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Stuck We Are...In an Alternate Alternate Reality

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Summary: Random One-shot that attacked my sanity. Spike/Xander, Doug/Tom pairing. The boys end up in an alternate version of 21 Jump Street.

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Television > 21 Jump StreetcalikocatFR151536111,01719 Aug 0819 Aug 08Yes
Title: Stuck we are…in an Alternate Alternate Reality
Fandom: 21 Jump Street, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairings: Spike/Xander, Doug/Tom
Casualties: Ioki’s desk
Rating: T just to be safe
Type of fic: One shot

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or 21 Jump. If I did, Spike and Xander would have gotten together in season four and Doug would have jumped Tom on day one.

Author’s Notes: This was written simply because I should be working on chapter 11 of Power in Many Forms. But I’ve been glued to YouTube watching 21 Jump Street. That show seems to have eaten my brain. I luv it!

“Why can’t we just tell them the truth?” Spike whispered in Xander’s ear, his blue eyes darting around the room outside their cage.

“Why Spike, that’s a great idea. We’ll just tell them we’re from another reality where it’s the year 2000 and that they’re just characters from an old eighties TV show. Best-idea-ever…not!”

“Well it’s better than you idea Whelp.”

Xander glared. “Claiming insanity is not a bad idea. That way we can escape when they try to transport us to the loony bin.”

“They’d probably put us in straight jackets, and while I’m flexible enough to get out of one you aren’t.”

“Fine, we can just claim we were drunk and don’t remember anything.”

Blue orbs rolled toward the ceiling. “Luv, I don’t think that will work either. And forcing my way out is a bad idea too. These blokes have guns and that puts you at risk. And I can’t bloody protect you from a bunch of humans.” Spike finished with a growl and his eyes turned gold, Xander grabbed his hand in an attempt to calm him down before he showed his game face.

“Easy babe, we’ll get outta here. They’re decent guys; they were in the show at least. If we behave and don’t cause any trouble they might give us a break.”

Spike seemed to calm down a bit, but his hand suddenly tightened around Xander’s and his eyes widened to almost comical proportions. “Xan? What was this show called?”

“21 Jump Street…why?” Xander frowned. “Spike you okay? You look pale, paler than normal I mean.”

“I think we’re in some alternate reality of the show, because there’s no way that was on the air in the eighties.”

“What are you talking abou--? Holy Mother of Zombie Cheese! That never happened.

Xander joined Spike’s comical stare as they watched one officer Doug Penhall accost one officer Tom Hanson on poor officer Ioki’s desk…tongue and all.

“That’s bloody hot.”

“My childhood…I can hear it whimpering dramatically at the emotional trauma being forced on it.” Xander muttered. “I loved this show man.”

“But it’s hot.”

“That’s not the point Spike. I mean its…well yes it is very hot…it’s just I never thought………Huh…interesting technique. Didn’t we do that one?”


“Think we’ll be stuck here for a while?” Xander asked sounding a tad hopeful.

“We won’t know until that little gadget red gave us starts honking like a dying clown.”

“A gadget that is currently in their captain’s office and the captain’s gone home.”

“You want to try and seduce them then? Get the gadget and run?”

“Sounds like a plan…hey here they come.”

They stopped their escape plans as Doug and Tom approached the holding cell.

“Alright boys you wanna try this again?” Doug asked. “And I don’t know; maybe you could give us some real answers this time?”

“Yeah, you help us, we help you. That’s how it works.”

Spike smirked at the two officers as he brought Xander’s hand to his lips and gently kissed the back of it. “Shall we let the bargaining begin gentlemen?”


The End

You have reached the end of "Stuck We Are...In an Alternate Alternate Reality". This story is complete.

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