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Shape and Form

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Summary: Transformers 2007 movie/BtVS Before the Cybertron war, Ironhide was a simple mech living a peaceful life until a strange swirl of green energy turned his existance upside down. Ironhide/Dawn

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > GeneralMarmeeNoirFR1824124,03358240,91925 Aug 0821 Dec 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15


Disclaimer: I do not own either Transformers or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Transformers belongs to Hasbro and DreamWorks pictures and Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon.

Now, this chapter may be a little on the boring side, but no worries. It’s after this that it gets much better.



Shaking his head of the remaining static brought on by that… he still had no clue what that thing was, he turned to his leader who was now making his way towards him. He should alert Optimus of this new development. Who knew what kind of madness this thing could cause.

“Optimus, something has happened.”

“Yes, I know”

Ironhide stopped and blinked. He knew? Wait, Optimus knew what that thing was? Did that mean he also knew what it did to him? He fought the urge to shift and twitch in embarrassment and instead looked his commander in the optics.


The commanding autobot’s optics grew grim as he regarded his weapon’s specialist.

“Yes, I know of Megatron’s plan. He wants the power of the Allspark.”

Wait, what? Lord High Protector Megatron? The Allspark? What did that have to do with swirly green energy violating him?

Optimus remained oblivious to Ironhide’s confusion and embarrassment.

“He wants the power of the Allspark and life itself. He’s gathered a group to help him achieve this goal.” Optimus stopped and looked at Ironhide who looked extremely shocked beyond belief and regarded him quizzically. “You said you knew.”

Ironhide shook his head. “No, I didn’t, sir. That wasn’t what I was about to tell you…” he then gave his leader a determined stare. “However, this is far more important than that. It can wait. What do you wish me to do, Optimus?”

“Go with the other Autobots and hide the Allspark in the city of Tyger Pax. We must protect it at all costs. We cannot let Megatron get his claws on it!”

Nodding at his commander, Ironhide turned and headed to where the Allspark was kept. His mind flittered briefly to the swirling collection of energy. He should have told Optimus about that. He then pushed the thought out of his mind. That energy ball was probably long gone considering how he scared it away. And besides, he had more important things to worry about. He had to help protect the Allspark.


A small six-eyed lizard-like being sat on a rock and tiled its head skyward as the air warped and cracked open, spilling a bright light. The lizard’s tri-forked tongue darted out to lick one of its eyes as it observed the green swirl that came through the rift.

The Key paid the lizard no mind as it moved through this new world. Something did not feel right. It was not used to focusing on something from another world… especially after leaving that world. The minute it was out of sight, it was usually out of thought. So, why was this… what was it again?... Cybertronian still in its thoughts?

It did not understand what exactly happened. That Ironhide was new and interesting so it wanted a closer look at it. In the midst of checking him out, learning about what he was, the Key noticed that Ironhide liked its presence. It picked up on euphoric vibes while it swirled through him. And what the Key did know of living creatures it knew that when something is enjoyed they often want to experience it again. So, it attempted to flow through him again, to cause him happiness. But, something went wrong. He yelled at it in that same manner that beings trapped in chains scream at the ones who tear their flesh repeatedly with random objects in other worlds. Those beings only scream like that when they are in deep distress, so it must’ve made a mistake and hurt him in some way. In that moment, the Key felt two new feelings, a need to be far away from him as well as regret.

Was this how corporeal beings felt all the time? A constant mix of feelings that never made any sense? It felt a sense of mourning next. It missed the way it was. Just the constant curiosity was fine, but then this happened. It recalled sometimes wanting to know what corporeal beings felt every now and again but the thought always left as quickly as it came. Well, now it knew and the Key felt a wave of empathy as well as bitterness. Corporeals were certainly a sad bunch to deal with this but why did it have to?

In merging with Ironhide and learning its feelings, it gave it feelings as well. And at the thought of the Cybertronian the Key felt anger as well as sadness. Ironhide did this to it but at the same time… it wanted to go back to him. But, apparently it hurt him and many millennia of world hopping has taught the Key that other beings did not want to be near the things that hurt them.

As the Key floated on, the feelings that the mech gave to it slowly started to dissipate and it was feeling much like its old self. The jumble of emotions dwindled down until only that sense of curiosity remained.

Creating another portal, the Key zipped through it, leaving its briefly-owned feelings and thoughts of a mechanical being with odd things coming out of its arms behind.


Much time has passed, however the Key was oblivious to it as always. It simply moved freely through worlds, observing for a few moments and then leaving. It actually saw the creation of a world. Swirling gases and such created a burning star and planets began revolving around it. One was huge, the other was tiny in comparison, and one had rings around it but stood out from the rest. It was the third planets from the burning star and after it cooled, it grew vegetation, water; there were creatures that walked on either four legs or two… and smaller ones that walked on six or more. It stayed in that world the longest, wanting to witness its development. It watched as the creatures with the least amount of hair follicles, humans, began taking control of the planet, erecting cities and constantly inventing new things. It seemed slow to them but compared to other worlds, this world… this Earth, was a fast mover.

While moving around the planet, high in the sky, it noticed something taking place in a colder region of the planet. A group of humans were breaking away the ice and an older man, Captain Witwicky, was yelling orders at them until their companion creatures… dogs… ran and started digging in another part of the ice until it cracked.

The older human and the dogs fell through the ice and after a moment shouted something about a discovery. Curious, the Key slipped through the ice, going unnoticed by the younger humans who were worried about their… captain is what they called him.

As the Key melded through the ice, it saw a flash of red light and saw symbols that looked familiar but not of this world. The old human was thrown back and was holding his eyes while his dogs whimpered around him nervously but this went unnoticed by the Key. It was busy swirling around the silver being that was so much bigger than the inhabitants of this world. When it got a good look at its face she realized it had seen this thing before. Not in person but in another’s mind.


With a rush it all came back. The shiny planet and the memories of the Cybertronian that taught it so much in a short moment of time. Not sparing the fallen human, worried dogs that stopped whimpering around the human to snarl and bark at it or the unconscious mech another look, it ripped open another portal to get back to Cybertron. Yes, the Key new that both Earth and Cybertron were in this same dimension but it would be quicker to get there by taking a few short cuts through other dimensions.


This could not be right. This looked nothing like the shiny planet it remembered. It used to be full of lights. It was so dark and barren now.

It set out to look for Ironhide but found nothing but fallen Cybertronians. The Key flittered around the off-lined bots for a moment to make sure it was not the one it had sought out and felt relief-again with those feelings!- that he was not among the dead. That was the one place it could not go, though it was terribly curious. It new that one place was full of happiness while the other made the torment it had witnessed in other worlds seems minuscule by comparison.

It thought of Ironhide again and felt a sense of sadness. He was not here and it did not know where it was. But that hardly mattered. It could easily find him eventually as long as he was not dead. And somehow it just knew that he was not dead. It did not know where he was, but he was still alive.

With quick rip in the exosphere, the Key disappeared with its intent not on figuring out worlds, but finding Ironhide.


Sunnydale California

“UGH!! Those fucking skanks! Those bitches think they can revolt against me?!”

Glorificus was not a happy hell-goddess. Well, how could she be happy? She was kicked out of her dimension, off of her seat of power by those two whores that ruled at her side. They said she was too vicious?! Well, of course she was vicious! She was a hell-goddess! God, what a couple of short-bus bitches. And now she was banished to this crap-ass realm called Earth, and what was worse, she was stuck to live inside a little douche monkey named Ben who was apparently created at to hold her. She had no consciousness for the first thirteen years of being stuck in this meat sack prison, but as the boy grew she managed to escape every now and then. Unfortunately, every time she escaped she was wearing something horrendous… like polo shirts and… khakis! EW!

“Just wait until I get back… those ho-bags won’t know what hit them… “She stopped and snorted. “Well, duh, of course they won’t. They’ll be dead.” She stopped and looked to her left. “Dreg!”

At that moment, a pointy-eared demon who appeared to be a leper scuttled over to the blonde supernatural bombshell and bowed. “Yes, Oh Ruthless and powerful Glorificus? How may I serve you?”

Blue eyes rolled in annoyance as the goddess regarded the dwarf. “I told you, just Glory… you worthless dirt.” She flopped down in a chair and crossed her shapely legs. “Have you found the Key yet?”

“Not yet, your gorgeousness… but we are working very hard to find it” Dreg told her, hoping to keep his head.

“Well, you’re not working hard enough, you spaz!” she bellowed, darting upright. “I need the Key! This world is disgusting and those bitches have to pay!”

“I understand, my Lady, but-“

“Most all powerful one! Look, is that it?!”

Glory stopped and took a quick glance at her other server, Jinx who was pointing at something outside the window of the spacious room she resided in. She peered out the window and her mouth fell open. There outside was a bright green shimmer. It really brought out the blue in her eyes. Her key!

“Don’t just stand there, you idiots! Get it!”

That was all it took as they all rushed outside. Only Dreg stopped to retrieve a mystic jar from the shelf to capture it in before rushing outside to perform the chant. Glory snatched the urn from the lackey and channeled her power to capture the Key.

Stopping from its ongoing search of Ironhide the Key regarded the tall golden-haired woman and her disfigured followers curiously. She had seen her before. She had passed through a dimension where two goddesses were fighting this one and she was banished. So this is where they sent her. Why was she looking at it in such a way as if it were what this woman had been searching for forever?

The Key was about to move on when something odd happened. It felt itself being pulled away from this place. What was going on? Why was everything spiraling and-why was it suddenly dark? It tried to create a portal but it could not. It could not even move. What was going on here!

“What the fuck!? Where’d my Key go?”

Glory let out a scream of rage and frustration and took off to where the Key had been taken. She could still lightly sense it and had to hurry.


The Temple of the Order of Dagon

“Come my brothers, we must hurry. The Beast approaches swiftly.”

A group of robed men quickly formed a circle and began to chant, trying to block out the shaking of the temple. One of the men placed a clear jar containing bright swirling energy in the center of the circle.

Out in the vastness of space, the remaining autobots had taken refuge among the stars. Megatron’s betrayal had resulted in a civil war which practically terminated the planet. They had tried to protect the Allspark but Megatron had saw through their plan and launched a full scale attack. Optimus, in a last ditch effort, hurled the Allspark into space, thus deactivating Cybertron. Megatron had followed and Bumblebee, though heavily wounded had gone after it as well.

Ironhide, was now taking refuge among the stars when he felt something. He did not know exactly what it was or what was happening, but he had the vague sense that something was changing.


Sunnydale, California. A couple of weeks later.

“Okay, I’m on my way. I just need to get something to eat.”

Buffy Summers placed the phone back on the hook and opened the kitchen cupboard, pulling out a box of Corn Pops and a bowl. She poured the cereal and then pulled out the carton of milk only to find it empty. She frowned in annoyance.

“Mom!” she called. “Did you drink the last of the milk?” she asked.

“No, I didn’t, honey” came the reply from the living room.

Buffy’s fist clenched and her head snapped toward the staircase. “DAWN!!”

“Oh, get over it!”


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