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Summary: Xander runs across some trouble while working in Manhattan. *SLASH*

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Cartoons > GargoylesMeliaFR1843,3461157,86531 Aug 084 Sep 08No

Chapter 4

I own nothing.

And a kiss for everyone who knows the second-crossover-but-not-really laced in.

For aislinnrae. *kiss*

Xander stared in open mouthed shock at his cellphone, reading the text over and over until the words bled together to make a single, condemning word. It took him five whole minutes until he worked up the coherency of thought to respond.

'Batty, this isn't funny! How in God's name do you know what I was wearing last night?'

Xander tried his best to not be wigged by the situation he now found himself in.

His crush, and probably the closest friend he had in New York, whom he had never actually met in person, just told him off for wearing a revealing outfit that he should by no means know about.

And now he was standing in the middle of a sidewalk, eyes still widened while looking at his phone, and it was early enough that there where enough people around to be curious about what he was doing and start developing into an audience.

Xander briefly wondered if the pain building in his head was similar to what women went through during labor.

Then he grimaced, thinking about the blood.

And the gestational fluids.

Ew didn't even cover it.

Anxious now, Xander continued on his was toward the nearby train, which would bring him home. On his way there, he mentally compiled a list of possibilities as to how Batty could have gotten the information.

The first possibility was that he was one of the thugs.

Xander snorted, crossing that off the list immediately.

The second was that he was Owen Burnett.

That was slightly more feasible, but only fractionally. That stayed on the list.

The third was that Batty worked security at Xanatos Enterprises, and had somehow seen him there and connected the dots.

This was more likely, except that it seemed as though Owen was trying to keep the entire thing under wraps, and it was mid day when he woke up. Batty worked nights.

The fourth seemed the most incredible, and yet also seemed like the most likely. That Batty was actually the red gargoyle that had saved him. Brooklyn.

"Why the hell is his name Brooklyn, anyway?" Xander muttered to himself.

It fit with how he knew that Xander had been in those... pieces of fabric... and why Xander had never met him. Xander had asked once, in a fit of boredom and loneliness to be adamantly rejected...They had spoken on the phone, though. And though both the red gargoyle and Batty had both had a slight accent to their voices that sounded similar, Batty had a high tenor. Which ruled out Brooklyn and Owen both.

And made Xander feel like a jackass for thinking it.

But, maybe if not that gargoyle, he was still one. Xander would bet that Angela would have taken him straight to the others in the 'family', and they all would have seen him in his working wear.

It wasn't until he got home that he got a reply, one that confused him terribly.

'Open the window.'

Perplexed, Xander didn't even think as he went to his small apartment's only window.

And then he shrieked in a totally and completely manly way.

In the window of his fifth story from the ground with no fire escape apartment, a green head with pointed ears about the same size as his head was looking at him from the window. The large eyes were looking at him in worry, and his entire face seemed to be frowning.

Shakily, Xander made his way to the window and opened it with trembling fingers.

The head became a full body as the gargoyle, for that was obviously what he was. Xander noted his wing shape, which was different from the two he saw last night. Funnily enough, they looked just like a...

Xander gasped, and the gargoyle gave a small, uncertain smile. "Hi, Priv8Sn00py, my name is Lexington."

Xander reflected that smile, then blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "You're even cuter than I thought you'd be, actually."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Raindrops" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Sep 08.

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