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Vita Iacio Veritas

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Summary: When Xander Harris' fiance dies under mysterious circumstances, it's up to him and the Scooby gang to find out who killed her, and why.

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Chapter Ten: Facade

Buffy woke the next morning to the roosters crow, watching as their host moved silently out the front door. She sighed, hating herself for having to do what she was about too, but knowing that it was for everyone's own good.

As silently as possible, she opened the window, wincing as it let off the smallest of squeals, and walked out, into the open air. She watched as Clark walked into the barn, before dropping down and into a forward roll, before she got to her knees and then to her feet, walking toward the barn as silently as possible.

She was barely there when she first heard them, two voices; one masculine, the other feminine, speaking in a language that she'd not heard before. And, considering Dawn's gift for languages, that was saying something.

She crept closer to the barn, listening as Kara, whose voice was now in a recognizable language, English, said, "no Kal-El, you must articulate as precisely as possible."

Clark sighed, and Buffy frowned as she wondered why they were arguing about pronouncing one of those made-up languages that kids make up.

"It's not as easy as Virgil said it would be, Kara. He seemed to think I'd pick it up naturally with some instruction."

She nodded, "you have, so far. But until now, Kewatche wasn't a priority to learn, verbally at least. You have to remember, you only deciphered the key to reading the ancient language, not speaking it. You have to learn a new way of thinking, on top of reading it too."

Clark sighed, and Buffy smiled, as she walked away.

It wasn't until she was inside the house that she realized, somehow, they knew that she was there and played her.

One thing she did know, though, was that Xander wasn't going to like this.

And, indeed he didn't, hours later as they sat surrounding the kitchen table, Xander looked at Willow and Buffy, who was explaining what she'd heard that morning.

"Are you sure, Buff?" he asked, his eye closing in concentration. Buffy nodded, "they started talking about Kewatche as soon as I arrived, Xander, and it was Kara, not Clark."

He sighed, turning to Willow who was concentrating. "Well, I guess we can always just... ask them when they get here?"

She flinched at Xander's look of incredulity, and realized what it sounded like. "It's just that, they've been really nice to us. Even when we were in Sunnydale, the Big Bad's always showed their true colors."

"True, but this isn't a Hellmouth, Will" Buffy stated, her eyes hardening. "Even their Cemetary is inactive. Something about the ground here makes the one or two Vampires I've seen want to run away. They're terrified of something more powerful than the Slayer, and literally beg me to slay them."

"You've been patrolling?" Xander asked. She nodded. "Yeah, we're way to close to a cemetary to make me feel safe. But the few Vamps that do rise are small, and only the Master that's turning them seem to be unafraid of whatever's going on here."

"Look the best thing we can do is give Clark the benefit of the doubt," Willow stated, "you're the one that's..." she said, but Buffy said, "I know what I heard, and what I saw, Willow."

"I'm not saying you don't Buffy, but well, this is a small town, if we go accusing one of their locals, we'll never get anywhere in our investigation."

Xander nodded, and Buffy seemed to deflate. They'd not had that problem in Sunnydale, and technically, the town was about the same size as Smallville.

"Alright," she said, "I guess we can ask them, politely."

"Look," Willow said, trying to soothe her friend, "what does your Slaydar say, Buffy? Does Clark give you the wiggins?"

"No, but that doesn't mean he's clean, either."

Willow sighed, "it could all be one giant facade, you know?"

"That's what I'm afraid of," Buffy stated.

Meanwhile, a hundred or so miles above the city of Smallville, Clark was being held by Kara as she floated in the upper atmosphere.

Their conversation had been cut off frantically, as Kara, who had been staring through the wall, noticed Buffy's approach.

Clark, for all his fears of heights, had no problem with the thin air surrounding them, as his heart-beat slowed and he murmured, "I haven't been this high since I dismantled that Nuke."

She grinned at him, and said, "see, you're alright even here, where the air is so thin that most people can't survive. Surely you realize, Kal-El, that flying is part of you."

Clark frowned, "I'm not saying it isn't Kara, but is this really the best time to be finding out?"

She nodded firmly, "yes, I cannot continue to help you unless you are willing to learn, Kal-El. There is no reason to be afraid."

He took a deep breath, something the upper atmosphere should have made impossible, as they moved carefully towards the Fortress of Solitude, where Clark would begin his training. She sighed, as the crystalline monstrousity was seen in the horizon.

"Look, Kal-El, I'm not saying you're right about them, but you are doing the right thing by helping. Sure, at the same time your protecting us, but we both know you didn't kill Patricia Swann, you're not that type of person, and until last week, I didn't even know I was Kara Zor-El, daughter of Zor-El."

He nodded, his eyes shifting over the frozen white ground below them, as Kara said, "now... fly!"

With that, she let go of his arm as Clark froze, his eyes watching the coming ground. She landed on the ground under him, and watched as he free-falled, before gravity caught up with him and forced him into the ground. The planet around them shook with his landing as Clark stood, anger penetrating his gaze.

"Don't be sore, Kal-El, you're uninjured, the ground is hurt, and as you can tell, your fear of death is more than irrational."

He glared again, as he stood, before he moved. Kara, expecting reprisal, shot into the air, taunting him with glee written on her face.

Clark growled, frustration in his voice as he jumped, far breaking the gravity that existed on Earth, and into the air. Kara, not to be deterred, moved just out of his reach, and smiled as he fell, again, realizing what he'd just done.

"Kara, get down here!"

"As the people of this planet would say, Kal-El, catch me if you can!"

He growled again, and watched as Kara danced through the air, taunting him, before ever slowly his body lifted around him. His thoughts were a swirl of "get to Kara", his body followed.

She watched as he rose off of the ground, his eyes red-rimmed, as his body lifted off of the ground, and into the air under a tight control that had Kara both elated and nervous. Suddenly, Clark was off like a rocket, long suppressed instincts taking over his mind as he moved his body towards his cousin.

She reacted a nanosecond before it was too late, and jetted off into the opposite direction, hoping he wouldn't be able to make such a narrow turn. And, to her relief, he wasn't.

She laughed as he nearly ran into a radio tower, his dense molecular structure blocking the signal being broadcast long enough to cause some listeners to turn off their radios.

He corrected his course just in time, though, missing it by inches, as Clark turned and blue, causing her to jettison out of control, as he sped off to catch her while off guard.

He tackled his cousin seconds later, as she had finally caught her second wind, and laughed as she said, "I'm proud of you, Kal-El!"

He smiled at her, and thanked her. Neither had missed the conversation taking place miles below, but were willing to put it up to them being worried and upset.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Vita Iacio Veritas" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jan 09.

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