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Twilight Dragon

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Summary: Xander is not human, and after revealing what he is to save Dawn starts in a new world. Xander/?

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Games > Dungeons and DragonsShadowInTheWindFR1821,1010106,60815 Aug 0820 Feb 09No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Forgotten Realms, they are the creation of Joss Whedon and Wizards of the Coasts.

Title: Twilight Dragon
Chapter: 1/?
Main Characters: Xander
Pairing: Xander/?
Crossing: Buffy/Forgotten Realms

The man looked at the woman that he had fell in love with so many years ago. And then at the child that lay in the cradle. His eyes glowed crimson as he head the sounds of war across the city. He
pulled her into an embraced and then cast a sleep spell on her.

“I won’t you or our son die my beloved. Remember me fondly.” He told her before leaping from the tower window.

As he fell his body changed until a huge dragon the color of twilight flew above the city. The dragon let out a huge roar and flew towards the city that was under attack. Opening his mouth he breathed his weapon. A cone of gas filled the air and the creatures fell, their bodies corroding as if exposed to acid.

Hundreds died under his attacks before a lone figure in blood red armor raised a bow and shot a single arrow into him. The arrows magic killed him, but in his last seconds of life he twisted so he fell onto the army, killing even more of them.

A cry of rage filled the air and the remaining army looked at the tower to see a Celestial Planetar looking at them. Instead of the normal baldness, silver hair fell to her waist and she was clad in shimmering armor. Her wings turned from their normal color to a tarnished version as she gave into her anger and a flaming sword appeared in one hand while an axe that shimmered with ice filled the other. She massacred the army and fought the red armored figure.

The figure drove its sword into her body but she grinned in victory as her sword and axe cleaved into its body at the same time and both joined the other in death. As silence fell on the field or corpses a figure appeared. It was an attractive woman with red hair, a scourge hung from one of her hips. She waved her hand and the bodies of the dragon and the celestial came to rest on a hill, the dragon returning to his human form.

Tears fell from her eyes as she closed her eyes and a marker to a love that was though impossible rose above the bodies. It was a statue of the man and woman standing by each other, holding the child that they had made together. A cry attracted her attention.
Going to the tower she saw the baby trying to sit up and looking around. She picked it up and it looked her with wonder in its eyes.

“It’s too dangerous for you here little one, I will send you away, maybe you can find your way back one day.”

The baby vanished, and would not appear for almost a score of years.


Xander stood as he watched the figure hurt his Dawnie, rage filled him, and a burning started in his chest.; Throwing back his head he let out a roar that made the others fighting stop and look at him.

“I’ve had enough; I will longer fight what I am.” He yelled as his eyes began to glow silver.

There as a ripping sound as his body began to change, and his clothing was shredded. Soon there was a dragon standing in his place. It was only about teen feet long, but power seemed to radiate from it. It scales were a deep purplish-blue and silver eyes gleamed in its head. Patches of silver scales outlined its wingers and made what seemed like a mask over his head.

The dragon let out a roar and opened its mouth as a wave of gas shot from it. Glory’s minions cried out as their flesh dissolved. The dragon shifted again and Xander stood in its place his eyes still glowing silver as a pair of wings like the dragons sprouted from his back, he looked at Buffy.

“Kick the bitch’s ass while I save Dawnie.”

Buffy only nodded in shock as he rushed towards the top of the tower, his wings flapping powerfully. Her landed by doc and the wings faded from view. He slid into a stance that was provided by the memories of possession that one Halloween. Doc stared at him with wide eyes.

“What are you?” he demanded.

“A love that should have never existed.”

He flashed forward and began to beat the demon to death, taking his time with it. As he finally killed him he looked up to see Dawn crying.

“He said only my blood can close it.” She told him as he looked at the growing portal.

He moved and kissed her forehead, gently running his hand along her stomach and coating it with blood.

“Tell everyone I love them.”

Dawn cried out in horror as he leaped into the portal and vanished from view, His body seeming to be torn apart before vanishing from view.


A figure fell out of a portal and slammed into the ground below with a cracking of bones. It lay in the crater its body had made before it looked around it with confusion. It stood touching the clothing it found on its body in curiosity.

The man was dressed in dark silk shirt and black leather pants. An ace was sling across his back and a pack was put over it. A note was pinned to the shirt.

‘Didn’t want you arriving naked, so got you some gear to help you. S’

The man tried to search through his memories but found nothing, not even his own name. Scowling her started along the path nearby. He examine the area around him as he walked, committing everything to memory, everything had a chance to help him.
He had walked for several hours along the trail before he was stopped by a noise. He turned to see a woman pointing a bow at him. He raised an eyebrow at the woman’s appearance. Her skin was almost jet black and white hair fell to her waist in a braid. She was wearing a set of form-fitting black leather armor, with a sword embossed on the front and colored silver. From the sneer on her face she wasn’t in a friendly mood.

AN: Yes, Xander did know what he was before going through the portal. He will remember eventually what he is and other Scoobies.
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