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Dark Teacher

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Summary: Willow gets a new magicks instructor in S2...

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Chapter One

Dark Teacher

By Howard Howe

Disclaimer: I own nothing that you recognize from anywhere else (either BTVS or Conan [yeah triple points]) just the plot. If you have a Jones to sue, stones have more blood and are more likely to produce results. This is a response to Dragon Hulks Descendant Challenge.

In the places between several beings contemplated their next moves.

“They will need a teacher… the Gypsy will only be able to take them so far and they need a broader and more structured beginning for their magicks,” said the female.

“We have no other powerful magi that can be sent there. They would be too big of a target. The Hellmouth would corrupt them,” said the neuter in exasperation. “They would need to go somewhere for a time.”

For several minutes the beings thought and searched for an answer.

The male was searching back along the blood lines of the coven when he came across a starling conjunction. It had been ten thousand generations but still there was one magi that all the members of the newly formed coven where related to in one degree or another. He hoped the pocket they had put that blasted magi in was still there. It was and so was the being sentenced there.

“Are you mad?” said the female seeing what the male was looking at, “he can’t be controlled!”

“He is perfect,” said the neuter, “Immune to the Dark Magicks and with more control and knowledge then a thousand-thousand magi. A gifted teacher as well.”

“And we set them all in the Plain of Tears for a forty days real time. He will be able to teach them much in nine hundred days. Send along that blond sword master of yours and the boys to.”

After several minutes of thought the female simply nodded her head. “Do it.”

The Male expanded the pocket and went in.

The walls of the cavernous space was lined with tomes and storage boxes. A massive scrying pool sat before the well worn stone throne. A tall skeleton with flesh dried down across it sat on the throne. A book and quill sat on one massive arm of the throne.

A quarter of the floor was taken up with a complex cross between an alchemist lab and a really large and complex chemistry set. Several things twitched and moaned in cages along the wall behind the working area.
A complex and beautiful greater summoning circle was inlaid in the floor opposite the working area. Set into the wall behind the throne a deep sleeping niche held a pile of lustrous furs. A hauntingly beautiful set of twin girls, in their late twenties, where chained with silvery cords nude to the foot of the niche. Both had alabaster skin in this place of flickering torches, one with black hair and one with snow white hair, both had one green and one grey eye. One looked up in fear from her place in the furs while the other cleaned the living area and prepared a simple meal. Her head bowed but one eye always flickering between her master on his throne and the male.

“I see you have made yourself at home,” the male said calmly to the being on the throne.

“Yes, My Lord. While I may not leave here without your permission it is permissible for me to bring a few things here to pass the time,” he pointed a hand at the working area and books along the walls, “Even trade with the other denizens for… diversions and servants.” He flicked a hand at the two women.

“Yes, they summoned a demon to punish their boyfriends for infidelity with the blood of their seven year old brother. Their father found them in time to save their brother, but banished them with their demon. A fitting punishment wouldn’t you say, what did you trade for them?”

“A translation of the Dark Hours from Valusian into Greek.”

“I had wondered where that tome came from; the demons have been squabbling over that tome for nearly a thousand years, even with the deliberate traps you put into it, but on to business. I have a job for you…” said the male.

The skeletal being turned red glowing pits toward the male and nodded.

“What does my lord require of his servant?”

Later that day Willow was looking through the Magic Boxes various tomes when she came upon an interesting book. Instead of leather, the thin almost pamphlet like book was bound in a purplish metal. Symbols lightly etched along one cover. It’s pages where a dozen clear wafer thin crystals not paper. It hummed under Willows hand as she opened it. Words began to run along the wafers as she moved her had across the wafers.

“Mr. Bogarty? Where did you get this?” said the teenager with growing excitement. As she turned toward the counter a gust of wind blew her hair into her eyes and when she could see again she wasn’t in the store anymore. Neither was she alone in her bewilderment. Nearly thirty young people, many she recognized from high school, others dressed in dark robes were standing in an open grassy field surrounded by tall black stones. Two figures stood to one side. One totally cloaked in black with flickering silver and blood red threads. The other was a blond haired blue eyed man in what looked like early Greek armor.

“Mr. Bogarty?” squeaked Willow more than a little frightened.

“No childe,” rasped the voice of leather and stone from the cloak, “I am not the store keeper.” He raised his voice and addressed the whole group.
“I am Thusla Doom, myself and Achilles will be your instructors in magicks and war, until you are ready to leave this place… we have much to do before you can leave and you must be ready to fight when you get back.”
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