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Heaven? That Depends On Personal Perspective

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Summary: The Gotei 13 has a new recruit. What does she think of it?

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Anime > BleachSousakeFR131111,89611912,92726 Aug 0818 Nov 10No

Arrival! The Gotei 13's Newest Recruit!

Disclaimer: I own nothing here. Not Buffy nor Bleach, much to my lasting discontent. This is just something I cooked up in my mind last night, not something I intend to make a profit on. Suing will get you nowhere because I, like most people who write these things, am utterly broke. It'll cost you more in legal fees so the solutions simple: don't sue! Now that's outta the way, on with the story!


“What am I doing here?” she asked herself, hands sweating with anticipation. “How have I ended up in a situation where waiting for one man has made me so nervous? How bad can he be?” Truth was, she didn’t have a clue. She didn’t even know why she was so nervous about meeting a man she hadn’t heard a bad word about. Perhaps she’d just exaggerated the situation in her mind but something about the whole thing put her on edge. Why would a Squad Captain want to meet a new recruit? One who’d only just graduated from the Academy and hadn’t even been awarded a Seat yet? The whole thing just felt bizarre. “Still” she thought “perhaps I’m just blowing things out of proportion. Guess I’ll soon find out.”

The room she awaited in was, like all of Soul Society, arranged in a distinctly Japanese fashion: very sparse. Nothing in the way of homely or warm feeling, just a carpet, walls and a door in front of her. She wondered if they’d ever heard of interior decorating round here.

Suddenly, breaking her thoughts the door slid open, revealing a man in a Captain’s jacket. He looked down on the slim brunette with something akin to disdain and complete lack of interest, a look utterly contradicted by the wide grin on his features.

“Well hello there, you must be the latest addition then ay?” the Captain said, more of a statement than a question. “How ya feelin’? Reckon you can do a little better than the previous graduates? It’d be useful if we could have some recruits who can last beyond their first mission, what do ya think?”

“Well, that’s not all that encouraging” she decided. The response was an obvious one but she opted to take the break to size him up. “Looks like my feeling were correct” She concluded. “There’s something very off about this man, from the fact you can’t see his eye’s when he speaks to the constant grin that’s on his face, like a cat toying with a mouse.”

“Well sir, I have no intention of dying early so I’ll have to be a success.” A confident approach was the best way to go. Don’t let him know that he unnerves you. Her new Captain seemed happy with that, not that she could tell whether he was happy or not given that the obviously false grin never left his face or even slightly retreated.

“Wonderful! We do love strong, confident members here in the 3rd Division” was his answer, the response itself dripping with sarcasm. “I’m sure you’ll fit right in”

“I suppose we should go through the novelty of introductions, shouldn’t we?” The silver-haired Captain said. “I am Gin Ichimaru, Captain of the 3rd Division of the 13 Protection Squads. Care to share your name, new girl?” He asked in a manner of someone that was simply going through the motions and really had little interest in someone he seemed to have already marked as nothing special or worth anything in the way of effort.

“Cordelia, sir” Was her curt response, hoping to end the conversation with a man whose mere presences made her wholly uncomfortable. From the way he seemed to be staring right through her, to the mocking tone his voice adopted when he spoke.

“Humph” he bristled at her sharp answer. “Ya should be more friendly there Cordy, else ya might find ya fellow squad members less well-receiving than I am.”

“I’ll keep that in mind Captain Ichimaru” she replied, unhappy at his overly-friendly use of her name but refusing to show it. He seemed to be waiting for a reaction, almost.

“Wonderful!” His tone suddenly switched back to the upbeat and slightly mocking tone of before. “In that case don’t let me keep ya any longer. Let’s get you up and running. Unfortunately I have things to attend too but if ya head straight through the door you’ll meet Vice-Captain Kira on the other side. Izaru will show you where you need too be”

“Thank you Captain” the brunette responded and headed towards the exit, thankful he’d dismissed her before asking anymore questions. Any real questions beside basic formalities, in fact. “I wonder if he has this sort of effect on everyone?” she thought. “I can’t be the only one who he makes utterly uncomfortable. Why did I end up in this guy’s Division? Why couldn’t I have ended up in the Division of that nicer Captain that came down to assess us at the Academy that time? That Aizen guy?”

As Cordelia exited the room, still in her thoughts, she passed the ever-grinning Gin. If she’d lingered on the other side, she might not have been able to see his grin increase even further but might have been able to hear him mutter “She’ll do. Not ideal but good enough.”
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