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No Fate

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Summary: No fate but what we make for ourselves. Xander dresses as John Connor and tries to ensure Judgement Day doesn't happen. On any level whatsoever.

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Plans, Guns, And Eyes

AN: Dear God! It's growing! Special thanks to ReflectionsOfReality, he is helping me with ideas for the story. He is a sorta co-writer in a way, or a well of ideas. If you have ideas for the story then review and leave them there, and I will look them over.

'Eggs that possess you. That sounds like a bad horror movie.' Xander mused as he inspected the crate filled with the parts that he had told Ted to order. He checked them closer. They were made of cheap metal, but he didn't need them to be of good quality.

"Ted." He called the robot over. "Have you scanned the dimensions of every component in the crate?"

"Yes and apart from some minor miscalculations every one of them is to your specifications." Ted told him in a proud manner. Xander found that Ted's personality matrix was, with a little re-programing, a pleasant change and thus left it intact.

"The miscalculations have been corrected in your CPU?" Xander questioned sharply.

"Yes sir." Responded the robotic man brightly.

"Good. So you have the details of the parts in your memory matrix, right?" Asked Xander as he looked closely at the parts. At Ted's nod he continued. "Then scrap the parts and rebuild them to scale in Coltan-Titanium alloy X1. How long will it take to have a M41A Pulse Rifle ready and fully functional?"

"Five days." Ted informed Xander. Xander nodded while frowning thoughtfully.

"After the completion of the rifle, you are to begin growing living tissue for the T-800, as well as start construction on the T-800." Xander ordered.

"What physical characteristics would you like for the T-800?" Ted asked, sounding every bit the computer salesman that he pretended to be.

"A blending of the actors Dolph Lundgren and Thomas Jane should work both aesthetically and physically." Xander said after some thought. "While also being large enough to hide the endo-skeleton."

Ted nodded in the affirmative as he went to do as ordered, but stopped, "Sir, the video footage you asked for is on the table."

Then Ted left. Xander walked into the living room where, as Ted had informed him, laid on the table. Xander walked up to the VCR and put the tape in. He had asked Ted to follow and record Buffy during her patrols in order to measure her skill level and measure the strength level of a Slayer.

He watched as the tape showed Buffy leaving her house and walking through the Restfield Cemetery. At first her patrol looked to be going well, if a little lackluster, dusting two fledglings but then Angel showed up. They patrolled for another half an hour dusting only one vampire before starting heavily make out and that was all they did besides talking for the next three hours.

Xander felt anger go through him at such neglect of her duties, but calmed himself. He decided to check the obituaries to see how many people died that night. If no one had died then he would let it slide. There were eight deaths caused by 'animal attacks' and three by 'gang members on PCP'.

Xander felt the rage that had been bubbling beneath the surface earlier explode. He destroyed the table in front of him and stood there panting heavily.

'Okay, calm down. Anger won't help in this situation.' He told himself, trying to sooth his anger. He felt ashamed that he had acted so undisciplined, he really needed to work on that.

'Well that decides it. I'm going to show Giles the tape and we'll confront Buffy about this.' Xander decided.

Buffy walked into the library cheerfully. She was in a chipper mood, she had defeated the Bezoar, her relationship with Angel was going great, and she was having good hair day for a change. That all stopped when she saw Giles and Xander standing grimly in the center of the room.

"How did patrol go Buffy?" Asked Giles in his usual British stiff upper lip manner. Buffy stopped for a second and looked at Giles suspiciously. Her parental danger sense tingling.

"Oh the usual, vampires show up, I kill them, and there's dust." She said happily. "Where's Willow?"

"She had to talk with Ms. Blackmoor about the History assignment. She won't be able to join us until later." Giles said as he looked into Buffy's eyes searchingly. "How many vampires?"

"Three. Giles what's up with the whole cold attitude thing, because it's way creepy." Buffy asked.

"I believe you need to see this." Giles said as he put Xander's tape into the VCR.

After she saw the tape Buffy went white. She looked helplessly at Giles and Xander, but she wasn't receiving any sympathy looks from them.

"Well, alright, I admit it, I screwed up." Buffy said not looking very sorry at all. "Who taped this?"

Giles opened his mouth to respond but Xander cut him off, "I did and eleven people died last night because you were too busy sucking your undead boyfriend's face off to do your job."

"You spied on me?" Buffy asked incredulously.

"I taped one of your patrols so that I could show you what your fighting style looks like, that way you could improve yourself." Xander said, his voice hard and his expression even harder. "Imagine my surprise."

"How did you sneak by me?" Buffy asked. It just didn't compute for her, Xander was the normal one, there's no way he should have been able to video tape her without her knowing.

"It's amazing what you can miss when your messing around with your dead lover." Xander said, his voice like stone. Giles looked at Buffy with disappointment, that stung her more than what Xander was saying.

"Buffy, I have allowed your relationship with Angel on the grounds that it wouldn't interfere with your duties as the Slayer." Giles said with disappointment. Buffy felt a ball of dread form in her stomach. "It is apparent that you care more for spending time with Angel than the lives of innocent people, so I've come to the conclusion that it would be for the best if your relationship with Angel ended."

"Giles you can't do that!" Buffy screeched in anger. Giles hardened his expression.

"It is either end your relationship or we will end Angel's life." Giles said, glaring at her stonily. "At no time is a vampire's life worth more than a human's, even a unique one such as Angel. I thought you knew this, apparently I was wrong."

Buffy's eyes teared up at these words. "I'll end it with Angel tonight. I just wanted to be normal." She almost whispered. Giles' expression softened.

"Buffy, I have tried to let you have as much of a normal life as I could, but if the Council were to hear that you were neglecting your duties for a vampire then they would either kill him or kill you both." Giles sighed, "I had hoped that your relationship wouldn't interfere, I truly had, but it is now costing people their lives. What if Angel was to revert back to Angelus? Would you be able to kill him for the sake of innocent lives?"

Buffy didn't answer him, not that Giles expected her to anyway. "You will go to the funeral of every person that were killed last night, you will look at their coffin and apologize for being too 'busy' to save them."

Buffy looked up at Giles disbelievingly, tears now running freely down her cheeks. "You're punishing me?"

"That is what happens when one does something wrong." Giles told her stonily. "I realize that I have been too lenient on you, but that time is over. It's time that you learn from your mistakes and grow for them."

Xander felt a twinge of guilt in his heart while watching the scene, but he hardened his heart. It had to be done. The lives of innocent people outweighs the wants of a sixteen year old girl. Even if she was the Slayer.

Xander turned around and left the library. He was heading toward the computer lab. After all, he had swiss account set up and he needed funding. There were a lot of filthy rich drug lords out there with bank accounts that had his name all over them.

On another plain of existence, a collection of beings known as the Powers That Be were watching the disturbance to their plans. None of them had expected the change that Alexander Lavelle Harris had gone through. It was an effect of chaos magic that no one, not even the PTB's, could anticipate it. But they were nothing if not flexible.

"The mortal has disrupted our plans twice now. He can not be allowed to disrupt them farther, lest we loose our fragile hold on this realm." One of the Powers stated.

"Perhaps his way of combating the forces of evil are more effective than our own. The Wolf, The Ram, and The Hart will not expect his methods where as they are able to anticipate and counter ours." Another Power pointed out calmly.

"However, it is essential that Buffy Summers learn to put her duty above her love for the souled vampire and for the vampire to go off on it's own to become a champion." A third one passively declared. The other Powers nodded in agreement. "He must be incapacitated so that the Slayer may grow, but he has served the cause well. Even now he forms plans to destroy evil's hold on his dimension. All that has been given to him, he uses for our war. Such courage and dedication should not be punished."

"We shouldn't put such trust in mortals, they have failed us time and time again. This one will also fall to evil, they all do that or die." The first Power said sadly. "Such is the way of humans."

"Maybe he will fall, but also maybe he won't." The second spoke. "We could test him and his strength in a way that would harm evil. Such a solution would also remove his interference of the preparation of Slayer Summers."

"A battlefield?" The first Power questioned. "But which one to send him to? Surely not the one of the False Gods?"

"No, that is one battle he will face in time. We shall send him to a battlefield we have already lost to The Wolf, The Ram, and The Hart: Pylea." The third Power decided. "It is a world where the humans are enslaved by the demons. His memories from his mentor will be of great use to him in leading the humans to rebellion. He will motive them and triumph against the priests of The Wolf, The Ram, and The Hart or he will fall."

"Is it wise to gamble the mortal in such a manner?" The second Power asked the third. "If he falls then we lose what remaining influence we have left."

"Indeed." The second power said in agreement. "This is the last world we have influence on and we are losing it to The Wolf, The Ram, and The Hart also. If this plan of ours fails then all realms will suffer for our foolishness."

"Or we will destroy The Wolf, The Ram, and The Hart's power in that dimension as well as insure victory over evil in his own." The third power sighed. "This maneuver will either put us back in the fight or destroy us completely. As the mortal say: it will either make us or break us."

'No weapon forged by man huh?' Xander thought as he grabbed the newly finished M41A Pulse Rifle. 'How about one made by Ted?'

It had been at Buffy's birthday party that Xander had been made aware of the threat of The Judge. Buffy and Angel, who Buffy had yet to break up with, had lost the demon's arm and went to do some reconnaissance to see if HumptyDumpty was put back together again.

They come back with grim news. The Judge was alive and was very bad news. The had researched The Judge and every book said the same thing: No weapon forged by man could harm him. Now while everyone else would disheartened by the news, Xander had been ecstatic. After all, Ted wasn't human, let alone a man, and had just finished up the prototype M41A Pulse Rifle.

"I think somebody up there likes me." Xander said as he looked up at the ceiling. He could have sworn he felt something smile. He shrugged it off and headed back to the Library. He had left the Scoobies in something of a hurry. He knew that he would have to explain himself now.

'After all, can you name another weapon that wasn't forged by man?" He laughed as he walked toward the door and then he froze. Weapons of all sorts started to pop into his head. Most of them were explosives and hard to get, but that's why there an army base in town.

"Time to go shopping." He said while grinning like The Devil himself. He walked outside to find Ted's car was gone. He vaguely remembered Ted saying something about telling his company that he quiting. "Well...darn."

He saw one of the neighbors had a blue Mustang GT. Well, he guessed that would do. He sneaked over to the car with the rifle slung on his back. He removed the license plate first then broke the car door window, he slid into the driver's seat and hot wired the Mustang. Grinning he peeled out of the drive way and headed toward the base.

After raiding the army base, the security there was really a joke, he he drove the stolen Mustang back to the library. As soon as he pulled in, he knew something was wrong. The lights were out. The lights were never out when the Scoobies were having a meeting. He ran inside to see Buffy sitting against the wall crying.

"Buff, what happened?!" Xander asked trying to keep any of the panic he was feeling out of his voice. Buffy didn't answer, opting to continue staring ahead with her eyes unfocused. He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her gently.

"C'mon Buffy talk to me!" He said urgently. She just kept starring at the wall. Frustrated, Xander shook her again, but rougher this time. "Slayer, what the hell is going on!?"

Buffy refocused her eyes at the rough and demanding tone. "He's gone, he's gone, it's not him."

Xander frowned confusedly, what the hell was going on? "Who's gone? Who is not themselves?" He asked, well demanded really.

"Angel." She whispered brokenly. "He's changed. He's not himself anymore."

"Where are the others?" He asked, dread filling his stomach. Images of Giles laying dead on the floor and Willow being ripped apart filled his head. 'There not dead. They can't be..' He told himself weakly. But try as he might he couldn't control the memories of John Connor thinking the same thing when he found the dead bodies of his friends.

"Library." She said dully. Xander jumped up and ran as fast as he could toward the library, fear gripping his heart and driving him to speeds that only someone who feared for their loved ones could reach. He burst through the doors and felt relief flow through him.

Giles, Cordelia, Ms. Calendar, and Willow were there and alive, that relieved him greatly, but something was wrong. Willow was crying, as was Ms. Calendar, Giles was solemn, and even Cordelia looked sad. He looked at the middle of the room and saw Oz lying there dead. His neck was twisted at a wrong level, obviously he had had his neck snapped.

Xander exhaled deeply through his nose. He had not known Oz that great but he had liked him well enough. He had hoped that this wouldn't happen so soon but he had known from the night John Connor possessed him that eventually one of their number would get killed. He had tried to ignore it but he had known this would happen. He just wished that they had had more time.

He walked up to Giles who informed him what had happened while had been away. Giles was looking sad, but determined to carry on. Something that Xander knew was reflected in his own eyes. Cordelia would bounce back, Xander had no doubt of that, she would probably grow stronger because of this, but Willow worried him. He knew that Willow was more innocent than the rest of them, she had never had to be strong before in her life, he had always been there to protect her....except for tonight.

This could break her completely. Buffy, like Cordelia, would bounce back stronger than ever, but sweet Willow wouldn't. She would drown in her misery. If something didn't happen then she would be killed in the battle against The Judge. He knew what he had to do.

"Is this all your gonna do? Sit there and cry, while Oz's murderer gets away?" Xander taunted, hating himself for every second of it. "Maybe Angel will creep into your room and have himself a real good night, but then you would probably enjoy that wouldn't you? You always did have a bit of a crush on him. Maybe I shouldn't have become your friend, the homework wasn't worth the trouble of having to look at your pathetic fucking face. You disgust me. Always have."

Xander ignored the looks of shock and disgust from the others as he insulted and degraded his Willow. He opened his mouth to continue, but he was cut off by Willow punching his face.

"You fucking bastard!" Willow growled at him as she continued throwing punches at him. Xander weaved around her sloppy attempts at hitting him and grabbed her by the arms. Using his superior strength and weight he slammed her back against the wall.

"Feels good doesn't it?" He said harshly, bringing his face within inches of hers. "The hate pumping through you, blood rushing in your veins, the clarity of mind. Keep hold of it Wills, because your going to need it. We are going to battle against one of the worst demons to walk the earth and the one who killed Oz. Grief is useless and will get you killed. But hate? Hate will keep you alive tonight. Oz is dead. Mourn him later, but destroy his killer now. Use it. USE IT!"

Willow's eyes were filled with malice, but not at Xander this time. Her green eyes were almost glowing with the emotion. She nodded at him, which Xander returned. He knew she understood why he said those things now. It wasn't because he hated her but because he cared. He didn't want her to die too. He noticed Buffy had arrived sometime during his exchange with Willow and, judging by the hardness in her eyes, was also following his advice.

"Now. How are we going to do this?" Xander asked. They spent the next few minutes formulating a plan. It was pretty simple, but the best ones always are.

The Judge walked confidently into the mall with Drusilla and Angelus flanking him. He was so assured that nothing could hurt him that it made Xander sick. Seeing Angelus with a smug grin, made him see red, but John's memories helped Xander focus his hate. He hefted the heavy M41A Pulse Rifle and carefully took aim.

With three shots of blueish purple light it was over and The Judge, the demon who had pridefully boasted his invincibility, lay a smoking carcase on the floor. Drusilla and Angelus just stood there, confused by what had just happened, when Buffy jump kicked Angelus. Drusilla panicked and ran off, leaving her sire to face an enraged Slayer alone.

Xander could have shot Angel and his insane childe along with The Judge, but something told him that Buffy had to fight Angelus alone. He didn't like it, however his instincts had never been wrong before and so he had simply taken out The Judge. Unfortunatly even if he wanted to shoot him now, he couldn't due to not having a clear shot. Buffy was in the ine of fire.

Willow, it seems, didn't care about clear shots. She loaded her crossbow, not noticing or caring about Giles, Cordelia, or Ms. Calendar dusting the minions around her. She only had eyes for Angelus as she took aim.

"Willow, not yet!" Xander shouted as Willow let the bolt fly. It missed Angelus, but struck Buffy in the leg, sending toppling to the floor with a scream of pain. Willow froze, eyes wide as she realized she had hit Buffy and not her intended target. Angelus was smirking and leaned down for the kill when he too was shot in the leg, but not by a cross bolt.

He turned and seeing Xander with a futuristic gun, turned and limped off as fast he could in his situation. Xander, upon seeing Angel limping down one of the halls, tossed the M41A Pulse Rifle to Giles, who caught it awkwardly. He pulled one of the stakes he carried on him and gave chase down the hall after Angelus. Not hearing Giles shouting after him over the noise of the battle.

"But I don't know how to shoot this bloody thing!" Giles shouted after the militaristic young man. He looked at the 'ray gun' and pulled the trigger. Giles jumped as a flash of blueish purple light disintegrated a fledgling who had been trying to flank him. Giles looked at the where the vampire had and looked at the weapon with respect.

"I think I figured it out!" He said with a grin that had more than a little Ripper in it. He turned back toward the minions and started to fire at them gleefully.

Xander raced down the hallway after Angelus, he pushed himself faster when he saw the vampire turn the corner. He should have suspected something then but he made a stupid and amateurish mistake: He let his emotions get the best of him. He turned the corner only to get nailed in right eye by a metal rope guard that the mall theater used to rope places off.

The blow sent Xander into back-flip from the force behind it. It crushed his eye socket and the entire cheek bone, as well as some of his forehead on the right side, destroying his right eye from the bone fragments that pierced it. Naturally he screamed.

As he held a hand over the right side of his face, he felt liquid from the inside of his eye leak onto his hand. He had an odd thought go through his head as he realized the damage. 'There is no way I can hide this behind an eyepatch.'

"You know, I really wish you would have brought your ray gun along with you, then I could have shot you with it. Sort of a modern day 'impaled on your own sword' kind of thing." Angelus taunted as stood over Xander.

Xander glared at him with his left in return. This was not good. He had to find some way to get out of this. He disconnected himself from the pain and surprised Angelus by a kick to the groin. He hoped that would be enough damage to crawl away, but the realist in him told him that he was screwed and was just buying himself a little time. But he would be damned before he went down without a fight.

"You are going to pay for that one Harris!" Angelus snarled as he got up from the floor. He grabbed Xander and flipped him onto his back. The Scourge Of Europe sneered down hatefully at him.

"My name is Conner. Alexander Connor." Xander said as he glared at Angelus. "And I've won."

"What are babbling about now?" Angelus asked confused. He had won hadn't he? So why was the boy not cowering or begging?

"Even though you'll kill me, I will still be responsible for your death. You see, I've left a few things for the others. Weapons, tracking tech, and the strongest fighter the world has ever seen. It won't sleep, it won't rest, and it will never stop. You may kill me, but you, you son of a bitch, are scheduled for termination." Xander laughed the laugh of a dead man and the vampire kicked him in his right temple, or what was left of it anyway.

Angelus didn't understand what Xander was saying but he got the gist of it and he wasn't happy. He raised his foot to crush Xander's skull, but an arrow hit him in the chest, a mere two inches from his heart. He looked over to where the arrow had come from only see cute, mousy Willow glaring hatefully at him with a crossbow thirty feet away.

"Leave my Xander alone." She snarled, she actually snarled, at him. He looked at her trying to see if he could cross the distance with his damage leg and kill her before she could reload. He couldn't. Time to retreat.

"This isn't over." Angelus said ominously, it might have scared them if they hadn't heard it a million times before. Then he ran like the coward he was.

Once she was sure he was gone, she ran toward Xander. She almost screamed when saw the damage done to him. She dropped to her knees and pulled his head into her lap, trying to keep him from bleeding so much. There was blood everywhere.

"Xan? Xander speak to me!" Willow begged her oldest friend and the boy she had been crushing on all her life. "C'mon Xan, I know you won't let a...a bump keep you down."

Xander's left eye focused on her. "Willow? Ted...take's. He"

"Ted? What Ted? Who's Ted?" Willow asked trying to make out what he was saying. Oh God, the blood. "The Ted Mrs. Summers dated that Ted?"

Xander nodded slightly."Ted...was...evil...robot..I....reprogrammed..him ...he' use...cybernetic....implant...X-5.." With that said, Xander fell unconscious.

Willow screamed for the others to come there.

On the way to Ted's house, Willow filled the rest of them in on what Xander had said. How Ted had been an evil robot and Xander reprogrammed him. Giles had protested that xander needed a hospital, but Willow was adamant about following Xander's wishes. Besides maybe when they were there they could finally get some answers.

Giles knocked on the door, as Buffy was carrying Xander, Willow was fretting over the boy, and Ms. Calendar was parking the car properly.

When Ted answered the door, his cheerful face disappeared when he saw the state Xander was in. He grabbed the boy from Buffy as gently as possible and carried him inside telling the others to follow him.

"Did he say anything?" Ted asked as he took Xander to the clean room they had in the back. Once there he laid Xander on the operating table and inspected the damage done.

"He said something about to use cybernetic implant X-5. What is that exactly Mr. Ted?" Giles asked the robotic man.

"It's just Ted and this-" Ted said as he walked over to the main computer moniter that had been personally modified by Xander. He clicked the file labeled X-5. "Is cybernetic implant X-5."

What showed up amazed the group. It was a robotic eye with titanium plating around it. According to the file it had inferred, night vision in red, X-ray, down loadable information from the main computer, and scanning capabilities.

"Xander must have known that the bone around the eye, cheekbones, some of the forehead, and the eye itself was damaged beyond repair. The operation will be easy, but the tricky part will be inserting the power cell into the X-5." Ted told the group as he went to the far right wall, pushed into it.

"You can do it, can't you? The operation, I mean." Giles questioned as he watched part of the wall open and the X-5 come out in a glass case.

"Oh yes, Xander downloaded detailed files on anatomy, medicine, and medical techniques into my CPU as soon as he could. I imagine that he was preparing me in case a situation like this one ever occurred." Ted paused for a moment. "Or it could be his paranoia. Either way, he was ready for this. The X-5 is one of the many cybernetic replacements he designed and created. He was exceedingly paranoid about loss of limb or organs and prepared for them accordingly."

"I'm guessing that Xander wasn't some generic future soldier on Halloween, huh?" Buffy said as she tried to absorb all that was going on around her.

"Goodness no, he had dressed as John Connor, Age 47, from the film Terminator 2." Ted laughed at Buffy's, Willow's, and even Ms. Calendar's dumbstruck expressions. Giles obviously had never seen the movie or it's sequel. "Doctor Giles, perhaps you would like to watch the films while Xander is in surgery? Xander has the both of them in the movie rack in the living room."

"Thank you, I'm afraid I never paid much attention to pop culture." Giles said sheepishly. "How long will the operation take?"

"Eighteen hours, give or take, as I have to modify the X-5 to Xander's level of damage." Ted told them. He looked around for a moment then turned back to the group. "Now if you would please leave the clean room as I have to decontaminate it before surgery. Also, do not try to enter the room in the basement as it is currently restricted due to a project going on down there. It is a delicate process and only I or Xander are able to get in. There are a few bedrooms here and there. You should be happy to know that Xander will be awake as soon as the operation is over. When he feels able then he will come out and see you."

With that the Scoobies were ushered out of the room, including Ms. Calendar who looked to be almost having an orgasm due to all the technology in the room.

Twenty one hours later, Alexander 'Connor' opened his eye and looked around. The X-5 was currently off-line, as he would need time to become adapted to it. He got off the operating table and walked over to the mirror. As he did he saw what the X-5 cybernetic optical implant looked like on his face. The Titanium outer shell covered the damage and a single red eye that was dark due to being deactivated.

"Holy shit! I look like Kano from the movie Mortal Kombat!" Xander shouted.


AN: I couldn't resist. *CACKLES* Well it certainly is long isn't it. Review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "No Fate" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Aug 08.

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