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No Fate

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Summary: No fate but what we make for ourselves. Xander dresses as John Connor and tries to ensure Judgement Day doesn't happen. On any level whatsoever.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
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TheLaughingManFR1838,55268616,72924 Aug 0829 Aug 08No

John Connor

AN: I saw this challenge and thought 'why not'. I may let someone adopt this story, so if your interested then let me know. Another thing: If your like me then you know about TTH's Summer Challenge and probably could care less. But please look at some of these challenges, they're awesome. Maybe you should try them out? I know that when I looked I found several that caught my eye and one I couldn't resist. It may be the same for you.

Disclaimer: I do not and probably will not ever own BTVS, Stargate, or Terminator. They are the property of their respective owners. I'm just borrowing them and am not making any money from this bit of fiction.


John Connor, age 47, leader of The Resistance, looked around at his surroundings with complete confusion. His face didn't show any of his bewilderment, he had long ago learned to hide and, when needed, falsify any emotions he felt to such a degree that he was capable of deceiving any Terminator or HK's he came across. The..creatures he was looking at now, he didn't recognize as any model he had ever came across.

'Are they some new model made for psychological warfare?' He asked himself as he raised his phased-plasma rifle and fired at one of things. It went down surprisingly quick and far too easily for his comfort. He carefully approached the dead creature and turned it over to get a good look at it.

'It's organic!' He thought with some surprise as he stuck his hand into it's cooling carcase. 'All the way through, too. But I've never seen anything like this.'

It didn't make any sense. These things couldn't have just popped up out of nowhere. Skynet wouldn't make a organic being unless it was superior to it's current models and this is definitely not superior to the T-05's, let alone the T-101's or the HK's.

"What in the hell..." He muttered out loud as he took in his surroundings. It was a suburban neighborhood, but what stunned him was that was Pre- Judgement Day. It wasn't possible. It had to be a dream, but that didn't make sense either, all he ever had was nightmares.

'Enough!' He told himself firmly. 'It doesn't matter what they are or where I am. They are attacking humans, they are hostiles, and thus must be terminated.'

He fired at one of the little monsters, hitting it where the heart should be, and burning the thing's flesh. Parts that hadn't been disintegrated in the initial hit were now burning with white hot coals that were lodged in the skin. The familiar smell of burning flesh wafted up to his nostrils, even though it wasn't human, it brought back the screams of old friends and good soldiers along with the screeching of the machines.

His face hardened more so than usual as he fired at more of the creatures. He pushed out any stray thought of his dead men and friends as he focused completely on the same mission he had his entire life: protect humanity, eliminate any threat to mankind, and do it as fast as possible.

As he continued to fire at the monsters, he began to notice flaws in his own movements. His reactions were too slow, his grip too soft, and his body seemed overall weaker. He decided that he would concern himself over these frailties later on.

"Xander stop!" A girl's voice screamed at him from behind. Reacting quickly, he turned toward the sound, his phased-plasma rifle held in a ready position. It was a young girl wearing extremely revealing and impractical clothing. She was attractive, but John had long since stopped being controlled by his libido. The T-X's had taken care of that.

"Identify yourself!" John Connor barked in a voice that demanded obedience. The girl looked confused and slightly afraid.

"Xander it's me, Willow." The girl, Willow, said in a hesitent tone. He looked into her eyes, eyes that were filled with life and innocence. Eyes that he hadn't seen since before Judgement Day, the time that was so long ago that he had almost forgotten what it was like with peace and warmth.

"I'm not Xander lady and I don't think I know him either." He told her as he fired at a few of the creature that were brave enough to come near him.

'Don't shoot them! They just kids!" Willow yelled at him. He turned back to her and raised an eyebrow.

"Listen, I don't know what's going on here but those 'kids' killed three humans and nothing does that where I come from without being shot or getting shot at!" He snarled, frustrated that she was distracting him while the creatures that had killed humans were getting away.

"No, they've been turned into demons by something! It's not they're fault!" She explained to him desperately. He frowned at her. Demons? He had never seen a demon in his life, but then again he'd never seen one of these things before either.

"Alright, I buy that for now." John said suspiciously. "So what do we do? Sit back while people die?"

"We find Buffy." Willow said urgently as she tried to tug on his arm only to jerk back when her hand went through him. At his look she explained, "I went as a ghost."

"Affirmative. Let's get to this Buffy." He said as he nodded sharply. A ghost? Well at this point he would believe anything.

"So what's your name?" Willow asked as they ran in the general direction of where Willow remembered Buffy being at. She didn't know what to think of the guy in control of her oldest friend's body. He was intense that was for sure, but his eyes scared her. They were hard, cold, and tired. Old eyes, her grandpa had called them. The phrase 'seen too much' went through her head when she thought of them.

"Mathews. Thomas Mathews." He responded after a moment. The less she knew the better in his opinion. The last thing he wanted was to be tracked down by Skynet with minimal supplies, ammunition, and weaponry.

When they found Buffy, John was less than impressed. All she did was blab about a car being a demon, panicked, whined, and screeched. The last time he'd seen someone like that had been right after Judgement Day. Snobby rich girls who had thought they were tough had cowered, whimpered, and generally been a nuisance to anyone trying to do something productive. So he did to her what he had done to them, knocked her out with a hit to the back of the head.

Willow shot him a glare for that action and called him a chauvinistic brute. He had stared at her coldly for a while until she looked away. No one had ever stared him down and no little feminist girl was going to now. He knew women could fight as well as men, his mother was a prime example, but that didn't mean that he was going to put up with any feminine fury bullshit.

"Let's get to a secure area." John said as he picked up the noblewoman in a fireman's carry. Willow nodded and led him to Buffy's house. Once there John had a chance to see his reflection.

It was the face of a kid no older then seventeen. He had longish dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a handsome face. He was broader at the shoulders than John himself was and had an average amount of muscle, which to John meant that he was horribly out of shape. While he had some scars, it was nothing compared to his own heavily scarred body and face.

A scream from outside drew John from his thoughts and he grabbed his rifle as he ran toward it's source. It was a girl no older than the boy whose body he apparently in. She was wearing a skin tight cat suit and pointy cat ears and was running from some kind of enormous shaggy dog.

John fired his plasma rifle at the dog and nailed it directly in the head, frying it's brain on contact. He looked down at the girl and motioned for her to follow him as he walked back inside. She was ranting about something or another as the redheaded girl tried to explained things to her and to make matters worse a guy with spiked up hair walked in. John disliked him on the spot, but figured that he was Willow's problem.

He didn't pay attention to the conversation that followed, preferring to shot at any thing that got too close to the windows. When the things broke in, he followed the others as they ran outside and tried to track down Buffy, who had ran off sometime earlier.

When John saw a group of demons approach from an end of the alley they were in, he ordered the others into a nearby warehouse and barricaded the entrance. It, however, didn't hold for long. As soon as he saw a white blond man strut in, he raised his rifle to shoot him down but to his surprise the weapon didn't fire.

And that's when everything went dark.


AN: The John Connor in this is the same one from the beginning of T2 for those that are interested. REVIEW.
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