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Band Candy Baby

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Summary: Challenge response: When Giles and Joyce had sex during Band Candy, a child was conceived, but the Powers stepped in and took the child to another dimension. What happens when the child, now an adult, comes back?

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Chapter 2

Band Candy Baby

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling

Spoilers: Post “Chosen” and post “Deathly Hallows”

A/N: So I really have no idea where I’m taking this. I’m just following the challenge guidelines, so… Any ideas would be lovely.

“Sarah and Melissa, stick with Hermione!” Buffy screamed as she charge forward, scythe in hand, and two other slayers running behind her. She didn’t have time to play games, especially with the late warning she received from the Paris team. The slayers stationed here had apparently known about the demon’s plan for a while and waited until the very last minute to actually find and slay him. Buffy would be having some words with the squad here and their lazy Watcher who wouldn’t know what organizational skills were if they bit him on the neck.

“Why do we get kept out of battle?” Sarah, the youngest slayer in the squad asked.

“Yea, and to babysit,” Melissa continued, and with a not-so-subtle glare at Hermione. Fortunately, the witch was too busy worrying about Buffy to take notice. Sure, she had helped Harry fight many battles against dark wizards, but this was different. This was her sister, a newly discovered sister who was most certainly not a witch. Yes, she was a strong slayer, probably the strongest in her time, but Hermione was not used to fighting without a wand, especially against a demonic warlock.

“So, why are you so important anyway?” Melissa asked, drawing Hermione’s attention away from the battle. “Are you a new Watcher and this is your first day on the job?”

“No,” the older woman answered. “I’m here for Buffy.”

“Here for Buffy?” Sarah repeated. “Hmm, are you gonna be another lookalike, cause I can kinda see it, but the hair for sure needs some work.”

A little self-conscious, Hermione ran a hand through her hair, “No, actually, I’m her half-sister, but from another dimension.”

“Only this could happen to Buffy,” Melissa muttered, while Sarah just looked at her with wide eyes, amazed.

“You’re related to Buffy?!” Sarah shrieked.

“Yes, is that a good thing?”

“For some people,” Melissa answered. “A lot of the younger slayers and a few older ones really look up to Buffy because of what she did for us. Some of the girls were in really bad places before getting called and they think she saved them. Wait, who’s your mom or dad cause you said half, right? No one evil?”

Before answering the question, Hermione wondered if all the slayers were this personal, “Same mother, but my father is Rupert Giles.”

“Mr. Giles is your dad?!” Sarah shrieked once again.

Sighing, Melissa knew that the news she just heard would be halfway around the slayer network after this fight was over because of Sarah’s big mouth. Though, she had to admit, being related to the Head Watcher and the Head Slayer was some pretty big news to gossip about.

“I think the battle is over,” Melissa spoke, the sadness in her voice evident at not being able to help out with the slaying.

“Yea and no one from our side died,” Sarah smiled. “That’s always a plus.”

“It’s very much a plus because now, I get to have a few words with you girls about timing,” Buffy spoke, voice hard. The slayers who had fought were behind her, a little frightened by what their punishment would be.

“I must say, I thought you were joking when you spoke about us not living through this,” Hermione spoke.

“For all the joking we do, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong,” Buffy shrugged.

“But you weren’t joking about their punishment?” Hermione asked, thinking back to what Buffy dished out to the young slayers. One week of intensive training and research methods, which Hermione understood. What she didn’t understand was the no hanging out with friends rule, or the watching of the slayer handbook on DVD video every night for a week.

“They might be slayers, but they’re still teenage girls who want to be able to hang out with their friends. We can still ground them and it still works,” Buffy answered.

“And the handbook on DVD?”

“No one likes the slayer handbook and people really started to hate it when someone suggested it be converted to a DVD. It’s torture to watch.”

“So you’ve seen it?” Hermione smirked.

“I’ll never forget that day,” Buffy groaned. “Giles made me watch it just so I’d be able to tell the slayers that I have.”

“When you’d rather lie and say you did when you didn’t?”

“I knew you were my sister for a reason,” Buffy smiled.

Not wanting to let an awkward silence come upon them, Buffy continued, “Was there anything you wanted to do tomorrow?”

Looking at the clock on the wall, Hermione frowned when seeing the time. They had immediately gone to stop the fight in Paris, and it was already late when she arrived at Buffy’s place. It was already about 3 in the morning. “You mean later today, I’m guessing?”

Seeing the time, Buffy groaned. “Sleep first, plan later?”


It was noon when Hermione woke up, which was unusual for her, but she guessed after staying up so late and performing such a powerful spell to cross dimension, it was expected she would be tired. Pushing back her comforter, she swung her legs off the bed and placed her feet on the carpet and stretched.

She briefly wondered if when she would be going back to her own dimension before someone knocked on her door. “Mom made breakfast.”

“Thank you, I’ll be down soon,” Hermione responded to Madison through the door. She remembered her conversation with Buffy the previous day about her lack of actual culinary skills, though.

“By which she means we have cereal, a muffin or a bagel,” Madison spoke again before walking away from the door and heading back downstairs.

Smiling, Hermione rose from the bed and began getting ready to start the day in a new world.

“So, I’m thinking about what we spoke about earlier, comparing your London and my London and they’re basically the same,” Buffy shrugged. “We can do the whole ‘get to know one another’ thing at the Council if you want. Show you the base of operations. Madison has some classes to get to anyway.”

That last part was accompanied by an eye roll from the younger slayer who wisely kept her mouth shut by taking a bit out of her bagel. “Don’t think I didn’t see that, missy.”

“Who needs those classes when I’m living with the best slayer and teacher?” Madison smiled, while Hermione looked between the two. The conversation seemed to have some history to it.

“You know my answer to that,” Buffy answered. Turning to Hermione, she explained, “Madison here believes she should be able to skip out on classes--”

“Only because practical experience is the best experience,” Madison defended herself. “How is a slayer gonna learn to fight a demon if she’s fighting against a Watcher in a padded suit?”

“Well sometimes it’s nice to hit them when they piss you off,” Buffy muttered, knowing both Madison and Hermione could hear her.

“If I have to take the classes, can you pull some strings so I can get into some more advanced classes, like the ones the graduating slayers are taking now?”

“Let me talk to Giles about it,” Buffy caved and braced herself as Madison squealed and attacked her in a loving bear hug.

While the fight against the darkness never stopped, it was done on the clock, which Rupert Giles was eternally grateful for. He may have enjoyed fighting the good fight, but he wasn’t as young as he used to be; he needed his time off to be just Rupert Giles and not Rupert Giles, Watcher and in charge of the entire Watcher’s Council.

But of course, that time was very limited. It seemed that he spent more time on his job than on his personal life, or the most precious activity, sleep.

The ride up the elevator was quick and with the last vestiges of sleep finally worn off, Giles got ready to start his day.

“Good morning, mister Giles!” his secretary, Annie spoke, full of cheer.

“Good morning, Annie, how are you?” The elevator, like that of a penthouse suite on the top floor, stopped directly in his assistant’s office. Stopping by her desk, he waited for any pieces of mail she had for him.

“Doing quite well, sir,” she replied as she handed him a stack of papers. “I think today is going to be a good day. Miss Summers and, uh, miss Hermione Granger are waiting for you in your office.”

“Good, good, I was wondering when they would arrive,” Giles muttered before bidding a goodbye and heading toward his office. And if this Hermione person was here, then that meant she probably wasn’t evil. Yes, good day, indeed.

That thought lasted all of five seconds as he pushed open his doors and finally took in the young woman’s appearance.

“Oh, dear…”

“Oh good, so it’s not just Willow and I who see the resemblance,” Buffy smirked, knowing Giles had figured it out.

“How, when?”

“I think you know when and as for how, when two people love one another,” Buffy started, but stopped, “Oh wait, you and mom weren’t in love, so much as under a spell. Is there a birds and the bees story for people under spells?”

This was directed to both Giles and Hermione, who was too busy laughing to herself to answer.

“I don’t really think this situation is a humorous one, Buffy,” Giles finally spoke, reprimanding his charge.

“How could it not be? I mean, we haven’t really had anything happen to us lately that registers high on the shock-meter. This was just too perfect.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Giles sighed as he stepped closer to Buffy and his… his daughter. He wasn’t really sure what the protocol for this was. He had imagined having children, but becoming a Watcher and then having a slayer as a charge put those thoughts aside. Not to mention, his relationship with Buffy and her friends made it feel like he already had children. But here she was; someone who was actually related to him by blood.

Standing, Hermione began fidgeting.

“I’m honestly not really sure what one does in this situation,” she spoke.

Good think he wasn’t alone.

“Maybe I should leave you two alone,” Buffy smiled as she stood. As much as she wanted to make Giles feel uncomfortable and count the many times he cleaned his glasses, she knew the two needed to talk.

As the door shut behind Buffy, Giles and Hermione still stood, silence overflowing in the large office.

“So this is… slayer central?” Hermione spoke, and at seeing Mr. Giles’ face cringe, she added, “Buffy’s words, not mine, I assure you.”

Releasing a breath of relief, Giles smiled. He loved Buffy and her friends, but their language was still something he could never get used to. “I’m happy that you two are getting on so nicely.”

“Yes, Buffy has been real helpful in showing me around,” Hermione nodded. “And, I’ve always wanted a sibling. My boyfriend, he has a younger sister and five older brothers. He’s always fighting with them, but I know he loves them. I’ve always wanted to experience that.”

Putting a clamp down on his sudden distaste for her boyfriend, Giles kept smiling. He didn’t even know her and he was already thinking of ways of torturing the boy if he hurt her.

She was really his…

“But it’s boring,” Madison whined as she took the book back from Buffy. “I could have Dawn oversee me and it’ll totally be safe and everything. It’s not like I don’t already know half the demons in there anyway.”

Sighing, and with Dawn stepping on her foot, Buffy handed the book. It was a very old book, one the older, more experienced slayers were allowed to look at when they needed to do research. Madison, being the age she was, had her own books to study from. All slayers in her age group had it, but of course, Madison felt she was too mature and advanced to have to read it.

The book was called Research Methods in Research for crying out loud. It was so boring.

“Thanks, mom,” Madison smiled and hugged her before taking off, more experienced book in hand.

“This is your entire fault,” Buffy turned to her younger sister, Dawn.

“I know,” Dawn smiled. “I’m not going to stop a slayer who actually wants to learn about researching demons from doing it. The more help I get, the less work for me.”

“You have an entire team of researchers,” Buffy pointed out as they started walking, no particular destination in mind.

“Who wouldn’t know the end of a stake even if it was in their chests,” Dawn spoke. “Madison has practical experience and knowing how to defeat a demon isn’t the same thing as actually defeating him. A slayer who knew what attack could work and which wouldn’t would definitely be an asset.”

“Stop using logic,” Buffy groaned. “I’ve already got one sister to worry about, I don’t need another.”

“Speaking of,” Dawn tried looking innocent. “When am I gonna meet her? I may not be real, but we share the same blood as you, which came from mom and Hermione definitely has that blood, so we’re sisters, too.”

“I did think about that,” Buffy admitted. “You’ll meet her, I actually want you to, but gotta wait for Giles to finish.”

“How do you think you’re doing?”

“They’re a lot alike,” Buffy smiled to herself. “They’ll get along fine.”

“I know you already have parents and you’re old enough where you don’t really need them to help you make decisions, but since you’re here…”

He couldn’t finish it, not liking the idea that she could very well never want to acknowledge him as her father. Of course, he did have thousands of slayers under him that he saw in a familial way, so why add one more.

Because it was worth it.

“You’re right,” Hermione nodded. “I’m past the idea of needing a father, and I do have one, but I see nothing wrong with having two.”

Smiling, Giles nodded. He was too dumbstruck to say anything.

For those wondering, the timelines of the show and the book are synced, meaning that Hermione was born in 1979 and Buffy, 1981. Oh, and Hermione mentioned that Ron had five older brothers and, as most know, after reading Deathly Hallows, that number has changed. That change happened in this fic, but she wasn’t going blurt out Ron’s whole family history in one sitting, y’know?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Band Candy Baby" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Jan 09.

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