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The Path Not Taken

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Summary: This is just some random ficlelets of abandoned story ideas as well as deleted or different scenes from my posted stories.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)FireDragonFR1585,789045,52728 Aug 085 Sep 14Yes

Gift of a Family tossed scene Stargate cross.

The Path Not Taken.

This is just some random paths I didn’t end up taking on my stories as well as story fragments from some abandoned story ideas. I was trying to find some rough draft notes for future chapters of one of my stories and came across some abandoned stuff that I thought was kind of fun or interesting. Especially seeing how different it is from the way it actually turned out. It is marked as completed but I will be adding more from time to time.

This won’t be beta read and thus will probably have many error’s. Sorry.

There will be multi crossovers of different fandom’s etc. I am not making any money and I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the crossovers to be crossed. I will put a brief explanation at the beginning of each ficlet.

First is a cut/altered scene/plot from my Gift of a Family story. It is a Stargate crossover. It is from when Jack and Daniel were in a Sunnydale cemetery and are attacked by vampires. This is the original version, in the final one, Daniel is unconscious and Jack and Buffy take him to the hospital. (Note this is a Buffy’s real family story where Jack got a letter from Buffy almost a year after she sent it to get in contact with her real father.)


Looking up Daniel was amazed at the aliens he was looking at. They had to be aliens though he had never seen any like this before. His eyes were a demonic yellow, instead of a symbol of a god on his forehead, it was covered in large bumps, similar yet very different from a neanderthal man. The thing that stood out the most however were his teeth. The alien had long pointy fangs.

There were a number of other aliens behind Jack beating him. Jack didn’t seem to be putting up any kind of a fight at all. Daniel wanted to go help his friend but was held back by a group of aliens that he kept fighting desperately. From the corner of his eye he saw Jack being taken away.

“Jack!” he shouted wondering why Jack wasn’t fighting back. Daniel’s thoughts were forced back to the fight when he felt himself being picked up and thrown violently. Thankfully he landed on the damp dew covered grass, and not a headstone or mausoleum.

The world was spinning wildly as he tried to get to his feet. He only managed to fall to the ground again. Powerful arms started dragging him off in the same direction Jack had been taken.

Then, suddenly, one of the alien’s holding him was gone. It simply vanished in a poof of dust causing Daniels allergies to go haywire.

It was several long moments later before he managed to get the dust out of his eyes and his sneezing mostly under control. He looked up to see a beautiful woman fighting his abductors and kicking alien ass. She was poetry in motion.

He saw her hit something into the chest of one of the few remaining aliens and it instantly turned to dust. The thought that he had breathed in the remains of an alien made him want to cough and sneeze more to make sure he didn’t have any E.T. lining his lungs.

Snapping out of it Daniel quickly got to his feet and joined in the fray trying to help the girl who didn’t seem to need any help. Grabbing an alien from behind he attacked using every dirty trick Teal’c and Jack had forced him to learn. Finally he had the incredibily powerful alien pinned.

“Where is Jack? What do you want with us?” He demanded just before the alien threw him off as if Daniel were a rag doll and disappeared into the night.

Buffy finished off the last vampire left and turned to check over the man she had raced in to save and was surprised. Sneezy was uber cute. Her first impression of him had been that he was a younger Giles type. Let’s face it sneezing vamp dust as he tried to collect himself was such a nerdy book guy thing to do. Then she caught a glimpse of him fighting the vamp. He had obviously seen action before and could hold his own in a fight.

As she helped him sit up she noticed his muscular build in his arms and chest. Definitely if the likable she thought. She only hoped he wasn’t here to try and take Giles's place as her watcher. She didn’t want to regret saving this man’s life. He then opened his eyes and looked her in the eye for the first time and all thoughts of regret were gone.

Time seemed to stand still when she looked into his heavenly blue eyes. She lost her breath it was like coming home. For a moment she was back in heaven. She could almost feel his spirit embracing her like a long lost love. He seemed so familiar she found herself wanting to stay lost in his eyes forever.

After a moment she remembered her calling and that the vamps had taken someone named Jack. She had to move if she was going to save him. “Are you alright?” She asked forgoing her speech about spending time in graveyards at night and looking for trouble.

Daniel looking into his savior’s eyes and for the first time since Sha’rae’s death his heart was lost to another. Her eyes were full of hidden untold suffering. She was a warrior who was lost and alone. He could see passions lay banked behind her eyes and he longed to be the one to stoke the fire he saw there. He wanted to hold her and fill the empty pain that he could see deep within her eyes; the empty loneliness that was trying to smother her inner fire. She was so familiar to him but he couldn’t remember ever meeting her before. Surely he would never forget a woman like her?

“Are you alright?” her voice shattered his musings.

It took him a moment to get his brain working again. *No, I have a problem.* He thought. *What was the problem again?*

“Jack! Those things took Jack, I’ve got to go save him somehow.”

“Don’t worry I’m on it. I just need to make sure you will be ok before I go hunting.”

“Huna? You’re going after those things alone? Are you insane? I’ve got to call for backup.”

Suddenly anger flared in her beautiful eyes as she turned cold to him. “You're with the Initiative? What are you doing back in Sunnydale?”

“What? No...what is the Initiative?”

Buffy sighed but became considerably warmer. “Look I’ve got to save that guy before he becomes a blood sacrifice, I have to figure out where they are going to hold their creepy ceremony and I don’t have a lot of time to do it in. I don’t have time and you don’t have the clearance. Do you have a home around here?”

“No, Jack and I just got in town.” Pulling a paper from her pocket she handed it to him.

“This is my address and the key to get inside. Don’t invite anybody in, anyone with any business there will be able to get in without you inviting them. Got to run. Oh! I almost forgot, there is a man there already just tell him Buffy sent you.” That said Buffy left him as she ran in the direction of where the vampires went.

“Hold on! How did you kill those, um, things?” Daniel shouted and sprinted off after Buffy who stopped running and hurried back to him.

“I’m sorry, but I am in a bit of a hurry to try and save your friend.” Pulling her necklace off she handed him one of the crosses that Angel had given her. “If you run into any more of them this will hurt them and hopefully give you a chance to run away.”

Note: in order to find where the vampires were going to perform the ritual Daniel allowed himself to be captured and allowed Buffy to follow them to their lair.

For a moment Jack thought he was back in Baal’s torture chamber. Bruised and beated he looked up it was a lot darker and more gothic than any goa’uld ship, plus no gold paint. Nope he wasn’t with Baal.

“Wake’ie, wake’ie.” Jack heard someone say and looking around he saw four other men chained to the walls. There was a spot for one more man.

Hearing a commotion Jack strained in his bonds to see Daniel being dragged into the chamber.

“Dammit Daniel!” He shouted then blinked in complete and total shock. His daughter, his supposedly dead daughter appeared from seemingly out of nowhere and attacked the aliens.

“Am I dead or dreaming?’ He couldn’t help asking himself.

“Daniel are you alright?” She called out as she fought. How does Buffy know Daniel; Jack wondered. Then wondered how she could be fighting the incredibly strong aliens surrounding her.

“Yeah, As soon as the world stops spinning I’ll be fine.” Daniel replied.

(Battle sequence Buffy is tackled to the ground and Daniel rushes to her aid. All the vampires are killed and they kiss.)

“Daniel, get over here and untie me so I can kill you. That’s my daughter your kissing!” Jack shouted in anger.

Buffy and Daniel turned in shock. “Are, are you Jack O’Neill?’ Buffy asked her eyes wide in surprise.

“Yeah, sorry it took me so long to get here. The mail service bites.”

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