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Vita Iacio Veritas

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Summary: When Xander Harris' fiance dies under mysterious circumstances, it's up to him and the Scooby gang to find out who killed her, and why.

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Artwork created by TanyDwr , and can be found at the fanart story called:
A Slayer's Kryptonite 

TITLE: Veritas DISCLAIMER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville are not mine. They are property of their respective creators, Joss Whedon and Al Gough/Miles Millar respectively. I own nothing.

Answer to Challenge 3395: Xander Harris: Undercover on Twisting the Hellmouth by ALCM with only a minor change. It is my firm opinion that the entire debacle that was "Traveler/Veritas" was because of Clark, so he will be an intricate part of the story, even if Xander doesn't know it yet...

It wasn't possible, yet the evidence was there, displayed for the world to see. As he stared at the television in disbelief, his closest friends surrounding him giving him unspoken support, Xander Harris repeated this matra in his head.

It just wasn't possible, as far as he was concerned. There was no way in any of the infinite multiverse that his luck could be this outrageously bad.

"Xander," Willow's pity voice broke through his reverie. He turned, his unmoistened eyes looking at her with a curiousity that he'd never shown the witch before. "Are you alright?" she said, as if repeating herself.

"I"m fine, why wouldn't I be?" Xander asked, picking up his phone for the first time that day. Willow looked at him, he could feel the penetration of her resolve face glaring at him though he tried to mask it.

"Xander?" she asked him again.

Content as he was to ignore her, as he was the report on the television that just had to be wrong, Xander answered her. "I'm sure someone read their report wrong, Willow. She's fine, see, I'm even calling her now."

"Xander, I just heard," he vaguely heard Buffy rush through the door dressed in her Slaying outfit. She ran over to him, and grabbed him in a bone-breaking hug. "I'm so sorry," she whispered in his ear, as tears fell onto his shoulder.

"Buffy, nothings wrong, I must have a bad signal or something. I'll go up to my room, you know the signal down her sucks."

As he walked away, he could have swore he heard Willow say, "Denial."

As he reached the door to his room, a jaunty whistle escaping his lips, Xander again dialed the number he knew by heart.

Before he could press the dial button, though, his Voice Message tune activated. A smile erupted from his lips, as he saw that the message was from his soon-to-be fiance.

Opening the message, Xander pressed the phone to his ear.

"Xander," her voice rung out as lovely as the day they met and he introduced himself as her future husband. "If you're getting this message, I've died."

As he dropped the phone, a scream of rage filled the hallway outside of his room. The sound chilled those listening to the depths of their soul.

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