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Assessing Their Training

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Anthony DiNozzo, Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy's in town to see just how well Tony's been training his girls

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NCIS > General(Past Donor)kayleyFR1311,058085,25724 Aug 0824 Aug 08Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy and NCIS do not belong to me, they are not apart of my imagination but the situation that they are found within this fic is.
A/N: Takes place during after Show of Gratitude


The day that Buffy Summers arrived at the Dearborn Slayer House was a day that Tony would rather forget. He adored his girls but somehow they forgot that he really didn't want to know about their potential boyfriends being too cute for words. That was something that he didn't want to hear about. But that was exactly what he was being subjected to. Even when he advised he would threaten any boyfriends with a shovel, all he got were eye rolls.

The conversation had started when Tannah mentioned a boy in her class had offered to take her to the movies on the weekend, so could she have Saturday night off patrolling. The other girls quickly grilled her for more information about said boy. How old? How tall? What color eyes? What color hair? What movie did he want her to go to? What time would he pick her up? How would they get there and back? Was he taking her to dinner as well?

After Tannah had muddled her way through the quick fired questions, she innocently asked Ella if she was aware of the hickey just above her t-shirt neckline. That started more rapid fire questions. So that started the questions to the other girls. Anyone they liked? What course were they doing? Were they in all their classes? Would they ask them out or would they wait for the boys to ask?

The knock on the door was a saving grace for Tony... or it was until he found out why Buffy was there. She was there to assess their skills in a full out fight, and their outcome had a lot to do with how he was training them.

The girls stopped their questions when Buffy entered the room. The oldest Slayer alive had an extremely commanding presence and the other girls all looked up to her in awe... well except Faith but that was understandable. Even Kennedy had reassessed her opinion of Buffy after the battle of Sunnydale.

Tony watched as all the girls straightened in their seats without realising it. They barely blinked as Buffy told them what to expect and before long, Buffy was leading them to the gym.


The first challenge was an individual fight between Buffy and one girl at a time. During the fight, the girl could choose from different weapons, whether staffs, wooden swords or just use their hands and legs. If a weapon was chosen, Buffy would fight with that weapon also.

First up was Tannah who chose to fight with a wooden sword. She was slightly smaller than Buffy, and relatively quick but Buffy managed to keep blocking her attacks. Buffy remained on the defensive for most part, only attacking when there was an obvious hole in the girl's attack. After Buffy tapped through her attacks five times, the fight was called to an end.

Buffy called Tony over and sat with both of them on the floor explaining what she had noticed and which areas they would need to focus on. She asked Tannah for her opinions on where she could improve and congratulated her on using her speed wisely.

Next she called Melissa up for her turn. Melissa preferred a staff and so the battle was able to be a bit more distant that it would be with a short sword, but still had areas where they would get extremely close. Melissa managed to sweep Buffy's feet from under her but started to celebrate, missing Buffy's counter sweep and she was pinned soon after.

Once again Buffy went through the areas for improvement and what did Melissa believe she needed to work on before congratulating her for the sweep.

Then she called Jordie over and the two decided on hand to hand. Once again Buffy stuck to mainly blocking except when there was a hole. The fight lasted a little longer than the others, mainly because Jordie didn't have as much as a follow through with her hands as she would have with a weapon. Finally Buffy tapped her out and went through the talk with her and Tony.

Skye was up next and like her twin, she opted for hand to hand. Skye used her legs a bit more and managed at times to get Buffy to back up but while she was doing that, she was leaving herself wide open. After the third time she did that, Buffy moved into the offensive and quickly showed her why it was such a bad idea. Two minutes later, her talk begun.

Finally it was Ella's turn. She opted for a sword and the fight begun. Out of the five girls, Ella was the one with the most hours of practice with a sword behind her as she did katas out the back of the house every morning. She was able to hold her own for a fairly long time but eventually Buffy wore her down with her speed and endurance. When the two talked, Buffy suggested showing her a new kata to try to build up endurance as it was longer than the one she was currently using. Ella quickly agreed.

Next Buffy asked Tony to fight her. She knew that Robin had previously showed him some moves that as a Watcher he may need and she wanted to make sure he was remembering to practice as much as the girls were. This was the part he was dreading. He was going to get his arse handed to him, in front of his girls.

It was over before it began really. A misplaced foot had Tony crumbling to the ground in pain. As he had tried to retreat, he put his foot down on Tannah's, who hadn't moved out of the way quick enough. He had either sprained it or twisted it... but whatever he had done, it couldn't handle his weight on it.

Buffy watched the girls help him back to the house and shook her head. Watchers could never get it through their heads to watch their peripheral vision... it was how Giles ended up knocked out so many times and several other Watchers ended up with cuts and bruises; now this.

Following after them, Buffy smiled. It wouldn't matter how well Tony trained himself, his girls would certainly protect him.

The End

You have reached the end of "Assessing Their Training". This story is complete.

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