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Summary: What if Xander went as Q for Halloween...

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Star Trek > Other/General
lorwenFR1555,61028841,64128 Aug 0811 Dec 08Yes


Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners. I do not own any of them.
Star Trek: TNG characters created by Gene Roddenberry

A/N: ok, here goes. Wanted to answer a challenge. Stretch my mind while working on the sequel to, "A New Tale". More to come.
Dedication: To Bobboky. Thanx for the idea.

"Well, this is interesting," Q said, amusement filling his eyes as he watched the chaos erupting around him. "A prank worthy of my own talents."

"All around him ran creatures of legend. Three and four foot high versions of some of the most evil beings with which humans had populated their mythologies. Miniature demons that attacked anything that moved. Wispy faeries hiding in trees and shrubbery. In the distance he could hear the baying of wolves, and was that a Bigfoot? He stepped forward to get a closer look, but was stopped by the sudden appearance of a redhead in a short black leather skirt.

"Xander!" she squeaked. "I'msogladIfoundyouandthatyou'reokay."

Q looked at her and wondered for a moment who Xander was. "I'm sorry, Ms..."

"Willow," she said. "I'm Willow and you're Xander. We've been best friends since kindergarten. Did you get turned into your costume too?"

Q did not answer immediately. Instead his face remained blank and his eyes seemed to be looking into forever. After a moment his eyes widened and his face was broken by a grin. "That's new," he muttered.

"What's new?" Willow asked with a worried tone in her voice. "Xander, are you okay?"

"Hmmm," he said as a scream tore through the already chaotic night.

"Buffy!" Willow shouted turning to Xander. "Come on, we've got to hel...!"

Q snapped his fingers and Buffy appeared in a brief flash of light. She was still dressed in the noblewoman's dress, her long chestnut-brown hair free-flowing over her shoulders. The look of terror on her face seemed to pull at something deep inside him. He wanted to wipe that look from her face. To see her bright smile once more.

"Miss," he started.

Buffy jumped and spun around to look at him. "What's going on?!" she asked. "One moment I was in my father's library and the next I was in a strange alleyway being assaulted by demons!"

"Your name's Buffy, Buffy," Willow said stepping forward. "He's Xander and I'm Willow. We're your friends."

Willow's eyes widened as she realized what had just happened. Her breath came a little faster. She spun and shot Q a look that wrenched at his heart. "H... How did you do that, Xander?" her voice came out in a whisper.

"Ms. Rosenberg," he began. "Willow. Unfortunately I seem to be suffering from the same malady as your friend..."

"Friend!" Buffy screeched. "As if I would befriend someone so lowborn. I demand that you return me to my father's house immediately!"

"How rude," Q snapped his fingers and Buffy disappeared in a flash of light.

"What did you do to her?!" Willow screamed. "You bring her back right now, mister!"

Q sighed. He was having an argument with a human ghost while transformed toddlers were wreaking havoc all around. 'Only me,' he thought. 'Only I would end up with the one human in the midst of all this wonderful chaos who would lecture me on morality. The human race is as droll as ever, at least Jean-Luc appreciates me. Well he will in time.'

"Xander! Bring her back!" Willow screeched again.

"I merely did as she requested and sent her home," Q said, then disappeared.

* * * * *

‘Now this is more like it,’ Q thought as he wandered the streets of Sunnydale.

The town had a raw feel, dirty and gritty with the sense that anything could happen. Chaos was erupting everywhere. Humans ran from monsters. The monsters chased the humans. Some humans tried to help, tried to fight back, most did not. He passed a pirate that held a human female against a stained brick wall, and frowned. "Bad form," he said snapping his fingers. The mismatched couple vanished, the girl back to her home and the pirate to the nearest ship's brig. Q felt a strange sense of satisfaction and chuckled when he realized that the pirate was one of his current host's nemesis. The situation so amused him that he turned left and stepped through a somewhat undersized tesseract that connected this alleyway to a Baskin-Robbins three blocks away. The ice-cream shop was closed at this time of night so he just helped himself to a double Pistachio Almond cone.

"Ah," he said, taking a lick of his cone. "This is the life."

He savored this brief moment of humanity even as ideas began to take form in his mind. Cascading images of his host's life that expanded out to include the Earth he was visiting, which expanded yet again to include this universe and its subsequent realities. He took another lick of his ice-cream as a strange look crept into his eyes. The future was not going to play gently with his host, not in the least. 'Why would he keep the faith,' Q wondered. 'When he would keep losing so much.'

"Ah, there," Q whispered as he watched a particular scene unfold.

---Sunnydale, A Year Later---

Xander stood in the basement of the high school facing off with Jack O'Toole over a very large bomb. The timer sat on a fifty-five gallon steel drum filled with the various ingredients that Jack and his friends had lifted from the local hardware store earlier that evening. Jack had said that they were going to bake a cake. Well the cake was done and ready to rise.

"I ain't afraid to die," Jack growled. "I'm already dead."

"Yeah, but this is different," Xander said. "Being blowed up isn't walking around and drinking with your buddies dead. It's little bits being swept up by the janitor dead, and I don't think you're ready for that."

"Are you?" Jack asked.

Xander glanced at the bomb and smiled thinly, "I like the quiet."

---Sunnydale, Present---

'He does it because he can't not do it,' Q thought, remembering events yet to come. 'It is who he is.'

Q felt a peculiar thrill run through him. A sensation quite unlike anything he had felt before. It was akin to what he had felt when he had first met Jean-Luc. The moral certainty was there, the need to protect innocents strong. But running through his character was a streak of perverseness that rivaled his own. Q could respect that. He was not without honor himself. There were many times that he had followed his own sense of morality, even when it had flown in the face of the Continuum. He would do so now as well.

With less than a moment left before he was drawn back to his own reality, Q snapped his fingers. And the multiverse quaked.


Star Trek: The Next Generation
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