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Just Too Weird

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Just Too . . .". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: "But Dad-she's a girl!"-Companion piece to Just Too Bad . . .

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Supernatural > Willow-CenteredEenaAngelFR1827,8000144,53118 Aug 081 Apr 10No

Sleeping Arrangements

Title: Sleeping Arrangements
Series Title: Just Too Weird . . .
Author: Eena_Angel2001
Rating: 18
Category: BTVS/Supernatural
Spoilers: S1 for SPN, S7 for BTVS
Summary: “But Dad-she’s a girl!”
Notes: Companion piece to “Just Too Bad . . .”- Series of ficlets depicting Willow’s first three years as a Winchester.

~Sleeping Arrangements~

Dean usually didn’t mind sharing a bed with a member of the opposite sex. In fact, he usually downright enjoyed it. Of course, usually the girl wasn’t armed and his dad wasn’t in the room with them.

“Son, I have some news.”

John Winchester was a bit of a mystery, even to his own sons. The past nineteen years on the road had allowed Dean to learn a lot about his father. But most of that boiled down to personality and mannerisms. Dean was never entirely sure why his father did certain things, and he had learned to be okay with that. Sammy complained that Dean always followed his father mindlessly, without thought or complaint. But Sammy was wrong. It wasn’t mindless habit-it was deep, inner faith that his father was always trying to do his best. And while John hadn’t always juggled the responsibilities of raising his sons as well as he had handled killing demons, Dean knew that his father always did what he thought was best. And that was good enough for him.


“I can’t tell you why, because I’m not too sure myself. But I know that it has to be done.”

Hunting demons hadn’t been easy on their family. Hell, it had taken a bitch of a toll on them just two and a half years back, when Sammy left. But it was better not to think about that, because it tended to leave him angry and confused. Family should be with family-and that’s all he was going to say about it. He knew that their lifestyle wasn’t exactly the most desirable. But it was the right thing to do, because someone had to protect humanity from the demon scum. Sure, they couldn’t save everyone, but they could save some people and that was good enough.

Besides, the family was always there. Or at least, it was supposed to be.

“It’s a change, I know, but we’ve faced tougher situations.”

The family became more and more important because they were always on the move. Demons couldn’t be bothered to come to them, so the Winchesters were kind enough to go to the demons. And while that gave them purpose, it deprived them of roots. At a very early age, maybe too early, all the cities and towns had run together and soon they hardly held any importance for him. They were just names and dots on a map. Home wasn’t a house on a street in a suburb; home was an ancient Impala, loaded with weapons and occupied by Winchester men.

“Hell, it might even be good for us.”

Relationships were obviously out of the question. There just wasn’t a good enough reason for Dean to find a girl to attach himself to for long periods of time. And that wasn’t just because of the constant traveling. He had learned from prior experience that other people, people that weren’t a part of that hunting world, couldn’t handle the truth of his life. And that was probably for the best. With the reputation they were getting in the demon world, any girl romantically linked to a Winchester fella was most likely facing a severely shortened life span.

Just look at what happened to Mom.

“There’s going to be no arguments on this. It’s just how things are going to be from now on, and you’re going to have to live with it. And yeah, that is an order.”

Dean had long ago accepted the ‘love-em-and-leave-em” life philosophy, and so far he had no complaints. A good time could be had by all, with no strings attached. The next day, both fall back into their regular routines, almost as if nothing had happened at all. It was nice and simple. And it also made moving on that much easier.

“Life’s going to be different. No way around it. But we truck on, same as always.”

And while his life philosophy had made things easier, it certainly hadn’t taught him much about handling girls. Oh, he could flirt his way into just about any woman’s pants, but that was about the depth of his understanding of women. He knew what buttons to push, but he sure as hell didn’t know what to do with them beyond that. Sure, he knew that they had needs and views that were vastly different from men. But he had never had to bother to figure out exactly what those differences were. And he certainly wasn’t in any shape to assimilate or adapt to them.

“But Dad-she’s a girl!”

“I wasn’t aware you were allergic to them, son.”

It must have been the first time that he had seriously argued with his dad. John Winchester had seemed none too pleased with the change. And he resolved the issue with Dean much in the same way he had resolved issues with Sam. He ordered his son to stop his arguing and do as ordered. The method had never really worked with Sam. But it had yet to fail with Dean. He wondered if that made him a coward (like Sammy always claimed) or simply the perfect soldier (which his father had said once).

Maybe it was a combination of both. Doing as you’re told isn’t the same as liking it.

“Well, if you’re going to argue over it, maybe you should just share.”

So, where did all this leave him? With a tag-along sister that he had never wanted, and that he didn’t exactly trust. Sammy would have never agreed to it.

But Dean wasn’t his brother. And if he couldn’t trust her, he got through it by trusting his father. John Winchester would never tell his son to lay down with an enemy. He had faith in that. And that’s why he was currently sharing a bed with some mysterious redhead who had apparently fallen out of the sky.

Well, that and the fact that his father had left him with no choice.

“I get a bed because I’m the oldest. Now either you take turns on the couch, or you learn to share. I don’t really care which you choose. It’s been a hell of a day and I’m going to bed. Hide knives under your pillows if it will ease your minds. Just as long as you’re both quiet. Oh, and alive in the morning. I’ll be seriously pissed if there’s a corpse when I wake up.”

Dean figured that he had saved too many lives to be relegated to the couch for some girl that had been forced on him. He had told her so. She had told him some things as well, all of them unpleasant. John had come up with a solution that pleased no one, but had to be accepted since neither Dean nor the girl would relent. That’s how he found himself in bed with an armed girl while his father snored from the bed next to theirs.

There was, of course, no way that he was going to let this continue. The girl, whether he wanted her or not, was here to stay. But she was new to the whole Winchester dynamic, and younger than him to boot. And as he had explained to Sam several times over the years, age and experience settled all arguments. You defer to those of a higher rank. Come morning, this girl, Willow No-Last-Name-Because-I-Have-Conveniently-Contracted-Amnesia, would be informed of the situation and he would have a bed to himself come nightfall. That just how things were in the Winchester family.

And besides, the girl was a blanket hog. He would never get to sleep with her around.

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