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Learning the Truth

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Anthony DiNozzo, Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: McGee gets let into the secret behind Tony's new job

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NCIS > General(Past Donor)kayleyFR1315,316095,96428 Aug 0828 Aug 08Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy and NCIS do not belong to me, they are not apart of my imagination but the situation that they are found within this fic is.
A/N: Takes place about a year and a half after Tony left NCIS in Watcher DiNozzo. Be warned, this does jump around the timeline a bit but there will always be a heading to let you know when the jump occurs.


Present Time

Tim McGee knew that Gibbs would be angry with him but at the same time, Tim knew he was making the right decision. He would be quitting NCIS and moving in with Tony and his girls, taking on board a job within the Watchers Council. The decision was two months in the making, but it was one that he could live with and knew that his sister, Sarah, was even happy about.


Two Months Ago

Tony starred at the phone in front of him, it was begging him to ring but he couldn't do it. What he was planning would change McGee's life. Whether it was for the better or not, he couldn't tell. Not yet at least. He was being sneaky and underhanded but there was a reason for it.

The more he spoke about his friend to Xander, Andrew and Robin, the more he was convinced that working at NCIS was not fulfilling enough. It would change him from the sensitive young man that he was, into someone like Gibbs. Not that Gibbs was a bad person, but he didn't have time for personal relationships meaning he was alone except for his team. Even then, from the way McGee had been talking, he was losing contact with his team as well.

The way McGee saw it was that in less than a year he had lost both Kate and Tony. And while Tony wasn't dead, he wasn't there for him like he had been. Tony could remember just how tough Gibbs had gotten when Kate had died, and could only imagine what loosing another member was like for those remaining. And yet, all he could think about was getting McGee away from it.

He knew it was bad. McGee had advised him that Gibbs had even snapped at Abby. Sure he had apologized straight after (a rare event) but McGee had seen the hurt and shock in her eyes. Both of them knew that Gibbs never spoke to her like that.

He would leave the option up to McGee, but he needed McGee to see what he was really doing. Not just playing guardian to five headstrong, super energetic girls... but the world save-age as well.

Sighing, he knew that he had put it off long enough.


"Hey Probie, listen. I was wondering if you were planning on having any leave soon?"

"Tony?" Tim asked in surprise.

"Who else would it be McGeek?" Tony replied with good humor in his voice.

"Why do you want to know about my leave?" Tim asked, ignoring Tony's teasing.

"Well, I'm taking my girls on a kind of holiday in England but I would love an extra hand to help me out... full expenses paid holiday for three weeks in England... can I tempt you?" Tony explained.

"You'd pay for my vacation?" Tim asked surprised.

"Not me, but the company I work for would," Tony corrected. "That's why it's a kind of holiday."

"What would I be expected to do?" Tim suspiciously asked.

"Nothing illegal," Tony was quick to respond. "You'd be asked to listen in to a couple of lectures that the girls and I need to attend but other than that it would be playing chaperone for the girls if I'm off with the others."

"What's the catch?" he replied after a moment.

"The lectures may be boring?" Tony joked. "And you'd be spending a plane trip with me, five girls who would be intent on making you blush and Ducky."

"Ducky's going too?" Tim asked.

"He's going for social reasons. He knows a couple of people I work with. Listen, if you are worried about things, talk to Ducky… he'll let you know a bit more about it. But the trip is scheduled for a month's time. The company will pay for your visas and everything so you don't need to worry about that either," Tony explained.

"I'll let you know," Tim advised.

"Excellent," Tony replied, just happy that McGee may give it a shot. "How's Abs?"

"She misses you," Tim advised. "Still can't quite take to Ziva and still Gibbs' favorite."

"And how are you going with everything?" Tony asked in concern.

"I'm not sure if this was what I was expecting when I wanted to become a field agent. Gibbs is pushing us so hard. Li can't cope with the pressure. Ziva is trying too hard to impress. And I'm left trying to fill in for you."

"You need a break."

"Yeah, I know. I'll talk to Ducky and let you know okay?"

"Don't be a stranger, no matter what the decision is," Tony replied, letting his friend go; feeling relieved that he was offering McGee a chance to get away from it all.


"Ahh, Timothy," Ducky said as McGee walked into the morgue. "I understand you have some questions for me."

"Tony told you huh?" Tim said with a smile.

"Not much, but he did say that you weren't sure on the legitimacy of his offer."

"That his employer is willing to pay for someone not working with the company, an all expenses paid trip to England? It sounds suss."

"Yes, for most it would but you see, The Watchers Council is a rather unique company. I am friends with one of their Vice Presidents, I think you would call him, and he has offered me the same trip. I don't doubt their sincerity at all. But that's a story that you'll hear all about in England. Now why don't you tell me what your real concern about all this is? Or should I guess, Jethro?"

"He's part of it, yes. But I think it's the whole situation. Tony suddenly quits and doesn't contact us for months. When we do see him again, he's got custody of five girls, three of who are under suspicion for murder and he's living in Dearborn. Now this?"

"Sometimes Timothy, the world offers you a chance to really make a difference."

"And most times there is a price to pay."

"True, but the benefits can outweigh the risks."

"You're certain that this is on the up and up?" Tim asked once more.

"I'm 100% certain," Ducky replied. "No harm will come to you on that trip."

"Then I'll let Tony know I'm in."

"There's a good lad," Ducky replied with a smile. "Now if you could be so kind, my dear boy, can you run this up to Abby?"


Present Time

"Hey Tony," Tim said as his friend picked up his phone. "Just letting you know I'm taking you up on the offer. Resignation handed in this morning."

"You serious?"

"I am. I thought it over… spoke to Sarah about it. It's the right move to make."

"What time's your flight? I'll pick you up."

"Not until Sunday, got some packing to do. The movers should deliver some of it to you on Friday."

"Sure thing, send me an email with the flight details and I'll see you then."

"Thanks Tony."


One Month Ago

Ducky and Tim met up with Tony and his girls at Dulles International
Airport. They were booked on a red eye to London and the girls seemed way too energetic for that time. Even Tony seemed more awake than normal for that hour of the morning.

"Girls, you remember Ducky don't you?" Tony asked once he spotted them.

"Hey Duckman!" the girls chorused back, making Ducky smile.

"Now, Ella, Mel and Tan, you've seen Agent McGee before but didn't really meet him did you?" he asked the three who had previously been held by Gibbs for questioning.

"Nope," Ella replied on the other's behalf.

"Okay girls, this is Tim McGee," Tony introduced them. "Probie, this is Ella, Melissa, Tannah, who you've seen before; and Jordie and Skye. They were home doing assignment work when the whole thing went down."

"Hi girls, nice to meet you," Tim said nervously.

"Don't panic, McGeek. They won't hurt you. Tease you, yes. Hurt you, no."

"Hmm, teasing me. Seems like a favorite pastime for your little family," Tim said with a smile.


The girls and Tony fell asleep on the plane fairly easily, while Ducky stayed up to talk to Tim. Ducky was regaling him with stories of his childhood in England and Scotland.

Tim glanced over to Tony and was surprised at how relaxed Tony seemed. He had seen Tony sleep enough times in the office to know that he always seemed tense, but here… on the plane surrounded by his girls, he seemed content.


Waiting at the airport for them was two men holding up signs with Mallard & DiNozzo on them. The girls squealed when they saw who was holding the signs and dashed off before being told otherwise. Tony just grinned and picked up his bag, motioning McGee forward.

“Dr Mallad, glad you could join us,” one of the men said.

“Like I would miss this, Robin,” Ducky said with a warm tone. “I’d like you to meet one of my colleagues, and Anthony’s friend, Special Agent Timothy McGee.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” Robin said with a grin, shooting Tony a look. Tim noticed Tony slightly shake his head, answering whatever the question was.

“Now, I know Tony knows my other colleague, the one the girls are jumping on but Dr Mallad, Timothy, I’d like you to meet Xander.”

A quick “Hi!” came from the middle of the pack of girls.

“Girls, let XanMan up!” Tony called out and the girls quickly obeyed.

“Thanks man,” Xander said while panting softly. “Never get used to it.”

Tim took the time to quickly glance over Xander. He was obviously younger than he was but slightly older than the girls. An eye patch covered one eye but other than that, he looked the part of a construction worker… which made Tim more curious. Robin had looked the part of a professional, and the way he and Ducky were talking, it was obvious that he was the friend that Ducky had mentioned. Things just didn’t seem to add up with his idea of the type of company they were spending time with.


When they arrived at their accommodation, Tim was even more confused. A large, sprawling estate was spread out in front of them with several recent additions to the old buildings evident. He was feeling nervous and felt Tony’s hand give his a squeeze. He looked at Tony and noticed that Tony blushed. Something he had never seen him do before.

Looking back out at the surrounds, Tim noticed several girls outside doing all different activities. Some he could tell were doing archery, some were running around the perimeter of the estate and others were doing some form of martial arts.

“Wow,” he said, impressed by the girls.

“It’s a bit like that,” Tony agreed. “But you’ll understand more in a while. Trust me, it’s mayhem but it’s fun.”

“What are they all doing here?”

“Since the Watchers Council is spread all over the world, we have frequent meet ups for a couple of weeks ever second year. This year we’re in the middle group. So the girls currently here will be a combination of those about to leave and those just arrived. It allows them to catch up with each other until the next time.”

“You pay for them all to come here?” Tim asked Robin, trying to understand.

“Certainly, that is why it wasn’t a problem to bring you along with Tony and Ducky. Tony is unique; normally there are at least two guardians for a group of five girls so in situations like this, there can be two chaperones. He asked if he could nominate a friend to assist, and I agreed.”

“Thank you,” Tim said with slight awe in his voice. He was still no closer as to working out why Tony had selected him but he was glad that he had.


Present Time

"Yes Sarah, I'll be careful," Tim groaned at his sister. She had come to help him pack up and started to interrogate him.

"And you'll call?" she asked with a teasing smile.

"Of course, as will you."

"Yeah I will, if only to find out embarrassing stories about you to blog about."

"I'll tell Tony not to tell you anything."

"So? Who said anything about Tony? I was going to ask one of the girls."

"Shuddup you."

"Well I've got to get my face to face teasing in since I'm not going to see you til next semester break," she argued.

"That's all you see me for currently!" he shot back.

"I'm here today aren't I?" she asked.


One Month Ago

“Tony!” chorused from a number of people who were near the front of the main building.

Tim watched as Tony hugged several of the young girls, and shook hands with a number of the males. He never got used to just how much of a personality that Tony had. People just seemed to adore him. One young man in particular seemed to be close to him, instead of shaking hands, the two had hugged.

“McGee,” Tony called him over. “I want you to meet Andrew Wells, the Dungeons and Dragons master!”

The blonde who had hugged Tony, blushed and held out his hand in welcome.

“I understand you play?” Andrew asked.

“Elf Lord,” Tim replied with a smile.

“Paladin,” Andrew responded. “Game tonight? Xander has promised me a game if I can get enough people to make it interesting.”

“Sure,” Tim agreed.

“Awesome! I can tell the Force is strong in you, you must be a powerful Elf Lord,” Andrew began babbling, until Tony placed his hand over his mouth.

“Andrew, settle down. Also Tannah will be here soon, Xander was just taking them up to the back house, so you know she’ll play if you ask.”

“She plays a Mage,” Andrew quickly explained to Tim. “Do you think Jordie will?”

“If you can convince Skye to, yes,” Tony replied.

“Wait til I tell Dawnie,” Andrew said with a wide grin before racing off down the hill looking for Dawn.

“Sorry about that, he gets a little excited,” Tony apologized while grinning madly. “He’s a good kid.”


After meeting several of the other adults, who tended to be younger than him, McGee finally got a moment alone with Tony.

“Tony…” he began, rather uncertainly. “Why did you choose me to come with you?”

“Because,” Tony replied without going any further.

“Because why?” Tim prompted.

“Because you are the closest person I have to a best friend,” Tony answered, hoping that McGee wouldn’t push any further.

“Okay, I’ll accept that,” he replied. “But you do realize you probably have more friends than you know.”

“Acquaintances yes, friends no. Besides you, Ducky and Abs, there was no one else for me in DC. The Gibbs I knew was gone after Kate died.”

“But all the dates? Friends from outside work?”

“Dates?” Tony almost laughed. “A series of one night stands.”


“Face it McGee, you were the only one to treat me as me. The others treated me as a work colleague. Even to a degree Ducky and Abby. When I worked out what was happening, I tried to make you forget it by teasing you more but you just kept offering the hand of friendship. Why?” Tony asked. He had been pacing around the room and finally was standing still in front of McGee.

“Because…” Tim paused. “Because I looked up to you. Wanted to be like you.”

“But don’t you know? You’re better than me.”


Present Time

Tim had checked in his luggage and had worked his way through security before making his way to the boarding lounge. He only had a few moments to wait before they were calling his flight and he was heading off to Detroit.


One Month Ago

After the slightly confusing conversation with Tony, Tim walked into the library that he had been shown. An older woman was standing behind the counter who just smiled at him and left him to wander the bookshelves. He noticed something that seemed rather odd and headed to the woman to see if she could shed some light on it.

“Excuse me, but can you tell me why so much of this collection is on the Occult and Demons?” he asked her quietly.

She looked at him with shock before something akin to recognition flittered across her face.

“You must be Timothy,” she said, surprising him. “Anthony told me that you would be coming. I’m Sophie, Anthony’s Aunt.”

“Lovely to meet you,” Tim replied, still a little surprised that Tony’s Aunt worked here.

“As for the books, I believe you will find out later today,” she replied.


Ella, Jordie and Skye found him soon after and asked him to follow them to the meeting room where the others would be waiting. He followed them, amazed that they could find their way around so confidently.

“How often do you come here?” he asked.

“We’ve each spent at least six months living here,” Ella replied. “We come whenever we can.”

“Mom and Dad really like it here too,” Skye spoke up and then smacked her forehead. “Sorry. Forget I said anything.”

The others shot her looks and shook their heads.

“Why are you living with Tony if your parents are still alive?” Tim asked, quickly to jump on the bizarre situation.

“For some of us, our parents aren’t alive. For some, we wish our parents were dead. For the rest, we have parents who understand that the opportunities that we get here are better than we can get anywhere else,” Ella responded after glaring at Skye.

“Do you mind me asking about the situation you are all in?”

“Our parents,” Jordie replied. “Are alive and happy that we’ve got someone fantastic making sure we’re doing well. Same with Ella’s. For Melissa and Tannah, Tony is the only person they have to care for them.”

“So what makes this place so good that your parents don’t mind a stranger looking after you?”

“Gee, you can tell that you’re a cop,” Ella said with a grin. “It’s like your interrogating a suspect.”

“Yeah, Tony said you were good at your job, but that’s just proving it!” Skye teased.

He stopped at looked at the girls.

“Tony told you I was good at my job?” he asked.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Tony asked as he came out of the doorway. “Anyways, girls it’s about to start.”

The three dashed off while Tony escorted McGee around to Ducky and Robin. McGee tried to ask Tony a question but every time he opened his mouth, Tony shook his head. They sat at the table and Tony and the others cheered when a short blonde walked out on the stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen who are here for the first time, welcome. To the Watchers and Slayers, welcome back. My name, as most are aware, is Buffy Summers. For those of you betting how long my speech will be… Dawn, Rona and Kennedy, I’m talking to you… this will be extremely short. I know many of you will have questions and so I will present to you the head of the Watchers Council International, Rupert Giles.”

She stepped back while another man took the stage. More cheers sounded from the crowd.

“Thank you. Let me begin with an introduction for those who are new here tonight. In every generation a slayer is born one girl in all the world the chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness she is the slayer.”

The girls in the crowd whooped and hollered at his announcement. It was obvious that they knew what was going on.

“That was the way it was, the way it is now is a lot different and in being different, it has improved the status quo. For any who show potential has potential. One has become hundreds. And those girls are special beyond belief. Now I know that for some of you, this would be hard to believe which is why, the person who brought you here today will be giving you a fully comprehensive background as to what we do here at Watchers Council International. What you do with this information is up to you, except that we ask that you do not tell anyone anything that could harm these girls.”

Tony looked at Tim and mouthed, ‘later’. Tim nodded.

Giles was replaced by another girl who introduced herself as Willow.

“I’m here to inform you, that while you are on the estate grounds you are completely protected from anything that may seek you harm. If you wish to go into town at night, I ask that you take with you at least two Slayers. Other than that, there will be constant activities happening around the clock. Feel free to take in as many as you like.”

Another girl replaced Willow and introduced herself as Dawn. She called Xander up to the stage as well. Together they were going to present awards.

“Congratulations to the following girls: Rona, Vi, Kennedy, Cho-Ang, Selene, Angela and Madeline for 2 years as an active Slayer,” Dawn announced to the cheering crowd.

“Congratulations to Andrew, Dawn and Eric for 2 years as a Watcher,” Xander announced.

“Congratulations to Tannah, Erica, Ella, Jordie, Skye, Melissa, Anne, Samantha, Sam, Jessica, Michelle, Shelly, Sabrina and Tessa for 18 months as an active Slayer,” Dawn continued.

“Congratulations to Tony, Amy and Heather for 18 months as active Watchers,” Xander called out.

“Also, congratulations to the new Slayers who have just joined us in the past week. Simone, Andrea, Alexia, Marie and Faith Jackson,” Dawn finished with.

“And finally, congratulations to the new Watchers who have joined us in the past week. Carlos, Kit and Jarrod.”

“So what was that all about?” Tim asked as they headed up to their rooms.

“As Giles said, I’ll fill you in soon enough. I know you have questions but please, can we do this somewhere more comfortable?” Tony replied.


“I’m getting Ella to stay with us during this conversation just because it’ll help with the explanation,” Tony said as they walked into his room.


Tony motioned for him to sit, and followed suit soon after.

“Basically, Giles gave you the run down of what we are but I always think that that and any other version makes us sound like a cult. We’re not. I stress that all the people here are volunteers. No one is being forced into anything… except by the Powers That Be; and this is why I say we sound like a cult. You see, the world didn’t start as a paradise. But eventually, as things were turning grim, the Shadow Men, those who came before the Watchers, took a girl and empowered her in the worst possible way. They infused her with the essence of a demon, tainting her. But the girl, who was chosen, became strong and was able to fight back against the demons. When she died, her power was transferred to the next girl. This continued on for centuries. The girls often left alone or only with her Watcher,” Tony explained grimly.

Tim looked angry but he kept quiet, waiting for Tony to continue.

“Then things changed. Buffy Summers, the girl who was on stage earlier, was called. She changed things when she died and was brought back to life through CPR. Then there were two of them. Kendra was called to replace Buffy and ended up fighting along side her. Soon Kendra died and Faith was called. When the worst kind of evil possible tried to take over the world, Faith and Buffy decided to do something about it. They decided to call all those who were potential Slayers.”

Tim still looked confused. Ella stepped in to help out.

“When I was 12, I was approached by a man saying that I had the potential to be someone important. He really creeped me out but he met with my parents, telling them about me being potentially the next Slayer. They refused to let him train me. But about two years ago, I suddenly started showing the speed and strength he had been talking about. I was really freaked out. Then Xander came. Unlike the first person to talk about me being the Slayer, Xander was really good about it. He asked for my input in what I wanted to do, he explained that I would never be forced out there by myself. That I wouldn’t have to patrol if I didn’t want to. I listened to what he had to say before I agreed with my parents’ permission. After that I began training here for 6 months while Tony was training to be a Watcher. Then we were sent to Dearborn because it’s not far to my parents place from there… a couple of hours drive and I’m home again.”

“But you have no choice in regards to your skills?” Tim asked.

“Some girls do, they report that they hear someone asking if they are ready to be strong,” Ella replied. “Those girls are the ones who get prophetic dreams about what’s about to happen. The rest of us, it’s just something that happens.”

Tim turned to glare at Tony.

“They’re little girls, how can you do this to them?” he asked angry.

“I don’t. The Powers That Be do. They are known by a number of names, but they are the ones who send the visions warning of upcoming troubles, they are the ones who send the power. When one Slayer dies, the next is Chosen. That used to be likely to happen in under a year. We don’t like the fact that it’s young girls fighting to save us, but damn it, we like the fact we can give them a normal life almost,” Tony replied. “We have never liked it. And that is why this Council will never treat the girls like slaves, like pawns in a game. That was how the Old Council operated. Never again. These girls get a say in how their life is run.”


Present Time

Tim took the time on the short flight to Detroit to reflect on what he was doing. He was going to be helping young girls develop into fighting machines, sending them to risk their lives. Although that part still irritated him, he knew Tony had been right. The girls’ lives would be ruined if they hadn’t taken over the Council. At least this way, they had a choice in the matter and they were allowed to retire without having to die.


One Month Ago

Tim had joined Andrew’s group for a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Tony had decided to skip on it but would be stopping by throughout to get the gamers drinks and nibbles.

Andrew was the Dungeon Master and had set the rules in place. He had dressed for the part as well; a heavy woolen cloak over what looked like a faded Star Wars t-shirt. He had a wooden sword strapped to his back. When Tim looked at him questioningly, Tannah had replied on his behalf, saying that they didn’t like Andrew near sharp objects.

There were a few Watchers there besides Andrew and Xander and a couple of Slayers besides Tannah. Tim was introduced to them. There was Kit, Dawn and Carlos as well as Vi, Selena and Selene. They were joking around a lot, so Tim knew that they must have known each other for a while.

“Man, this is so much better than the last time I played with Slayers,” Andrew announced as the game begun.

“That’s cause none of us are waiting for the world to open up and swallow us,” Dawn snorted.

The others laughed.

“What happened last time?” Tim pressed.

“We were fighting an apocalypse and so the night before, when we couldn’t sleep, Andrew got some of us playing,” Xander explained.

“The funniest part was what Amanda told me about Giles,” Vi added. “She said that Giles ended up as a Warlock and complained that his powers were the strength of a doily!”

“Who’s Amanda?” Tim asked, not recognizing the name from the people he had been introduced to.

“Amanda was awesome,” Kit responded. “Carlos, Dawn and I went to school with her.”

“She died in the battle of Sunnydale,” Dawn added. “A real loss, so many lives taken.”

“What happened with the apocalypse?” Tim pried.

“A Captain Mal rip off decided to team up with the dark side of the force leading to death and destruction worse than the Alliance or the Emperor could ever cause,” Andrew replied. “They created many a vicious creature to assist them.”

“What he means is…” Xander started only to be interrupted.

“Frak. So Sauron was in reality a demon wanting to take over the world with the help of the Cylons and Daleks?” Tim replied.

“Oh my god,” Dawn said while the others gasped. “There’s two of them!”

“We quit!” Kit and Carlos called out with the others agreeing.

“But why?” Andrew whined.

“Because the two of you will just go off on your own little tangent and forget about playing,” Xander responded.

“It’s nothing different than how you feel when Tony and Xander team up,” Tannah agreed.

“Fine, abandon your adventure before you truly find out who you really are,” Andrew tried.

“It’s cool Andrew,” Tim said. “I’ve got a heap of questions to ask you if you want?”

As the others left, they heard Andrew begin his tale of Buffy the Vampyr Slayer.


Tony walked into the room where the game had been set up, only to find Andrew and McGee remaining. The two were talking earnestly, with the occasional geek reference. Tony shook his head, he had a feeling if the two of them ever got time together they would form a close friendship. In a way, he was glad about it because if anyone could McGee understand what the world really faced, it was Andrew. The boy could not lie to save himself.

“Hey you two,” Tony said as he set down the drinks he brought in. “Scare everyone else off huh?”

“They thought we were too… geeky I think you would call it,” Tim replied with a smile. “But Andrew’s been a great help, he’s been explaining stuff for me.”

“Let me guess, using terms from World of Warcraft, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and Serenity, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars and Star Trek to name a few?”

“Well it helped my understanding in it,” Tim grinned at Andrew.

“Yeah, I figured it may,” Tony agreed. “So you understand the situation better now?”

“Yep. What can I do to help?” Tim replied.

“I want you to come and work at the house with me and the girls,” Tony replied honestly. “You’d be on call with helping out the technical side of things in America while Willow and Andrew cover the UK.”

“Tony, I have a job remember. One based in DC.”

“You asked what you could do to help, that’s something you could do to help. But it’s up to you. I’m leaving it as your choice.”

“Please Tim,” Andrew added. “It’s a great adventure, better than any of the Doctors have ever dealt with, except maybe…”

He stopped when he saw Tony’s look and sheepishly grinned.

“I… I can’t Tony,” Tim replied.

“Why not?”

“You know why.”


Present Time

The plane landed in Detroit and Tim headed off to start his new life. He knew it would always be interesting; something Tony had promised right from the start. But he knew it would be worthwhile.

The End

You have reached the end of "Learning the Truth". This story is complete.

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