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A Surprise Guest

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Summary: When performing a spell to help Dawn, Willow accidentally opens a portal and a little girl comes through. Clark/Willow. Full Summary inside.

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Smallville > Willow-CenteredjohnsmithFR15615,08211514,16518 Aug 0821 Aug 08Yes

Chapter One

Summary: When performing a spell to help Dawn, Willow accidentally opens a portal and a little girl comes through. Nothing too unusual for the Scooby gang except the girl calls Willow mommy. Post Chosen. BTVS/Smallville xover

Disclaimer: These characters don’t belong to me. All Buffyverse characters belong to my idol Joss Whedon. I salute you sir. All other characters in this story don’t belong to me either.

Authors Note: This is alternate universe meets alternate universe. I wanted to have a story with Tara in it and also needed a male coupling for Willow to have a daughter. This is past Chosen but I didn’t want to write about all the other Slayers so I didn’t. Just assume they’re in the background, that’s what I did. So here faithful readers is my story on that basis. Enjoy.


Willow wakes up to just another day in Slayer HQ. A smile appears on her face at the sleeping form of Tara sleeping beside her. Willow can’t help but notice how beautiful she looks when she’s sleeping. She absently brushes Tara’s hair off her face and ponders what goddess she has to thank for bringing Tara to her. Tara’s eyes flicker open. “Morning.” Willow says softly

“Morning.” Tara replies.

Willow lowers her head about to kiss Tara’s oh so sweet lips when Dawn bursts in.

“Willow!” Dawn then sees the two in bed “Oops, sorry.”

Willow puts on her annoyed face. “Dawn unless you’re becoming 50 feet tall again it is customary to knock before coming into someone’s bedroom.”

Dawn rolls her eyes at the 50 feet tall remark. Honestly she sleeps with a Thricewise once and she never hears the end of it. “Sorry it's just there's weird magical energy about.”

Willow hadn’t felt anything “You sure Dawnie?”

“Yeah my skin’s all tingly.” Dawn answers.

Tara looks at Willow “I don’t feel anything, do you?”

“Nope.” Willow thinks for a minute “It would only affect Dawn if it's dimensional piercing energy.”

Dawn listens to them talk “Does this have to do with my keyness?”

“Probably.” Willow answers. She goes on “You know how little we actually understand about that Dawn.”

“Yeah I do but can you help look into it because this feeling is driving me nuts.” Dawn replies while scratching herself unconsciously.

“Need to get dressed Dawnie.” Willow points out.

“Oh right. I’ll go wait outside.” Dawn walks out the room.

Tara sighs “We just can’t get a lie in can we?”

Willow strokes Tara’s cheek “Don’t worry baby.” Willow kisses the cheek “One of these days we will.”

Willow and Tara get out of bed and start finding some clothes. “It's almost like having a child.” Tara throws the offhand remark.

“Yeah. Perhaps one day we should look into that.” Willow says.

Tara stops and looks at Willow “Y-You want to have a child?” she stutters.

Ooh they really haven’t talked about this Willow realises. She stops and walks up to Tara “I would like us to discuss it one day. I mean I’m not pressurising you or anything. You know that right?” Willow holds Tara hands while she speaks.

“I know.” Tara then smirks.


“Well would we do it by magic or leave it to plain old science?” Tara asks.

Before Willow can answer Dawn yells through the door “Willow I’m feeling worse out here. Hurry up!”

Willow kisses Tara on the lips “We’ll discuss it later.”

Soon both are changed and open the door to find Dawn now surrounded by a green haze. “Oh Goddess.” Willow gasps at the sight.

Dawn looks at her “What?”

“Dawn you’re glowing.” Willow says.

“I am?” Dawn looks at herself and see nothing. “You sure?”

“You don’t see it?” Tara somewhat surprised anyone could miss it.

“Nope and I’m going to assume that’s bad.” Dawn says. Oh this is so bad.

“Come on we better tell Buffy.” Willow says and all 3 walk briskly off to find Buffy.

A little later Buffy, Xander and Giles have joined Willow, Tara and Dawn in the command centre.

“Ok what the heck is going on with my sister?” Buffy demands to know.

Giles looks Dawn over “I think she may be resonating in response to some external force.”

“Resonating?” Dawn asks totally confused.

“I mean someone is opening portals near to this dimension and the energy of the Key is responding to them.”

“So this is not some attempt to get Dawn by some hell god because I really don’t feel like dying again.” Buffy makes it a request.

“We can’t be 100 percent sure but I’m guessing no.” Giles says to Buffy.

“So how do we stop it, not that I don’t like the glow-y look.” Xander adds to the conversation.

“Well perhaps we could shield Dawn from the energy these portals put out.” Willow says. She thinks she might be able to do it. “but I’ll needs some of your blood I’m afraid.” she says to Dawn.

“Why is it always my blood?” Dawn asks. I mean seriously she’s sick of giving her blood.

“That’s where the Key’s power resides.” Willow says sadly.

Dawn sighs “Fine but can we do it quickly this feeling is not pleasant.” Dawn is still scratching.

Willow grabs some supplies and starts to think up a spell.

“Willow you sure you can do this?” Tara asks rather concerned.

“I think so. I mean I know I’m thinking this up on the hoof but we just need to create a barrier between Dawn and this portal energy.” Willow explains.

Tara thought that made some sense but she couldn’t shake this ominous feeling about what was to happen.

The gang are back in the command centre sitting in a circle and Willow has a knife ready to draw Dawn’s blood. Dawn holds out her hand and closes her eyes. Willow cuts Dawn’s hand and the blood flows. As soon as a drop falls towards the ground a flash of light hits. All are blinded for a second. When they regain their vision Dawn has stopped glowing and in the middle of the circle they had formed is a little red headed girl lying on the ground.

“Oh this can’t be good.” Buffy observes.

Giles removes his glasses to clean them and mutters in agreement. The girl stirs and stands up and looks at the gang with wide eyes. She stops on Willow “Mommy?”

Willow just stares back at her “Oh goddess!”
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