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Watcher DiNozzo

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Anthony DiNozzo, Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Tony decides that maybe he could be more helpful in the Council than at NCIS

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NCIS > General(Past Donor)kayleyFR1313,6225126,82222 Aug 0822 Aug 08Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy and NCIS do not belong to me, they are not apart of my imagination but the situation that they are found within this fic is.
A/N: Starts off part way through Season 3 of NCIS and after Season 7 of Buffy before diverting into chaos


“Mr Giles, your 3pm phone interview is online.”

“Transfer him through Jennifer,” Giles replied to his secretary. “Anthony DiNozzo, I'm Rupert Giles. I understand that your mother left you some information to read about the Watchers Council?”

“Yes, but I only recently were given them,” Tony's voice echoed slightly over the phone line. “She didn't say much about it just that if I was contacted by you then I should listen to what you have to say as she had the greatest respect for your group until towards the end.”

“She was a fine member, one who is sorely missed but I definitely understand her position,” Giles advised. “Let me fill you in on some further information. Then if you agree, I'll send one of my colleagues to meet you in person. Does that sound alright to you?”


So Giles filled in Tony about the Council, leaving out important parts as Confidential where needed because he knew the lines were being tapped. Although the British Government respected and protected the Watchers Council, they didn't need to know everything that was happening. He told enough to gain the younger man's interest.

“With that being said, shall I organize a meeting?”


Within only a few short days, Tony walked into the Bull Pen and looked around thankful that no one was there to see him leave.

He thought about his team. Gibbs would forever play a big part in his life. Gibbs had given him the skills to survive any situation. Ziva had made a big impression since she arrived but he still felt slightly off around her. Part of that was that he missed Kate. Since Kate's death, he had actually bonded pretty closely with McGee and trusted him as one of his close friends. He didn't have many, but McGee was definitely one. Abby was another. But no matter how close a friend they were, there was no way Tony could talk to them about his plans. His plans to leave NCIS for good.

When he had met Dawn and Buffy Summers, he understood why his mother had enjoyed the work the Council had offered before they became self absorbed. She and his Aunts had removed themselves from the Council when the potential Slayers were being kidnapped from their parents; and then abandoning them with no money when they passed the age to be Called.

The fact that the Council had allowed Buffy to grow up at her own home, though yes in the beginning it was from a mistake in identifying her, and allowing her friends and sister to assist her had shown Tony and his remaining Aunts that the Council now had someone decent in charge. Rupert Giles had won his Aunts over and after speaking to them further about his mother's wishes, he had been won over as well.

Silently working his way upstairs, he slipped a letter of resignation, effective immediately on the Director's desk before making his way quietly from the building.


Induction to the Council was mayhem, pure and simple. They expected him to work hard and keep up but at the same time, he was expected to socialize with the others. Mainly, because it would be these people who would be on the front lines and he needed to know how they all responded. He was with a small group of Slayers, made up of girls between 15 and 19. They would be his girls when he had finished training.

The Council had asked him about what kind of age group he would want to work with, and he had requested the older girls. Girls over the age of 20, were in a special group all to themselves, as there weren't many of them, and so it left him with the next oldest. It didn't mind him, they would be slightly easier to deal with. So many tears could be dried by well thought out compliments and he was King of the Compliments.

His girls were all American, except one from Australia. Tannah was the youngest at 15, she was from Los Angeles, California; she was definitely a looker. Her long blonde hair and pale blue eyes were going to cause trouble with the male population. Xander had advised him to keep a shovel handy at all times; causing a brief explanation of it being the weapon of choice for potential partners. Melissa was from Darwin, Australia; her accent was quirky and she groaned whenever he tried to impersonate it. She was 17 with dark chestnut hair and olive skin. Jordie and Skye were twins from Detroit, Michigan; 18 years old and one of only two pairs of twins called. They were identical, with red hair cut short in a bob and hazel eyes. Finally was Ella, a quiet 19 year old from Canton, Ohio; she was the tallest of the girls with mousy brown hair and chocolate eyes.

All of them were beautiful in their own way and all of them were going to be trouble. He could tell it already.

Listening to Andrew talk, Tony wished he could introduce Andrew to McGee. The two boys would be babbling uncontrollably very quickly about several different fandoms. In fact, Tony could see McGee fitting in very well with several of them. He had the computer smarts, the fanboy knowledge and the research skills that made up several of the Watchers-to-Be.

He had met up with his Aunts several times. Since they had previously been Watchers, they were going through a refresher course which was extremely different to the in-depth training he was receiving. His Aunt Sophie, at age 65 was the librarian. She could catalogued anything and everything in her sleep, she was that good at her job. His mother's twin sister, Kathleen at 63 was one of the main researchers. She was working on creating an info kit for all Watchers to have that would cover the main demons found in their areas.

He found it nice to be able to reconnect with his Aunts. After his mother's death, he rarely saw them; mainly because they didn't approve of his father. When he met up with them on the first day at induction, he was spoilt rotten with hugs and compliments about continuing on his mother's finest work.

Tony was happy about it too. Buffy had made a big impression on him. Her wit and ability to actually live while having to face nightly violence on such a grand scale had made him realise what was lacking in his life. Yes NCIS had allowed him to pursue it to a degree, by making sure whoever committed the crime couldn't do it again but the Slayers prevented it from happening in the first place. This was a chance for him to make a difference on a global scale even if no one ever knew his name or the names of his girls.


After several months of training with Robin and Xander in regards to training his girls; Andrew and Giles in regards to good research and managing skills; and with Dawn on what it was like to live with a Slayer and Slayers, Tony was finally sent with his girls to Dearborn, Michigan.

They would be based there because it was close to three of the girls' homes. Melissa had been removed from her family at a young age, and trained by a Watcher in Sydney before he was killed by Bringers. Tannah had run away after fighting back when her father had tried to force himself on her. Both were happy to move where ever the rest of their new family wanted to.

The group would be first reserves for the Hellmouth in Cleveland if something major would occur. The Hellmouth itself was being guarded by the oldest and most experienced Slayers, except for Faith and Buffy. The Sunnydale Slayers as they were nicknamed. The potentials who fought in the final battle of Sunnydale were guarding the new Hellmouth. Faith and Buffy would be rotating between training the newbies and spot checking on the groups positioned around the globe.

The house in Dearborn was relatively basic, but that was alright by Tony, he had everything he needed near him. Next door was a privately owned gym which would allow them to rent the space on weekends and some evenings for training. A small school was nearby so the Melissa and Tannah could continue to get an education. Other than that, his neighborhood was quiet.

He had discussed with Giles the best options for patrolling the areas allocated to them. Rotating the girls each night so that three were patrolling at a time, meant that the others could have a break, study or go out. They would alternate between patrolling the local area of Dearborn and traveling to Detroit and sometimes into Windsor.

The twins would always want to patrol together but Tony had managed to get them to agree to occasionally being separated while patrolling. There were benefits for keeping them individual and together. They had the best ability to know where each other was in a fight but if one was injured, the other would have to know how to respond to their team properly.


“Shit,” Tony swore as Ella reported the news in code. Tannah, Melissa and Ella had been patrolling Detroit when a Marine had been killed. They had nothing to do with the murder, but they had been spotted acting strangely near by the crime scene and had been detained. Ella was using her phone call to alert him. He knew why they had been acting strangely. They had just killed the demon that had killed the Marine. The poor kid had survived the War on Terror just to loose it while on leave.

He had left the twins doing their college assignments with orders to call Giles to let him know the situation. He knew NCIS would be called in, and no matter what team was assigned, Gibbs would find out soon enough. He needed Giles and possibly Willow's assistance in keeping his old team away from his new team.


Entering the Police Station, Tony quickly made his way to his girls. He gave them a quick glance over to ensure they were alright. Switching to one of the demon languages that they had been taught he asked what happened.

{It was a Polgara demon} Tannah reported. {Killed him with the spike, but it looks like a stake wound}

{Melissa and I killed the demon but someone saw Tannah holding a stake that looked like it had blood on it while she was checking if the guy was still alive} Ella continued.

{And they assume that Tannah killed him?} Tony asked.

{They don't believe it was Tannah per say, but they do believe it was one of us} Melissa confirmed. {I don't think anyone would believe Miss Beauty Queen over there capable of murder}

{HEY!} Tannah shot at Melissa who just smiled at her.

{What have you told the police?}

{Just that he was dead when we found him, Tannah had accidentally removed the stake that had been embedded in his chest while checking to see if he was still alive and that we had nothing to do with it} Ella replied.

{Okay, we can work with that. You said the guy was a Marine right?}

{Yeah, Tan checked for id when she realized he was dead, military id was in his wallet} Ella confirmed. {Are you okay with what that means?}

{Got no choice but don't worry, I'll be fine. The twins are letting Giles and Willow know what's going on}

They sat there in silence for a while, Tannah resting her head on his shoulder while the other two played 'Thumb Wars' to occupy the time.


Gibbs approached the Detective in Charge and was given a run down on the case. Three girls apprehended after being seen with the murder weapon, claimed they had nothing to do with it, had called their guardian in as only one was over 18 years old. Murder weapon was a wooden stake similar to those used to hold tent ropes in place. Since their guardian, Tony, arrived; they had been speaking in a strange language or sitting in silence.

McGee and Ziva were revising the collected evidence and would then be heading to the crime scene to see if they could find anything else. Ducky was handling preliminary examination of the body at the city morgue before having it transferred to NCIS. Agent Li, his replacement for DiNozzo was following him for the case as it was her first murder investigation.

He stormed towards the interrogation room which held the three girls and their guardian. Opening the door, he allowed Agent Li enter first. He heard a soft sigh that sounded like relief from one of the people in the room and filed it away for later.

Tony sighed in relief when an unfamiliar NCIS agent entered. Even without her identifying that was where she was from, he could tell. His relief though was short lived. Gibbs entered soon after.

“DiNozzo?” Gibbs barked as soon as he got a look at the guardian. “What are you doing here? Where's their guardian?”

Before Tony could reply, Tannah spoke up. “He is our guardian.”

“Li, talk to the girls, DiNozzo follow me,” Gibbs ordered.

“Sorry Gibbs, but you can't order me around,” Tony replied softly. “As Tannah is barely 15, I need to stay to ensure that Agent Li follows the correct protocols when dealing with a minor.”

“You know that NCIS always follows protocols,” Gibbs reminded him.

“In most cases yes, but as I don't know Agent Li, I will be remaining here.”

“Fine. I will talk to you after Agent Li questions the girls,” Gibbs sighed. He left the room quickly to notify McGee as Senior Field Agent about the latest update in the case. When McGee said he would be there shortly, Gibbs knew it would be pointless to argue. None of them knew why he had left and they all wanted answers. After hanging up from McGee, Gibbs called Ducky to let him know. The more the merrier they say, Gibbs just knew it was not the case.


Tony hid a smile as the girls stuck to their story. Not once did they waiver even after Gibbs joined in on the questioning. Before long, Gibbs had to let them go as they had nothing to hold them with. But Tony knew that would not be the end of it.

And sure enough, as soon as they began to leave the station after providing Gibbs with contact information; the rest of Gibbs' team arrived.

Watching silently, Tony knew when Ducky, McGee and Ziva laid eyes on him. They stopped and stared even though they knew what Gibbs had told them. His girls closed the gaps around him, offering their support. No matter what Gibbs' team would try to do, his girls would stop them from going too far.

“Tony?” Ziva asked hesitatingly, which Tony found unnatural for her. “What is going on? Why are you with these girls?”

She had beaten McGee to the question, he could tell as McGee's mouth almost snapped shut.

“I'm their guardian,” Tony admitted proudly, feeling his girls straighten with his words.

“They let you be their guardian?” she asked sarcastically.

“Hey! Watch how you talk about him!” Ella responded. “What's got you so snarky, Bitchy McBitch?”

Tannah and Melissa joined Ella in scowling at Ziva. No one could talk about their Watcher like that. Not when he was so cool. An ex-cop, an ex-NCIS agent... he could fight, gave fashion advice like no other Watcher could and he complimented them every day. So many of the other Slayers had wanted Tony as their Watcher, but they had gotten him.

Ziva was confused, partly because of the way the girl spoke but also the way the girls responded to Tony. As soon as he laid a hand on the older girl's shoulder, the three had settled.

McGee, seeing how agitated the girls were around Ziva tried to calm them all down.

“Tony, how have you been?” he asked hoping the girls wouldn't turn on him. “We've missed you.”

The girls smiled at McGee and he heard one whisper to the others that he was cute. He blushed to the roots of his hair a bright pink; which made the girls giggle as if they had meant him to overhear.

“Been good, McGee. Catching up with family, looking after my five girls... things have been really good for me,” he admitted, knowing that adding Skye and Jordie to his numbers would confuse them even more. “But we really need to get going. Skye needs help with her Calculus and I agreed to work on it with her.”

Ziva's mouth dropped at the thought of Tony looking after so many girls to the point that he would even assist in helping them with homework. When she had been assigned to NCIS, she had judged him as many others would... a Playboy who rarely took anything seriously. But watching him these last few moments, she could see that she had misjudged him badly.

“Actually, Ducky... if I could impose on you?” Tony asked quickly. “You see, Jordie is studying anatomy at the moment. It would be a big help if she could ask you some questions, if possible.”

That was only part of the reason that he wanted to talk to Ducky. He knew that Ducky would work out what was going on. He had it from great authority that Ducky knew about Demons.

“Certainly Anthony, if I could get a lift back to the hotel after we're through?” Ducky replied, knowing that there was more to it than homework help. He knew that one of these girls would be a Slayer. Had known since he had heard about the stake they were found with.

Quick goodbyes between former team mates and current, saw Tony leading his charges back to their car so Ella could drive the girls home, and his, so he could take Ducky.


“You really upset Jethro when you disappeared like that,” Ducky advised when they were alone in the car.

“It had to be done,” Tony admitted. “I wasn't going to turn my back on those girls. I've screwed up so much in my life, that it was time I did something right for once.”

“So which one is the Slayer?” Ducky asked.

“All five of them,” Tony answered with relief, knowing that he was right about Ducky knowing.

“How is that possible?”

And so Tony gave him a run down on the battle of Sunnydale. Ducky listened raptly to the story, nodding to show his understanding.

“So how is it you know of Slayers?” Tony asked his friend.

“My friend, there are a number of ME's in the world who are in the know. We are usually the ones who are called in on extremely strange cases. In fact, I know of one ME who has an assistant that can rewind the day... don't ask, I don't know how or why. In reality, we have to know about demons and Slayers, because we are the ones near where the Slayer is located and sometimes we need to ensure the girl's safety.”

“Have you met any of the previous Slayers?” Tony queried curiously. He knew that the Council had lost a lot of their journals in the explosion.

“Just one,” Ducky answered. “She was remarkable, I was told, in the sense that she had a child.”

“Nikki,” Tony sighed.

“You know her?” Ducky prompted.

“Of her. But her son works with the Council now,” Tony explained. “Actually, correction... Robin is one of the heads of the Council.”

“If I could get the chance, I would like to speak to Robin,” Ducky advised. “His mother saved my life and I wish to thank him.”

“I'll see if I can arrange it for you.”

The rest of the journey was in silence.


Two days later, Tony received a call from Ducky advising that Abby had recovered enough evidence that the stake did not match the wound that killed the Marine. Tony had advised Ducky what had really killed him, to help with ways to clear the names of his girls. Now, Gibbs would be tearing after a murderer who was already dead. But neither Ducky or Tony would tell him that.

He missed his old team, who had once been the closest thing to a family he had. But now, his girls were closer than they had ever been. Add to that, Xander was one of his best friends, someone who he could shoot the shit with, and quote movies with. Robin and Andrew regularly called or emailed him to see how they were all doing. They all dropped in whenever they had been to Cleveland. Buffy and Faith regularly turned up to give the girls advice, new weapons and just general Slayer related stuff.

He was kept up to date, never kept in the dark. Something that he knew his old team were guilty of, like when Ziva had them all over for dinner. He was important not only to the girls but to the whole Council. All the people involved in the Council were important. It didn't matter what their role was.

But there was a bit of guilt, as well. Tony felt guilty about leaving without saying goodbye to the one person who had seen him for who he was. Grabbing his cell phone, Tony knew it was time to fix it.

“Tim, it's Tony... got a moment?”

The End

You have reached the end of "Watcher DiNozzo". This story is complete.

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