love me anymore. But I don’t mind; I have my eyes on someone new, the stars told me that the watcher could be a very naughty boy. The cheerleader is very pretty, and the other boy also catches my fancy.”

“Drucilla, if you want Giles and them to be one of us, there is no reason for Buffy to be around.” Willow replied

Willow walked further down the hall and entered Spike’s room. Willow saw a sight that made her smile. Angelus and Spike were kissing. Willow walked over to Buffy and broke her neck with a simple twist, then turned around and hugged Angelus and Spike. “Guess what, Drucilla likes Giles,” She told them happily. “She is going to turn him, Xander and, Cordelia.” Angelus and Spike looked at her with wide eyes.


Drucilla walked into the school silently. Soon she would have her watcher, and a few new friends. Drucilla stepped into the library and was assaulted with the eyes of a surprised watcher.

She walked over to the watcher and spoke, “The stars told me you want to be naughty, and you will be very naughty when I am done with you.” And with that she bit into his neck, draining him of his blood. When she heard his heartbeat slow she bit into her own wrist and held it over his mouth and carried him home. Soon.

Willow stepped onto her childhood friend’s porch and rang the doorbell. Xander answered the door and gave Willow such a tight hug that, if she needed to breathe, would have cut off her air supply. She bit into Xander’s neck and drained his blood. When he was dead, she gave him some of her blood and carried him home. Soon.

Angelus walked into the bronze and spotted the pretty brunette Drucilla wanted. He walked over and tapped her on the shoulder and smiled when she turned around and gasped. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her outside.

“Please, Angelus, I don’t want to die yet!” She pleaded for her life. Angelus bit into her neck and drank her blood. When she was dead, he fed her some of his blood and carried her home. Soon.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Dances With Vampires" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Aug 03.

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