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Chaos Multiplied

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Summary: YAHF - Janus isn't the only Chaos God out there...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralAlyssaraFR131644062,77930 Aug 0830 Aug 08Yes
Disclaimer: Not mine *sigh*

The Goddess picked Herself up from where She had been knocked down by a small, red demon; brushing long black hair out of Her face. She waved briefly in the demon's direction and it dissolved into a cloud of bubbles; She watched happily as the bubbles popped with rainbow shimmers and vanished.

The noise and confusion of the streets drew Her attention and She glanced around admiring the sight of people running around and screaming in panic. She stood still for a long moment, soaking in the blissful atmosphere surrounding Her until a jarring note snapped Her brows together in a frown.

She recognized the originator of all this. Janus; that annoying two-faced, two-bit God.

A snarl bared Her teeth and Her glare caused a nearby fire hydrant to suddenly become a ream of paper and a wandering cat to change into a blue, rubber ball. Angrily, She flipped Her shoulder-length blond hair back with a toss of Her head and strode purposefully in the direction that the magic was coming from. In Her wake things randomly became other things. Some changed back to what they had been before, others changed into yet another thing, and some things stayed exactly the way they had always been; all without rhyme or reason.

After a long walk -involving several wrong turns and at least three dead ends- She stood in front of a small costume shop. The Goddess stood there for a moment and then shoved Her short, brown hair behind Her ears and stormed in through the front door. The sound of chanting drew Her to the back room and She flung open another door to reveal the man who had unleashed the power of Janus this Halloween.

"Oh, Lucy. I'm home!" Her voice cut through the chanting like a hot knife through seaweed.

The man scrambled up off his knees and whirled around to stare at Her in shock. Or rather, stared past Her in shock as the door She had just slammed open hit the wall and rebounded as a slab of Spam.

"What are you doing calling on that wanna-be? If you had wanted chaos you should have just called Me in the first place!" She back-handed him and he flew across the room to bounce bonelessly against the wall while She watched and smiled.

Then She pulled a small, golden sphere from a fold in the air and hurled it at the bust of Janus. It struck the statue and caused the stone to shatter into thousands of shards of shrapnel.

The Goddess' presence faded with the spell and Willow sank down to the floor, staring blankly around her at the destruction. Hastily, she grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it into sight, sighing in relief that it was back to her normal red.

A glint among the rubble caught her eye and she absent-mindedly reached out to pick up the golden apple lying there.

A bright flash surrounded her as soon as she touched it, unremarked upon by the unconscious, bleeding man across the room (also unremarked was the daisy that suddenly grew out of his right ear). As the light faded, her eyes slowly began to gleam and a secretive smile curved her lips.

The strident laughter of Eris, Goddess of Discord, echoed in her head and bubbled out of her mouth. Things were going to be so much more fun from now on!

A/N - I know, I know, I should be updating my other stories instead of tossing new ones out there...but some of those plot bunnies can be downright vicious! This one wouldn't stop gnawing on my ankles until I put this in writing *sigh* I have no plans to continue this as a story, but if anyone else wants to take it and run let me know :-)

The End

You have reached the end of "Chaos Multiplied". This story is complete.

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