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The Things You Do For Love

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Summary: The one thing she refuses to change about herself to make Him happy. (and some other things)

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Lines you won't cross

Okay. I hope no one thinks less of me (as an author) because I posted these, but I'm working on being less perfectionist. And since I don't have a beta or a previewer or anything, these could be the worse pieces of fiction ever to grace the internet. But I'm going for it and posting it anyways. Which is the point of challenges, right? Probably not. Either way, one of the reviews I got (thanks by the way) suggested I do other Scoobies on the same challenge. And since I was feeling daring, I tried, and this is what resulted. And if it's too horrible to bear, wipe it from you mind and go read one of the fics I felt more comfortable posting. Or go ahead and review scathingly. It'd keep me from more postings like this. And now that the nervous babble is out of the way, I present you...

~ Giles ~

"No." Giles said firmly, crossing his arms across his chest, and adopting the look that even his Slayer knew meant end of discussion.

Olivia frowned right back. "But I gave up half my studio for your shelves. Look, you don't even have to get rid of the books; you just have to put them in storage. There isn't enough room in 'our' flat for all your stuff and all mine. So we're compromising. Remember?"

"But I need these books. Within reach."

Olivia mimicked his pose. "Why Rupert?"

"What if... the children call. If there's an apocalypse, I can't very well say "Gee Willow, I'm sorry unfamiliar demons you can't manage to kill are chewing off your arm, and that's a very through description, but I'll just put you on hold for a day and a half while I go get something from my storage shed." The world could end."

"It's always the world could end with you. You don't use half those books."

"But I might."

"You a nothing more than a packrat, Rupert Giles," She accused.

"Says the woman who owns thirty pairs of shoes. Look, you got the closet space, and the space in the bathroom, I just want the den space."

"I needed that space. And I got it because you had one pair of shoes, three outfits and bottle of shampoo."

"Does that sound like a packrat to you?"

"But I'm not getting rid of my desk, and paints... where I make my living, so you can haul in all your stuffy old books that you probably already know by heart."

"That is beside the point Olivia. Those books are important to me."

"More important than I am?" She questioned, and he met her eyes briefly, before looking away, but it was enough for an answer.

"I'll send a van for my stuff tomorrow." She said quietly, heading determinedly for the door. "And Rupert… Don't call me again."

~ Dawn ~

"You can't invite a vampire to our wedding."

"Can. And did." Dawn retorted, sticking her chin out. "In fact, he's one of your groomsmen."

"No." He replied flatly. "I'm not standing at the altar in the church I grew up in, with him at my back for the most important moment of my life."

"You will if you want that moment." Dawn shot back.

"He threatened me! Remember?"

"So did Buffy, Willow, Za... well pretty much everyone who's going to be sitting on my side of the church."

"That's another thing. It's a church. You can't invite a vampire to a church!"

"He's tough. He can handle it."

"I meant its blasphemy. And what about the windows?"

"He'll be careful. I thought of all this. So stop pretending you care."

"I care! I care about the fact my fiancé... associates with un-dead... things." His voice rose with each word.

"His like an older brother to me!" Dawn yelled back.

"We'll no child of mine is ever going to have a damn vampire for an uncle."

She rocked back in her chair in the sudden silence, looking at him, face twisted in hurt. "You thought I would ditch my family for you?"

"Your real family... no. That... abomination-"

"Well. I guess I'm glad we had this talk." She said calmly.

"I didn't think it was something that needed to be said, but as long as you understand now..." He was calming down too.

Dawn stood and dropped her ring in his lap as she past him. "Mmnhmm. Hey honey?…Go to hell."

~ Xander ~


Xander slid the bag towards him, scowling up at his fiancée.

"Yes." She shot back, reaching out to snatch the chips back, but he hugged them to his body out of her reach.

"Your smushing them." She pointed out.

"Don't care." He crunched another chip around in his mouth, ignoring the crumbs that fell back into the bag.

Anya grimaced. "You’re getting fat."

"A little pudgy." Xander argued around another mouthful of chips.

"We've had your tux adjusted twice. If we have to do it again, we won't have any money for a honeymoon."

"You're not getting my chips." He said stubbornly. And then cast a glance at the counter. "Or my donuts."

"I don't want your donuts. You’ve been eating donuts for years and never got fat. What I want is these wedding ruining potato chips."

"Not ruined." He shoved another handful in.

"Yes. Yes it is!" Anya took a deep breath, and thought about something she'd read about in Cosmo. "If you loved me, you'd give me the chips."

"Its because I love you that I have the chips. Because the wedding stress. The wedding that shows how much I love you."

"That's true but..."

"No. I'm keeping the chips."

Anya sighed, realizing he wasn't going to budge. "Fine, but I expect compensation sex."

Xander smiled. "I’ll agree to those terms. But only because I love you."

~ Willow ~

Willow's resolve face was in full and terrible force.

"Will. Honey. It’s just a stuffed animal." Kennedy coaxed, not familiar enough with Willow expressions to know that'd the argument was lost.

"Get it off our bed." Willow said seriously.

Kennedy frowned. "I always sleep with Sir-Croaks-a-lot. It's the only thing I still have from home."

Willow cut to the chase and picked up a pillow. "Then go sleep with it in some other room."

"Will, you're being unresonabl-"

Willow's face crumpled. "You’re being mean. Now scoot, before I start hyperventilating."

"I really think we should talk..."

Willow fingers crackled with green light.

"Willow-" Kennedy tried.

Buffy poked her head in the doorway, "Why does it smell like Ozone?" She asked, looking around, and her eyes widened. "What is that doing on Willow's bed."

"Our bed." Kennedy corrected.

"Get it off before she goes 'boom'." Buffy ordered, looking nervously at the sparkling witch.

"it's just a-"

"CAN'T YOU SEE SHE'S AFRAID?" Buffy yelled, and darted in, picking the frog up and lobbing it into the hall.

Kennedy ran after it, and Willow collapsed on the side of the bed. "I overreacted a little, didn't I?"

"Everyone has quirks." Buffy shrugged. "You stay here and not set the house on fire. I'm gonna go talk to Kennedy."


"Well there may be some sense beating, but I'll start with words."




Buffy nodded as she left, and Willow turned back to her bed, shuddering, and trying to think of the strongest cleaning spell she knew. No essence of fuzzy frog butt would get in her hair. No sireee.

Tell me what you think. Go ahead. Be brutally honest.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Things You Do For Love". This story is complete.

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