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Shape and Form

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Summary: Transformers 2007 movie/BtVS Before the Cybertron war, Ironhide was a simple mech living a peaceful life until a strange swirl of green energy turned his existance upside down. Ironhide/Dawn

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > GeneralMarmeeNoirFR1824124,03358240,91925 Aug 0821 Dec 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15


Disclaimer: I do not own either Transformers or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Transformers belongs to Hasbro and DreamWorks pictures and Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon.

Shape and Form

Oh Primus above, what is happening to me!?

That was the only coherent thought he could manage at the moment as he was engulfed in viridian energy. He tried to break away but it was impossible. He couldn’t move, couldn’t see, couldn’t think, he could only feel. At first it was overwhelming. He had never felt anything of this magnitude. It threatened to fry his circuits and overload his CPU. For a fleeting moment he was afraid that it would kill him. But, as this-whatever it was flowed through his being, he was awash in a feeling of pure bliss.

Such pure green energy, resonating throughout his entire form, through every cable and circuit, swirling around his spark. Nothing could compare to this. Never in a million vorns. He wanted to scream, fall to the ground and claw at it but he couldn’t move or even make a sound. The energy flooded his spark and he tensed and let out silent scream as the most powerful overload he had ever experienced crackled through his body.

In the midst of his afterglow, he felt something. This energy felt alive. It was sentient. Its consciousness flowed through his spark and he suddenly his mind was overcome with many visions, none of them making any sense. They were of many different worlds. Worlds of unimaginable beauty and worlds of unspeakable torment. He could also feel this… thing. It was not evil; it had no ill will at all. Neither did it have good intentions either. It was neutral, unbiased… it just was. He could also sense an innocent curiosity in this being. Like a new-built sparkling. It had never seen anything such as him and was curious. And like a new-built, it checked him out, trying to figure out what he was, while unwittingly giving him the best overload he had ever experienced.

The Key pulled completely away from the giant… Cybertronian was what it was called. It had learned nearly all that it needed to know about this being. It was called a cybertronian, its name was Ironhide and it was not organic yet felt as much as any organic. It learned of his likes, dislikes, desires, fears and it felt overwhelmed. Such feelings were not natural to the Key. The only feeling it knew of was curiosity, a sense of “Where does this lead?” and after learning, it becomes disinterested and moves onto the next world, never interacting; only observing as long as needed. But, these… feelings were new, discomforting, frightening… exciting.

It stopped and regarded the being in front of it that had unwittingly taught it so much.


Ironhide’s head snapped up at the strange voice that spoke his name. It sound like no mech he had ever heard, nor organic. It was soft and steely, neither masculine nor feminine. It was pure innocence and raw power all rolled into one.

Quickly he drew out his cannons, realizing this was pointless but not wanting to look like a weakling. He knew this thing could not be hurt by his cannons nor would it hurt him, but that didn’t stop him from drawing his guns just in case.

“Who- what are you?!”

The shimmer just swirled from left to right, all around him but did not touch him. In a way it reminded him of the curious way sparklings hopped around something that caught their interest.

“I… do not know”

That made the mech stop. It didn’t know what it was? How could something that powerful, something that’s seen more worlds than he’s ever known about not know what it was? He slowly lowered his cannons and reached out toward the energy.

“Where are you from?”

He knew that could very well be anywhere judging by the jumble of images that flipped through his processors. Luckily they were beginning to leave him and the headache that came with them was beginning to dissipate.

The swirly shimmer didn’t answer him but instead swirled around him and this time partially merged into him again. He let out a gasp as blissful currents moved through his body.

“Stop that!”

It stopped, backed away and then without another word it caused another rip in the sky and disappeared through the crack, the tear in the fabric of reality closing neatly as if it were never even there in the first place.

Ironhide stood there mute. He didn’t mean for it to run away. He needed it to stay so he could get answers, although those would probably be scarce considering the thing didn’t even know what it was.


The weapon’s specialist looked up to see his commander coming towards him and shook his head. He need to alert Optimus to this new change.

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