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The Path Not Taken

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Summary: This is just some random ficlelets of abandoned story ideas as well as deleted or different scenes from my posted stories.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)FireDragonFR1585,789045,52828 Aug 085 Sep 14Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Abandoned plot bunny Harry Potter and Buffy.

Starts up after Order of the Phoenix and goes a little AU and after Once More with Feeling during Tabula Rasa. Sirius will be explained in the ficlet.

I changed the rating on this chapter to FR18 just to be safe.


*Mine* The possessive dog within him growled at the bleached blond vampire. Sirius watched as they kissed once again. He couldn’t blame her. He could sense what she was feeling, the loneliness within her, the desperate longing for home, heaven and him. He could feel how hollow and empty she felt inside. He knew it was because she had been torn away from him and the heavenly dimension they had shared. They were soul mates. They belonged together.

They had both earned their reward and both had their reward torn from their grasp. They had been pulled out of heaven together but she had been made to live again while he was but a spirit.

Slowly the vampire and slayer pulled apart. Sirius could feel what Buffy felt. Her heart was racing, she felt passion, guilt and disgust at herself. She missed Sirius but she mostly felt hollow and empty all of the time, so feeling anything, even guilt, was a blessed change. Then Buffy was filled with fear as she realized how easy it would be for her to accept Spike’s offer. To use him for comfort and solace so that she could feel alive again.

Spike saw the fear rise in the slayers eyes. It was a look he had longed to see from her when he was a normal vampire. Now he longed to drive the fear from her eyes. He wanted to fan the spark of passion that she was trying to hide from him into a raging inferno.

He was winning. She needed this, needed to feel alive and he was the one who had helped her to feel it. She would be his.

A cocky smile lit his face as a twinkle filled his eyes. She wouldn’t be able to resist him for much longer. Giles leaving had only made her feel more alone, had only helped to drive her back into his arms.

Seeing his smile; knowing what he was thinking because she was thinking it herself, Buffy did the only thing she could. She ran.

His smirk got bigger as he watched her leave his side. She could run tonight, but she wouldn’t go far. Buffy felt she had to stay to protect the hellmouth and her friends. He would be there when she stopped running, then he would get what he wanted.

Buffy felt dead inside, well he could help her to feel alive again. In his mind she was already writing and panting under him as he filled her again and again.

“I can’t wait to bring that girl.” He stated to himself. His demon was thrilled, he could finally hunt again. She would be his soon.

Sirius was seeing red as he was sensing the vampires thoughts. *Mine.* He growled once again at the vampire. The part of him that was a dog was possessive and was not ready to share his mate with anyone, especially a souless vampire with a bloody chip in his head.

He had to get her off of the hellmouth, which was making her feel worse and he had to get her away from Spike. Summoning his powers he went to go visiting determined to get her away from William the Bloody and the mouth of hell.

Dumbledore would help him. He was certain of it. He would help him get the other slayer to the hellmouth to guard it and give his beloved a place to go.

Instantly he was at Hogwarts and he went to go see Dumbledore. Walking past the Bloody Baron he considered how he was so different from the other ghosts. He found himself wondering why. He had first noticed it on the hellmouth when he changed into his animagus form. As a giant black dog he was alive and as corporeal as Buffy, but when he became human again no one could see him. He would talk to Dumbledore about that as well he decided.

He could only make himself visable for short periods but he had no doubt that Dumbledore would be able to see him. Slipping through the walls Sirius found the headmaster sitting before his pensive.

“Could I have a word Dumbledore?” He asked.

The ancient wizard looked up from his musings. A look of utter surprise appeared on his face. Sirius would have dearly loved a camera, it wasn’t often that Dumbledore was taken by surprise. The look only lasted for a moment and a twinkle filled his eyes once again.

“Sirius my friend. It is truely a surprise to see you alive, though incorporeal as you are. I always had my suspisions about that portal and your visit has confirmed my suspicions.”

“What do you mean I am alive? Look at me, and what are you talking about?” Sirius asked bewildered.

“The gateway you fell through in the department of mysteries is believed to be a gateway to the afterlife. But in truth it is to another dimension. A dimension in which everything is non corporeal. I imagine it was quite lovely there.”

“You have no idea, I even met a woman there. She is my other half.”

“Only you my dear friend would go to such extremes to meet a woman.” Dumbledore replied with a laugh.


I loved this idea, but ultimately never continued it and so I created a challenge that is similar to it. Challenge #1480 The Choosing between two soul mates challenge. Hmm the challenge still hasn't been taken. Hint hint.
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