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The Cousin Of Ipswich Art

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Fan Art

Summary: Artwork for my HP/Covenant Crossover 'The Cousin Of Ipswich'.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
Movies > Covenant
DemonChildeKyraFR772860105,62121 Aug 0820 Mar 09No

The Cousin Of Ipswich

The banner that I made for my HP/Covenant crossover 'The Cousin Of Ispwich'. The basic idea is that Draco Malfoy and Reid Garwin are cousins and after refusing the Dark Mark, Draco runs to Ipswich. The story will be slash, but I'm not spoiling the pairings...If you wanna know, you have to read it!

The Cousin Of Ipswich

Disclaimer: I don't own anything other than the program used to make this.

Individual pics were found using various search engines.

Please Review! Feedback is VERY appreciated!

~ Kyra
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