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Home Again

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Summary: Stuck in another universe and trying to build a life, Rose discovers a previously unknown cousin. But, what is she doing in a tiny town in California? And where did all the people go?

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralMnMsCandyCornFR1356,8931325,67325 Aug 089 Sep 08No

Chapter One

Stuck in another universe and trying to build a life, Rose discovers a previously unknown cousin. But, what is she doing in a tiny town in California? And where did all the people go?

Disclaimer: I wish. No really. I’ll say it out loud, just in case there is actually a vengeance demon to hear me. But, seeing as how those, along with the rest of BtVS, belong to Joss, I’m not holding my breath. As far as Doctor Who goes, he belongs to BBC, though I have a feeling he would argue that point.

This takes place at the end of season 7, so AU from there, I guess.


“So, you’re telling me I have cousins here?” Try as she might, Rose couldn’t keep the disbelief from dripping off her words.

“Well, I suppose, in a way… yes?” Came Pete’s hesitant answer.

“But, you’re an only child,” disbelief still audible. She turned to her pacing mother and finally sleeping infant sibling. “Mum, isn’t he an only child?”

“Well, I don’t know, honey. This is an entirely new universe, innit? I mean, with zeppelins the main source of travel and all, there are bound to be other little differences, yeah?” With that, Jackie disappeared down the hall, rocking the newborn that decided to start fussing again. Shortly after, a somewhat out of tune hum could be heard.

Try as he might, Pete had never truly gotten over the shock of suddenly having a fully-grown daughter; the year they had together had brought them closer, but the headstrong and vivacious girl was still in many ways a stranger to him.

“Look, it’s been years since I’ve spoken to John,” he said. “Last I heard, your cousin ran away to America to get away from him – he has a habit of doing that to family, John, does. And you really only have the one cousin. Despite both you and I having brothers, our family does have a rather long tradition of having only one child.”

That brought a sigh from Rose, folded into a comfortable-looking armchair. Her distant look, and a slight tightening of her lips, indicated an internal struggle.

“Do you… do you think she’d like to meet me?” she said after a slight pause.

“I don’t know,” he answered honestly. “She’s a little younger than you, so I imagine you would have at least a little bit in common. But, John and I had our falling out long after she was born, so I think she would remember having a cousin or not.”

“I suppose so, I just never had any cousins before. It’s just, if I’m going to be in a world that I have a larger family, I feel like I should get to know them. Like how I’ve gotten to know you.”

“If it’s important to you,” Pete said, “then do it. You’ve lived this long without a cousin, so if she’s absolutely horrible, you can just ignore her existing. Just one question though: how, exactly, are you going to explain… you?”


Rose took a deep breath as she stared at the door. All she had to do was knock… Yep, just knock. Instead she took another deep breath, and checked the address again. Still correct.

Her cousin had been significantly easier to find than she had expected. Rose’s contacts at Torchwood were quite thorough with her cousin’s passport use throughout North America, as well as that of her traveling companions. Though why she was traveling with a group of international girls and an unrelated Englishman old enough to be her father was beyond Rose. Given her own past traveling companions, Rose was loath to be judgmental. A two- or three-decade age difference was significantly more acceptable than a multi-century age difference, after all. Right?

Another deep breath, and she managed to get her hand up and a quick two-beat knock on the door.

After what sounded like a heard of elephants tripping over a china store, complete with shatter sounds, Rose jerked her head back as the door was abruptly yanked open. A group of teenager girls stood there staring at her before their apparent leader stepped forward, large hazel eyes and long brown hair.

“Aren’t you a little old to be a potential?” she asked, confusion marring her pretty features.

Herself confused, Rose decided to just ignore the question.

“Um… Is Annabelle here?”


Must. Find. Beta… Need. Beta… Any takers?
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