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The Things You Do For Love

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Summary: The one thing she refuses to change about herself to make Him happy. (and some other things)

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredAmaiFR1321,4481233,94018 Aug 0820 Aug 08Yes

But I can't do that

Disclaimer. I own nothing. Not even the general idea. And it’s not my best story ever, but I can’t refuse a challenge. With that said…

The Things You do for Love.

She had moved across the world, from sunshine to constant rain. She ditched her comfy jeans even though she could afford designer again, and wore the stupid monk robes. She even stopped wearing heels cause they made too much sound on the stone floors. But that... ‘that’ was just too much.

What self-respecting slayer got dressed in the morning without a small arsenal?

Sure, she could leave a few pieces behind, but what he was asking...

Well, it was a deal breaker.

She could stand the fact that he hadn't told anyone he knew about them. That he refused to wear pants or strip some of the grease out of his hair. That he wouldn't let her help while he ran around risking his life and coming back injured. But her mind boggled at his newest request.

Dreary weather, fashion blunders and enhanced shortness she could handle.

But unless she was running around naked, a girl had to keep her broadsword close.


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