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Aeon Misfits

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This story is No. 1 in the series "HALLOW MISFITS". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A continuation of Red Witch's Misfits series. GI Joe x X-Men: Evolution

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spacemanFR18622,068002,81222 Aug 0822 Aug 08Yes

Prologue One - Penny's Back - Humor




A Misfits crossover by Spaceman


January 03, 2007
Edited: August 22, 2008



X-Men Evolution is the property of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Marvel, and Co.

GI Joe is the property of Hasbro, Marvel, and other companies.

Misfits is the property of Red Witch. Permission Given.

Comic Info taken from Wikipedia.


Author's Notes


sound effects

Loud sound

telepathy mental command



Universe 42442-NUTS


It had been a long, hard, bloody battle. The champion had arrived 7 days ago and in 7 days she had flayed 7 million. The earth is dark crimson with blood of fallen enemies, the severed body parts are scattered for miles. The hundreds of enslaved heroes, villains, and innocent lie unconscious with there slavers mutilated remains next to them.

The enemies had once been gentle creatures, until the dark forces twisted there minds and bodies into monstrosities of immense size and strength.

The largest and most powerful of dark queen's warriors fell after a gruesome 2 hour battle. It's immense fur-covered head torn from it's broken body. The heroine didn't even have time to savor her victor, for the final battle had begun.

The final battle was between the young mute heroine and the laughing dark queen on the top of an immense demonic tree. Time had no meaning. The battle may have latest seconds or days, no one would remember. A battle of agility and strength, of sorceress voice and silent strength, of sharp teeth and claws.

Then in one final slash, the young heroine collapsed and the head of the Dark Queen was severed from her body. In that instant, the dark power of the queen were torn asunder. The demon tree, which was there battlefield collapsed into sand and dust. The multitude of life and souls stolen were released. Those who were stolen from and lived were restored, while those who died were released into the here after.

The young heroine awoke to cheers and salutations, before departing home.




Katherine "Kitty" Pryde, the intangible Shadowcat of the mutant hero team X-Men walks into her room after a long day. She had been in another fight with Lance and Piotr, Toad slimed her makeup trying to catch a butterfly, Quicksilver stole her underwear, another of Forge's inventions blew up and ruined her clothes, and Wolverine is talking about another camping/training trip.

As Kitty opens the door, she smells something. A coppery smell mixed with woodland that reminds her of Penny, who vanished a few days ago. She slowly enters, as a crimson liquid oozes from the carpet. She stares in shock at what lays before. A monstrous fur-covered cranium the size of a Sentinel's head. A monstrous head with black fur, big eyes, and big buck teeth.

A Giant Squirrel Head.



Wolverine looks up to Kitty's window and sees the immense wall of black-brown fur.

"Penny is back."


Inspired by RedWitch's Fun With Mr Squirrel Head.
Found at FFN site and the Official Red Witch Fansite Listing

Redwitch, Keep It Up!

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