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Summary: Resident Evil xover (the books/games not the movies) Willow is moved to Raccoon city at 10 yrs old and years later joins the STARS; she encounters a very different evil to the kind she WOULD have faced had she stayed in Sunnydale. (Temporary Hiatus)

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Games > Horror > Resident Evil
Games > Horror > Resident Evil
pezgirlFR1519641497431 Aug 0831 Aug 08No
Disclaimer: I don't own this stuff; most Capcom and S.D. Perry owns RE. Joss Whedon owns Buffy. i got the two pictures from the internet so they don't belong to me either.

Warning: there will be a r/w pairing so if you don't like femslash turn back...don't say i didn't warn you ;)

Illustration Illustration

A/N: This is based on the RE books by S.D. Perry; they're novelizations of the games and i definitely recommend reading them; great books. Anywho on with the show.

July 1991

Willow heaved a cardboard box over to the van parked outside her house, she gripped the box tighter as it started to slip, “Couldn’t get anything lighter?” she grumbled under her breath.

The box was full of her belongings, but they might as well have bricks in them- it was just THAT heavy! With a tired groan she half lowered half dropped the box to the ground; wiping her reddened face absentmindedly she turned around and saw her mom walking out of the house with the last box.

The redhead felt another wave of anger course through her, she glared at her mom tiredly and said, “Do we HAVE to move?”

Sheila Rosenberg sighed, “Yes, Willow. I told you, now be a good girl and go sit in the car.” With that the older Rosenberg walked towards the van holding all of their stuff…well, most of it anyway.

She glowered at her mother’s back furiously, “Mom! I-


Willow spun around, her heart leaping into her throat, almost, and a large grin stretched across her face, “Xander!” she ran up to her best friend and hugged him fiercely.

They pulled apart, still smiling at each other, and then they both looked at the van; the smiles faded from their faces.

Xander turned back to look at her, “You all set?”

The redhead nodded morosely, “Yeah.” She shook her head. “It’s not fair; I don’t wanna go.” She really didn’t, in fact she’d been annoying her parents about it ever since they’d told her about the move.

The dark-haired ten-year-old jammed his hands into his pockets and gave her a crooked smile, she loved that smile, “You’ll be okay, Will. Y-you’ll make new friends and everything.” The shaky smile said it all.

“Don’t wanna make new friends,” she glared at the hot ground. “I don’t want to move, either.” She looked up at her parents, and frowned. “I keep telling them that, but they never listen.”

Xander smirked slightly, “Do they ever?”

The redhead smiled back sadly and huffed, “Nope, I doubt they ever will.”

“Willow! Come on!” yelled her dad as he got into their car. “Say your goodbyes and hurry up!”

She cringed slightly, “You’ll still call me, right? When I get the new telephone number?” she knew he would, but she still wanted to ask. This was probably going to be the last time she’d ever see him again.

“Yep,” he gave her a false smile, thumbs up and a gentle whack on the arm. “You know I will.” He looked down and scuffed his feet on the ground, then he looked up and smiled. Then he frowned worriedly.

Willow felt the tears on her cheeks, the sadness felt worse though, “I don’t want us to stop being friends.”

The corner of Xander’s mouth turned up slightly, “We won’t,” he pulled out a stuffed toy.

A Snoopy toy, a little dirty but still giving her the artificial-fur-covered grin; she took it and smiled, “Thanks, Xan. You sure?”

Xander nodded, “I want you to have; you’re, like, my best friend…you’ll keep him cleaner than I would.”

Willow smiled, he wasn’t wrong about that, “Thanks.”

“Willow, move it!” yelled her mom angrily.

The redhead sighed and hugged him again, “Don’t go and forget about me.” She felt him pat her on the shoulder.

“We’ve been best friends for six years,” stated Xander as she pulled away. “There’s no WAY I could forget about you.”

Willow grinned and wiped at her face, “As soon as I get to the telephone I’ll call you, okay?”

He nodded as she started to walk away, “Okay, see you then.”

Willow waved and then ran to the car, climbing into it and turning around in her seat to look at her best friend as she was taken away from Sunnydale, away from her Xander and away from the gang-crimes that were the reason for her parents moving.

Willow watched until he was out of sight and then sat down in her seat to buckle herself in; she looked out the window- they were leaving Sunnydale, California and entering Raccoon city…she smirked.

What a strange name!


Elsewhere in another part of America eleven year old genius Rebecca Chambers sat on the sofa in her house, looking out of the window with bright green eyes; excited about her second year in High school and fiddling around with her biology text book.

She was unaware that in the next seven years she would be facing an evil that would forever change her view of the world, and the people, around her.


Miles away from both the girls the Umbrella Corporation received a thick many-paged file on the T-Virus; they rubbed their hands greedily as they read the results of the illegal experimentation.

The T-Virus was magnificent, it would change EVERYTHING! They’d given life to another of their subjects in the experiments.

Viral Weaponry, genetic research, bioengineering- they were merely words and terms compared to the beauty they had created.

Is was rather saddening that the rest of the world would never learn of Umbrella’s true nature; in the eyes of the world they were a major international player of markets including pharmaceuticals, medical hardware, defense and computers; they produced cosmetics, consumers products and even food.

But what did the world know? Nothing, it was shame really. Yet at the same time it also gave them ample opportunity to further their experiments.

Albert Wesker and William Birkin smirked to themselves as they stared at the infected creatures floating in the tubes; the metal ‘cages’.

Everything was progressing so well.

The End?

You have reached the end of "S.T.A.R.S." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 08.

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