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The Color of Death

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Summary: In China during the boxer rebellion, Kenshin has an inopportune meeting with Spike & Dru. Forward nearly 100 years later, and the Scoobies find themselves up against a vampire like none they've ever seen. Spoilers Season 8 Wolves at the Gate.

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Anime > Rurouni KenshinwhirleeqFR18916,9442328,98416 Aug 0815 Sep 08No

A New Dawn

A/N: Wow, six reviews on a prologue in an anime category that no-one seems to write for anymore. I'm totally flattered!

Hope y'all like this chapter. There will be another two chapters (possibly three) before we catch up to the BTVS season 8 time line.

Up next: Vampire!Kenshin returns to Japan.

~ ~ ~

A New Dawn

A/N: Hope y'all like this chapter. There will be another two chapters (possibly three) before we catch up to the BTVS season 8 time line.Up next: Vampire!Kenshin returns to Japan.

Wakey wakey, baby. Mummy wants to see you.”

Kenshin grumbled, his eyelids fluttering as he slowly came to awareness. He thought he could hear the voice of the mad woman who killed him echoing in his head.He was dead, he was probably in hell, and he was hungry.The hunger was overwhelming, causing his stomach to tighten and his head to pound. Perhaps the hunger was part of his eternal torture in hell. Penance for his many, many sins.

He had been a demon in life. How could he not be in hell, now that he was dead?

Kenshin grimaced, slowly opening his eyes, and waited for the heavy weight of guilt to come crashing down on him as he thought of his bloody, murder-black past. But the guilt never came. Instead, his mind pulled him into an entirely new direction, as he remembered all those who fell on the edge of his sword with something bizarrely akin to affection... and hunger.

Kenshin groaned as his stomach tightened in pain. He needed to sate his hunger and soon or he was going to die all over again.The taste of blood was on his lips, in his mouth. He didn't know where the blood came from, but the taste was heavenly, even though he was in hell. Metallic and salty and oh so sweet; it had him dizzy with desire for more.


More...” Kenshin repeated aloud, startled by the sound of his own voice. It was deeper than he expected. Throaty and raw. Almost... sinister.

A cool, hard hand started to caress his face with affection.“You are lovely. So lovely. Isn't he lovely, Spike? I told you, he would be perfect.”

Spike responded with a snort.

“Yeah... a right jewel.”

“Now, now. No need to take that tone, my love. You'll hurt his feelings.”

“Whatever, Dru. He's your pet, not mine.”

Kenshin opened his eyes slowly. His eyelids were heavy as if he'd been asleep for years, and he needed to blink them several times before his vision cleared.

He was lying on a futon in the middle of a posh hotel room. A couple of newly dead bodies were piled haphazardly in one corner, still smelling of rich, sweet blood. The sword he had used in an attempt to kill the demon – why had he not succeeded, he had no idea as the blade had cut straight through into the demon's heart -- was leaning against the wall, still covered in the demon's blood.

'Baka amateur,' Kenshin thought with some disgust, 'couldn't even bother to clean the sword before claiming it.'

The madwoman was leaning over him, her lips curled into a smile. And though he'd gotten quite a good look at her before she killed him, it was if he was seeing her for the first time. Her skin almost seemed to sparkle with an array of colors that he couldn't put a name to. Her blue-green eyes were wide and luminous and her dark brown hair was thick and lustrous. He felt an immediate near-worshipful affection for her, and he reached out to caress her face, as if to reassure himself that she was actually there.

Ki rei,” Kenshin whispered.

Immediately, he found himself wrenched away from her by the other demon, who grabbed him by the front of his hakama and pushed him up against the wall. The other demon towered over him by at least a foot, and he purposely leered over him in an attempt at intimidation.

But Kenshin was never intimidated by people that were taller than him in life, and he certainly wasn't intimidated now. If anything, he began to feel a low burn of anger and incredulity coursing through his body.

“Listen Ruby, let's get one bloody thing straight right now. Drusilla here is mine. Mine, not yours. Mine. Touch her again, and I'll be sweeping your ashes off the bloody floor.”

Kenshin felt a rich hatred for the blond demon who dare put his hand on his person. He felt his features shifting, power and strength thrumming through him such as he never felt before.

Don't touch me,” he growled, throwing off the other demon with ease. Spike landed indignantly on his butt, and snarled at Kenshin, his face morphing from human to demon in an instant.

Spike launched himself at Kenshin again, but Kenshin had already moved; marveling at the speed at which his body responded to him. He never had such speed, not even in his youth. He whipped by Spike, using his razor-sharp fingernails to scratch at his face. Three bloody welts appeared on Spike's right cheek and he howled in anger. He threw a right hook at Kenshin's face, but it never connected.

Kenshin had used his speed and acrobatic ability to launch himself right over Spike and landed on his feet behind him.“Missed me,” Kenshin taunted, feeling utterly and completely alive before he launched a roundhouse kick at the small of Spike's back.

Spike fell forward, landing face first on the ground. Kenshin immediately pinned him. His frame was much smaller than Spike's and he weight far less, but he knew how to use each and every ounce of his body effectively. He was a killer – a deadly weapon, and he reveled in it.

Kenshin would have killed Spike, too. He would have torn the other demon's head right off of his shoulders, if he hadn't felt Drusilla's hand gently grasp his shoulder.“Now, now boys, play nice for mummy. The evening is young and I'm hungry.”

Later that night, he fed for the first time. A group of Chinese soldiers were setting fire to the siheyuan house Kenshin had stayed in for so long, no doubt hoping to kill the Christian missionaries holed up inside. He felt nothing as he saw the house burn, no pain, no inclination to douse the flames, and no regrets. He saw the old British man who had sent him to save the girl stumble outside in an attempt to escape and approached him.

The Brit made eye contact with him; his piercing blue eyes widened in surprise and then fell in realization.

“Xin Rong... she's dead, isn't she?”

“Hai,” Kenshin answered with a smirk.

The Brit continued to watch him, slowly backing away.

'As if he could escape.'

Kenshin could hear the thrum, thrum, thrum of the man's heart. He could smell the blood quickening in the old man's veins. He could feel the man's delicious fear as his breath hitched and his heart rate accelerated in response.

“And you... vampire... you're dead too.”

“Hai,” Kenshin answered. His face changed and he launched himself at the old man. He struggled for a moment, but it really wasn't much of a fight, and Kenshin sank his fangs into the side of the man's neck, his mouth filling with the man's hot blood, and slowly drained his life away. There was a loud crack, and he realized that he had somehow broken the man's neck in his enthusiasm. When he pulled away, there was a raw, gaping wound on the side of the man's neck. He had coldly and viscously murdered the old man, and the only regret that he could feel was that he had been so unnecessarily sloppy.

“Feel better, dear?” Drusilla asked, sidling up to him. Kenshin turned to her and smiled; blood dripping from his lips.


She offered him a brilliant smile before she pulled him against her, her long fingers combing their way through his hair and loosing it from its binding.

“Lovely,” she said before drawing his face up to hers and capturing his lips in a harsh and brutal kiss. He thrilled to the way her tongue plundered his his mouth, tasting him.

“Mmm,” she said, pulling away.

“Watcher's blood is yummy. Makes me want to dance.”

She caught his hands with hers and started spinning him around, giddy and dizzy and he smiled at her adoringly.

“Okaasan. I want more.”

“Of course you do, my lovely. You're mummy's bloodthirsty little boy.”

Kenshin absolutely loathed Spike, and he knew beyond a doubt that the feeling was more than mutual. As the days passed and Drusilla taught him the wonders and pleasure of being a vampire, Spike became more and more agitated by his presence. Kenshin knew that the older vampire tolerated him merely for Drusilla's case, and it was for the same reason that Kenshin refrained from staking the blond vampire in his sleep. In such a short, sweet time, Drusilla had become awfully important to him. Far more so than what's her name back in Tokyo. And he felt no guilt at all that his affections had so completely and utterly changed. He belonged to Drusilla, heart and – well, at least heart, since one of the very first things she'd told him was that his soul was gone. Good riddance to it too; it'd been dragging him down for far too many years as it was. He didn't miss it one bit.

For three weeks, the three of them left a bloody trail through Shanghai that rivaled his days as the Battousai, and he was happy and loving it. He learned quickly that he could not go out in the day, nor could he gain entry to a private domicile without an invitation, but it didn't matter since there were plenty of homeless urchins on the streets, and he was quite the glutton when it came to slaking his bloodlust. Four, maybe five a night would fall to him, and he felt a strange fondness for each one of his victims as he bled them dry.They were all easy prey, however, and he found that he truly desired a challenge. One night, when he went hunting alone with Drusilla, he took the short roman sword with him. He tried a few practice swings with it, and while he found that he could not replicate any of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu techniques with it, he was still formidable in wielding it and his new speed, strength and senses more than made up for any discrepancy in style.

He also learned why his attack on Spike had failed, and found it more than a bit ridiculous that he could now apparently take a sword through the heart with ease, but a little piece of wood stuck in the same place could be the death of him. Drusilla had explained that there was a mystical reason for this, having to do with the spirit of nature and the fact that they were abominations, but he still couldn't wrap his mind around it. He finally decided it didn't matter, since the chances of anyone getting even remotely close to him with a little piece of wood were nil.

Beheading, she explained, would also be quite deadly, and Kenshin briefly wondered what had made him go for Spike's heart instead of his head. It wasn't as if he used it anyway. To that effect, he was determined to get a better sword -- just in case the opportunity came up again, he wanted to kill him in style -- and so he decided that the easiest, and most entertaining way to get a better sword would be to take one away from someone else.

Kenshin led Drusilla to where his Japanese co-patriots were camped just outside the city. The soldiers were getting ready to retire for the night, honing the edges of their blades around a campfire, telling stories of war and home. Kenshin and Drusilla went unnoticed as they stealthily approached.When Kenshin came across the captain who had extended the invitation for him to come and fight with them, he grinned malevolently and pointed him out to Drusilla.

“That'd be the one, okaasan.”

Startled by the sound of his voice, the captain and several of his soldiers jumped to attention, swords drawn. The captain's face morphed from alarm to surprise and then to joy as he saw Kenshin standing over him. Briefly he looked at Drusilla with some confusion, before disregarding her entirely and then turning back to Kenshin.

Kenshin almost laughed aloud at his folly.

“Himura! You have come to join us at last! Wonderful!” The captain said, moving to sheath his sword.

“Don't,” Kenshin ordered, his voice low and challenging.

The captain blinked his eyes for a moment and then nodded in understanding.

“Ah. I see. You wish to present a demonstration for the benefit of the others.” The captain saw the short sword Kenshin was carrying and frowned. “But where is your katana, Himura?”

Kenshin eyed the beautifully crafted katana in the captain's hands and smiled.

“I've yet to retrieve it. But don't worry. This thing will do for the purpose of our... demonstration.”

The captain once again looked confused and more than a little unnerved, as if he could sense that there was something... off... about Kenshin. But once again, he shook it off and offered him a short bow.

“Good. Shall we begin then?”

Kenshin bowed in return and smiled.


Later, as Kenshin was admiring his new sword and Drusilla was done feeding off of the last of the soldiers, he found himself tackled to the ground roughly by his female companion.

“You were lovely. A whirlwind of death, dancing, turning, twirling just for me,” she said as her mouth came crashing down on top of his. He accepted her kiss lustily and quickly reversed their positions until she was pinned underneath him. Her hands were feverish as she worked to rapidly remove his clothing, baring his skin for her lips and fangs. Several times she bit him, tasted him, in her haste to bring him closer to her and he reveled in her ferocity.

He was not gentle as he tore her skirt off, haphazardly tossing it into the wind and chuckling when it landed over the head of the dead captain. Nor was he gentle when he plundered her body with his own, biting her neck, breasts, and every other bit of flesh he could get his mouth on. Ruthlessly, he pounded into her, knowing full well that the various marks he left on her body were going to be seen by Spike, and that thought was what sent him over the edge.And sure enough, when they returned that night and met up with Spike, all hell broke loose.


end Chapter 1 – a new dawn.Japanese words:Baka – idiot; fool
Hai - yes
Ki rei – beautiful
Okaasan – mother
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