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From Out of the Mist

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Summary: After the war Draco has dissapeared and is brought back to Lucius by a woman touched by divinity, a woman calling herself Tara.

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Harry Potter > Tara-CenteredChosenfireFR711,059051,30817 Aug 0817 Aug 08Yes
Title: From Out of the Mist
Author: Chosenfire
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter
Prompt: Tara/Lucius - Gift
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After the war Draco was disappeared and is brought back to Lucius by a woman touched by divinity, a woman calling herself Tara.
Character(s): Lucius, Tara, Draco
Pairing(s): None
Warnings/Spoilers: post “season 6 BtVS, Harry Potter AU book 6 & 7
Notes: I’ve never done a fic quite like this and I hope you guys enjoy it.
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.


The war was over and Lucius Malfoy had come out of it alive. He wasn’t a hero or a villain, he had played no vital role other than turning his back on the path he had chosen long ago.

He was alive though and technically on the winning side. The side where he kept to keep his fortune and his pride and no longer have to scrape on bended knee to a filthy creature that had long ago lost sight of what it was he had promised his followers.

Lucius was free from the Dark Lords reach and the relief that filled him at this realization had left him momentarily blinded and had made him forget the most important aspect of his life, the reason he had stayed so close to Voldemort’s side even when all he could feel was disgust.

Draco, his son, his heir, his one admirable legacy to leave in the world.

Lucius had turned away from the war but his son had not. Draco had somehow found a strength of will and character that Lucius had not taught him, his son had turned into a hero, he had fought, had won, and now Lucius couldn’t find him.

The others heroes of the war were too busy mourning their dead and laying aside their heavy burdens for Lucius to bother them. He hadn’t even bothered, he might have turned against Voldemort but it didn’t mean he had a turned a new leaf in his life, it didn’t mean he would lower himself to begging for assistance in finding his child from the ever inflating egos of the heroes of the Wizarding world.

There was one he had asked for help, just one of them he would even bother himself to trust enough in to care more about his son and less about who he was and how they believed they should behaved.

Harry Potter at one time had been the bane of his existence but his sons surprising friendship with him his sixth year and Potter having saved Draco from the task Voldemort had set for him had been worth the agony he had faced for his son’s failure and betrayal.

Potter was looking for Draco, he had all his do-gooder friends and the red headed brigade out searching for him but it hadn’t been any of them to bring his son back to him.

It had been a young woman to carry his son back to him. A young woman with blondish brown hair and impossibly wise eyes that had carried his son to him.

She had walked to him across the wild grass of his land mist forming around her and a familiar blond head pressed to her chest. She shouldn’t have been able to carry the seventeen year old boy but she had and the white dress trailing behind her had remained as unstained as her bare feet digging into the wet grass and dirt.

The closer she had gotten the more solid she had appeared and her hair had become damp with eh mist around her and grass had clung to her pale flesh. She was only a few feet from his frozen form when he could see the weariness in her eyes and the was her arms trembled as Draco slid out of her arms.

He had moved fast, drawing his wand and pointing it at his son, levitating him in the air before he could hit the ground and he could turned to her suspicion and gratitude warring within.

“Who are you?”

She seemed confused and mumbled softly “Tara, my name is Tara.” There was a slight stutter to her words as if she wasn’t used to speaking and her eyes moved around tiredly from him to Draco clouding with confusion. “I’ve been watching over him, I knew what would happen, what he would do and I couldn’t let him, so I changed…” she stumbled in her words “I made him make another choice, the future changed and I…” her eyes meet Lucius’s again and they were haunted frightening in what were hinted in there depths “I broke the rules and I fell, I came back and I don’t know where to go.”

Lucius could turn her away, he could exploit whatever power of divinity she possessed for his own purpose but he was too grateful to her to stoop to that level. Malfoy’s could be bastards but they lived by a code, they did have a sense of honor and this young woman had given him the greatest gift imaginable.

She had given him back his son, alive, and whole and he owed her for that. He would repay his debt. “I believe there could be room made available in my home if you would like to rest awhile and come to a decision.”

She was touching her heart, tracing a dark scar that was becoming more visible and her eyes seemed far away and filled with pain as she nodded “Please.”

He forced a smile and began walking to Malfoy manor trusting Tara to follow him. Draco hovered in the air beside him and Lucius resisted the undignified urge to carry his son in his arms and assure himself of the boys safety and return.

There would be time for that later.

For now he had plans to make, this girl could be useful still and he was already figuring out how he would word his fire call to Mr. Potter to let the boy know of Draco’s return. It would be beneficial for his son to continue his friendship with the savior of the Wizarding world.

He could see Tara out of the corner of his eyes and he knew she would be beneficial to his family as well. From her few, disjointed words she already had been and there was something about her, an unusual aura that clung to her that Lucius desired to uncover.

The End

You have reached the end of "From Out of the Mist". This story is complete.

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