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Calling Out To The World

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Mutant Relations". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: After leaping from the tower, Buffy's soul is given a fresh body in a new world. The catch? She's thirty years in the past (give or take a decade) somewhere in the Marvel Universe...

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-Centered(Current Donor)ShieldageFR1531,49711112,13324 Aug 083 Nov 13No

A Journey Inward

BtVs by Mutant Enemy, Marvel Universe and its characters/events by the parent company and its many artists and writers.

Set immediately after 'The Gift'. This is not the version of Buffy from Remy Maclay, as I have different plans for her. In theory, if I end this story in a way that will make the connection work, this is the Buffy from Wings and a Helmet Come to Dinner.

This is based on Samus' Challenge #326. However, it's going to stick a bit closer to Marvel canon than the text might imply ;)

Buffy Anne Summers was...

She had died.

This was her second run through, but this time it felt a lot more final.

There was fog all around her.

Yes, came a thought not her own. A good metaphor. There is a chance that the sun will rise and the fog will thicken and all will be pure white bliss. There is a chance that night will fall and the clouds will clear, revealing a calm starry night.

"Who are you?" she called into the blankness.

We are us, came the answer. In a good way.

You have sacrificed yourself, for someone you loved and the world... You are being offered a choice.

Will you stay here and be at peace? Or will you live as a normal woman in another reality, making your own path?

"Is this one of those tests? You know, the thing where I'm given another shot at life, find the odds horribly stacked against me, wind up a prostitute and die bloodily in hell?"

You'll have a college scholarship which should more than cover room and board.

You'll have a necklace entitling you to one free save on your life. Be warned that using it will not move you to true safety. It will merely replace the certainty of death with problems of a different sort.

Also we don't find that sort of thing funny.

Well, we do. Just not in your case.

"That's reassuring," Buffy answered sarcastically. "I guess I'm in though. This reality have the same nightlife?"

There's a different Dracula. Vampires have souls. The hell dimensions are generally of a better living quality, so there's less of a push for them to invade Earth. Aliens land fairly frequently. People with powers, magic or otherwise, are reported on often, especially during wartime.

You're not needed as a Slayer. Just be yourself.

"Right, well, anything else I should know about?"


Among other things, we'll need you to choose a new name and stick to it. Or, at least not use your old one. 'Buffy' will be a signal, meaning that someone knows of your other life.

"Just need to change my first one?"

Pretty much.




"Yeah. You're declawing me and sending me away on a flimsy excuse. My powers are at home and being used by someone else. I'm the Pink Ranger without a boyfriend and you probably can't hear me anymore because you just dropped me in a street. I so get this."
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