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Summary: AU: Life has a way of making you regret your choices

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Stargate > Giles-Centered(Past Donor)kayleyFR71406031,90118 Aug 0818 Aug 08Yes
Disclaimer: Neither Buffy nor StarGate belong to me. I'm not making any money off this.


He stood firmly with his cousin, had every need to have what his cousin said listened to. Neither of them wanted to follow in their family’s footsteps, to lead a girl to certain death with nothing more than a journal to record her sacrifice. How could any claim that it was for the greater good to do so?

Rupert Giles idolized his slightly older cousin, George Hammond. Through talking to him, Rupert had realized that he too wanted to become a fighter pilot. They could both join their relative air forces and save the world that way.

George had distinctly told his uncle and his father that he had joined the US Air Force, while their family were visiting England. He needed to make them both understand that he couldn’t sit idly by and so was taking a proactive stance by fighting in the Air Force.

His father, unlike Rupert’s father, accepted it and only asked that he would not allow the military to get involved with the Slayer or the Watchers Council if there was any way possible that he could stop them. With at least one blessing from the “elders” in the family, George Hammond knew he wouldn’t be called back.

Stepping back from his conversation, he shot a look at his younger cousin. Seeing Rupert shake his head, he didn’t comment any further.


Years passed and every now and then a brief letter would reach George at whatever base he was stationed at. News about Rupert’s progression in the ranks of the Watchers Council, how the family were and tidbits that no one else would understand. The letters were always written in a form of code, to make sure no one could read it except those it was for.

He always remembered the early letters from Rupert asking about the planes he learnt how to fly and his missions. But after a while, his father’s letters were the only ones reaching him. He knew Rupert was alive but the sting of his obvious ignoring was painful.


The letter that arrived chilled Rupert to the core. Since he stopped writing to George, George had stopped writing to him. But now, he was being sent a letter by the base where he knew George was last stationed at.

Reading the letter, Rupert broke down into tears. He had never told his cousin just how proud he was of him and now it was too late.

The End

You have reached the end of "Regret". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking