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A Surprise Guest

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Summary: When performing a spell to help Dawn, Willow accidentally opens a portal and a little girl comes through. Clark/Willow. Full Summary inside.

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Smallville > Willow-CenteredjohnsmithFR15615,08211514,16518 Aug 0821 Aug 08Yes


Clark, Willow and Tara reappear at the farm in Smallville as the sun sets. They wonder how much time has passed here. They walk towards the house and sitting there on the porch is Dawn.

Dawn spots them and jumps up and opens the door and shouts inside “They’re back!”

She then runs over while out of the door come Buffy, Xander, Chloe and Clark’s parents.

“You found her. Is she alright? What happened? Where did she end up?” Dawn asks at near superspeed.

“Whoa there Dawnie.” Willow tells her.

By now the others have reached them.

“Clark honey. Is everything alright?” Martha asks.

“Everything is fine mom. Tara’s fine, she’s just a little drained. How long were we gone for?”

“A few days.” Buffy informs them.

Dawn coughs “Back to my questions please,”

Willow rolls her eyes “Ok she ended up in a parallel universe where there was another nosy Dawn Summers.”

“Cool was there another me there?” Xander asks.

“Yes there was.” Clark answers. “He was a lot like you.”

“Then it’s all good.” Xander comments.

Chloe then sniffs the air around Clark “I hate to mention this but you smell.”

“That’s because we’ve been dimension hopping for a few days and we didn‘t hang around to stay and chat and have a bath.” Willow informs her.

“Well honey we did chat.” Clark reminds her.

“I suppose we did, to several Buffys and Willows and Loises and Clarks and Xanders and Dawns and the odd Chloe and there was an Anya and a Tara and a few other people you wouldn‘t know.”

Buffy grows concerned at the mention of Tara. “Tara? Are you ok?”

Willow nods “Yes. It was cathartic actually. I got to say a few thing to her I never got a chance to here. So it’s all good but some of it was disturbing. Just ask Clark about the universe we ended up in where he and Lois were married.”

Chloe choked. “You and Lois!?”

Clark shakes his head “Don’t ask. It was very disturbing. We appeared at the bottom of their bed while they were asleep in it.”

“Although their daughter was very cute.” Willow feels the need to add.

Chloe stares at Clark wide eyed “You and she had a daughter?”

“Yes and Willow is right she was lovely.” Clark did have to concede that point.

Willow watched Chloe’s reaction somewhat amused “Do you want to tell her?” she asks Clark.

Clark looks at his wife “Not really.” he answers knowing what she is on about.

Chloe frowns “Tell me what? No wait don’t tell me, let me guess, me and Clark and a lot of babies.” she says sarcastically.

“Well only if you call 4 a lot.” Willow says.

“4!” Chloe yells. “You knocked me up 4 times?”

“3 times. There was a set of twins and it wasn’t me exactly. It was me in a parallel universe and I could mention the one where you and Willow were lovers.”

Chloe’s gaze turned to Willow “Me and Willow?”

“Now we don’t know that for certain.” Willow says. “It was that universe’s Buffy that said it and that may have been to spite me. She was pretty cranky but being pregnant with your child does that.”

Buffy felt faint “Me and Clark?”

Clark rolls his eyes “You just had to tell her.”

Willow smugly “Yes I did.”

“Me and Clark?” Buffy repeats.

“Yes Buffy. You and Clark, you were married and pregnant.”

“Me pregnant?” Buffy asks. She had given up on that idea a long time ago.

“Yes Buffy.” Willow says. It seemed they had broken Buffy.

“Me and Clark?” she repeats again.

“Buffy, it was a parallel universe. That Clark was very different.” Willow tells her trying to get Buffy out of her loop.

“How?” Buffy asks.

“For starters he had died twice.” Willow tells her.

“What!” she exclaims. That was her thing. He had stolen her thing.

Willow shakes her head “Come on Tara needs rest. We can talk about this later after I have had a shower.”

Tara gets put to bed while Willow and Clark decide to have a shower together along with other things that they really shouldn’t do with all these people about but couldn’t help themselves. They try to sneak out after their shower to find Buffy standing there arms crossed with a knowing smirk on her face.

“Nice shower was it?” Buffy asks.

“Yes it was.” Willow replies as straight faced as she can manage while Clark looks down at the floor, their nakedness only hidden by a couple of towels.

“So Clark, me and you and a baby on the way?” Buffy asks in an amused tone.

“No not me, parallel universe.” Clark tries to remind her.

“Uh-huh.” Buffy then looks Clark over appreciatively.

For Willow that is pushing this too far “Ok Buffy. Enough. I could mention the universes where you end up alone and miserable but that would be cruel considering how single you are at the moment.”

Buffy did start to feel bad. God she was still single. How pathetic was that? Willow was married and a mother. “Ok I’m sorry but I am not going to forget this scene of the two of you. You should be careful or you’ll be giving Tara a little brother or sister.”

“Too late for careful.” Willow says.

Clark’s eyes widen at that comment and he looks at Willow “What do you mean?” he asks.

“Erm. Well I was going to tell you but then there was that thing with Zod and then Tara vanished and then we’ve been dimension hopping so there hasn’t really been a good time.”

Clark places his hands on Willow’s shoulders “Willow stop and explain what you meant.”

Willow takes a breath “I’m pregnant.”

Buffy actually fainted and Clark and Willow look at her prone body on the floor. Clark scans her “She’s fine.” He returns his gaze to his wife “You’re really pregnant?”

Willow nods “Yep.”

Clark bursts into a smile, lifts Willow up and spins her around “Oh Willow. That’s great.”

“Yes but it won’t be so great if you don’t stop. My towel is slipping.”

Clark stops and arches an eyebrow “Oh I don’t know. You without your towel is great in my book.”

Willow could see a desire burning in Clark‘s eyes “Clark we can’t. Even though I know you can at any time, by the way love you for that, they’ll send up someone looking for us and we need to get Tara up and make her dinner.”

Clark sighs in disappointment. “I know you're right. I’ll go help my parents start dinner while you get dressed and get Tara?”

Willow kisses him “Sounds like a plan.”

Clark then disappears and then reappears dressed. Willow frowns a little “You know I know a spell that could do that faster.”

“Yeah but where’s the fun in that.”

Willow slaps Clark gently “Go make dinner and remember I love you.”

Clark gives Willow a kiss “I love you too.”

Clark starts to walk off.

“Clark.” Willow says stopping him.

Clark stops “What?”

Willow points at the prone form of Buffy “Take her with you.”

“Oh right.” he says as he picks her up and carries her down the stairs.

Clark carries Buffy into living room where Dawn and Xander are sitting.

“What happened?” Dawn asks.

Clark totally honest “She fainted.” He then lies her down on the couch.

“What do you mean she fainted?” Xander asks.

“She fainted.” Clark repeated.

“I think Xander means is why did she faint?” Dawn says.

“Well I think that better wait until Willow comes down.”

Xander and Dawn look at him with a 'we are so not waiting' stare.

Clark sighs and concedes “She fainted when Willow told me she was pregnant.”

“That’s it?” Dawn asks.

Clark nods “Yep.”

Dawn looks down at her sister “She’s going soft in her old age.” She then bends down to Buffy’s ear “You hear that Buffy. You’re getting old.”

Buffy shoots up “I am not old!”

Xander is still looking at Clark “Will’s really pregnant?”

“So she says. I mean we were trying for another baby.”

Buffy who has regained her senses “You were?”

“Yes we were.”

Dawn then suddenly screams and jumps on Clark with her arms around his neck “Oh congratulations. I get to be an aunt again.”

At Dawn’s screams Martha, Jonathan and Chloe come in from the kitchen. “What happened?” Chloe asks.

Dawn lets go “Oh Clark and Willow are having another baby.”

“Son?” Jonathan asks.

“Yes we are.”

Martha walks up and hugs him “Oh Clark honey that’s great.”

“Yes and it would have been better if we had told them together.” Willow says as she walks down the stairs after getting dressed with Tara in her arms.

Tara who is just awake looks around and spots her grandparents “Grandma! Grandpa!”

Willow places Tara down at the bottom of the stairs and Tara rushes over to Martha, who picks her up and kisses her cheeks “Hello there sweetheart.”

“Hello grandma.” Tara replies.

Jonathan ruffles her hair “How are you munchkin?”

Tara’s face frowns at that nickname “Grandpa I am not a munchkin.”

Jonathan can’t help but laugh.

Willow looks at Clark “So what happened to getting dinner started?”

“Whoops.” Clark says.

“Whoops? You’ve been hanging around Dawn for too long.” Willow comments.

“Hey!” Dawn protests “Hanging around me is a good thing.”

Buffy scoffs loudly at that statement.

“Come on Tara. You can help grandma start dinner.” Martha says.

“Ok grandma. I got to beat up a vampire you know.” Tara says.

All look at Clark and Willow “Hey that has nothing to do with us.” Willow protests “In the universe she ended up in Buffy had her hit Spike.” Willow then smirks “She knocked him out with one punch.”

Xander laughs loudly “Oh that is classic. Shame you don’t have a video of that.”

Clark zips off and then reappears with a tape in his hand “Actually we do, courtesy of your double.” he informs Xander.

Xander was sure he was feeling faint with giddiness as he grabs the tape and puts it in the video player. Sure enough on the screen is Spike on his knees asking Tara to hit him which she does and Spike collapses to the ground unconscious. Xander sighs “The only down part is that he’s not here for me to mock.”

Martha shakes her head at the strangeness of it all and then walks off with Tara to the kitchen. “Come on Jonathan.” she says.

“Yeah come on grandpa.” Tara says.

Jonathan smiles at his granddaughter and follow them into the kitchen.

Buffy is watching as Xander replays the tape “You know Will your daughter will have me out of a job by the time she’s 10.”

“You’re exaggerating Buffy and besides my daughter will not be fighting the forces of darkness until she’s 16 at least.”

“And she won’t be dating ever.” Clark adds which gets a glare from Willow.

Clark puts on his grin “I’m kidding.”

Willow narrows her eyes at him and points “You better be.”

Clark thinks he best get off this topic “So Chloe what have I missed at the Planet?”

“Oh nothing much. Lois is going to kill you though for taking time off at short notice.”

Well like that’s anything different from what Lois says she’ll do to him every other day.

“So will Metropolis get it’s mysterious new hero back soon?” Chloe asks in reference to Clark’s hero thing. He’s been helping out discreetly when he can.

“I suppose. Has there been a lot in the press about my absence?”

“Oh a little bit.” Chloe says. “I’m not sure you can keep hidden much longer.”

“Which is why I cast that spell to alter everyone’s perception of Clark.” Willow reminds Chloe. It wasn’t really a big thing she did. It was just as far as anyone remembered Clark had always worn a pair of glasses which worked surprisingly well as a disguise. Of course on top of that she got the first view of his hero costume. Her eyes glaze over at that memory. Clark looks terrific in red and blue. Especially if that red and blue happens to be part of a skin tight costume and then came the part when she peeled him out of it.

“Willow, Willloooww” Dawn says as she sees Willow’s focus drift off.

“What?” Willow asks as her mind snaps back.

“You drifted off there.” Dawn tells her.

“Did I?”

“Yes. What were you thinking about?”

Willow’s cheeks heat up a little bit.

“Are you blushing?” Dawn asks.

Willow refuses to look at Dawn “No.”

“Ok.” Dawn says totally not buying it. She has a fair idea of what Willow was thinking about. She’s thought about it herself from time to time as she looks Clark over. Hey there’s nothing wrong with just looking. Then she wondered something “Hey was there a universe where I ended up with Clark?”

Willow gives Dawn a death glare.

“Ok bad question.”

Clark chuckles and places his hands on Willow‘s shoulders “Easy honey. Yes there was Dawn.”

“Awesome!” is Dawn’s response. “So come on spill were we married?”

“Yes.” Clark admits.

“How did it happen?” Dawn asks.

“The same way me and Clark happened. In that universe you got sent to Vegas instead of me and well you can probably work out the rest.” Willow explains to Dawn.

Dawn certainly could. Hmm waking up with Clark in bed. That would be so nice.

Willow sees Dawn’s far away look “Dawn stop fantasising about my husband.”

“I’m not.”

Willow gives her a look and Dawn cracks “Ok I am.”

“She’s the same in every universe.” Willow says out loud.

The rest of the evening was spent with Willow and Clark retelling their story of their trip through the multiverse. Even though they were doing it to find their daughter, they had to admit it was interesting all those differences and in some cases very disturbing. After dinner Clark flies Willow and Tara back home to their apartment in Metropolis where they spend a considerable time trying to get her to sleep. Far too much excitement for her these last few days. Anyway afterwards Clark and Willow near collapse into their bed after getting very little sleep for at least 3 days.

“So Clark are you happy about, you know, me being pregnant again?”

“Of course I am. Are you?”

“Yep. I never expected to be a parent but now I can’t wait to be one again. I love Tara more than anything.”

“Me too.”

Willow sighs “Lets hope we never have to do that again. Dimension hopping was tiring.”

“And disturbing. Me and Lois.” Clark shudders.

Willow laughs “Oh come on they seemed happy.”

“I suppose they did. Truthfully the most disturbing universe was that one where you were a vampire.” Clark had hated seeing his wife reduced to a soulless shell of the woman he loved.

“I know. I can’t believe I had to see that again. It was weird enough the first time.” Willow says referring to that time her vampire double ended up in Sunnydale. “Although I did catch you eyeing her up. I didn’t know you had a fetish for leather.”

“I wasn’t eyeing her up.” Clark says defensively.

“Oh what were you doing then?”

Clark hesitates and stutters “Erm ,well I was…. You see the thing there was…” Eventually Clark has to concede “Ok I was eyeing her up. It’s just I find your dark side sexy.”

“Uh-huh.” Willow says. “Well when I’m not so tired we can do role playing. I’ll be evil Willow and you’ll be Kal. How does that sound?”

Actually that sounded kind of great. “Can’t wait. I still have the leather jacket in the closet.”

“Well then we’ll get your parents to baby-sit one night soon. For now give your wife a kiss.”

They kiss each other and then settle into each other’s arms. After a long search they’ve got their daughter back and soon they’ll have another little miracle in their lives. They drift off to sleep wondering just what their new child will be like. Whatever the child is like at least they know they’ll always have each other.

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Surprise Guest". This story is complete.

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