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The Jacket

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Summary: Xander comes across a beat up old leather jacket at Ethan's costume shop.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredTAOFR1879,806511650,4603 Sep 0828 Feb 09No

And now, for no apparent reason, we take a break..

Disclaimer: Again, I don't own anything Buffy related, Doctor Who related, or whatever-trademark related stuff that shows up as a result of Halloween costumes gone wild. They're owned by Joss, the BBC, and whoever else's stuff I use (last time I checked, Marvel's Hulk made a cameo...I have no clue what else might show up).

Author's Note: Again...I blame METHOS! Yes, this is METHOS' fault.'s all your fault! Anyway...this is a short update, I may expand on it, but I'm working on the next installment on this so I might just let this stand.

(note: "Grrrr....argh..." is also owned by Joss as well).




The last thing Xander remembered was falling to the ground, fighting a wave of dizziness when the blackness engulfed him. Then the nausea abruptly disappeared and the next thing he saw was a pair of large double-doors that looked a lot like the one to the school library...then he felt pain again as he slammed face first into it and fell back to the ground.

"Ow," he groaned as he rubbed his head. "Okay...that hurt."

He then looked up at the doors to the school library and shook his head as he stumbled back to his feet.

"How the hell did I get here?" he asked. He started to reach for the door when it suddenly opened on him to reveal a man in his late 30s with short cropped black hair. He was also wearing a jacket that looked exactly like the one Xander had picked up at the costume shop.

"Oh," said the man with an accent that sounded a little bit like the G-Man's. "There you are...we were wondering when you were going to show up when the other one went running out the door."

"Um...yeah," said Xander. "Who are you?"

"Well, that's an interesting question." The other man regarded him for a moment. "Hmm...for a regeneration, it could have been worse. I know you're not a regeneration...but since we're all going to be sharing the same mind for...well...all time...might as well let you meet with the others."

"What?" said Xander, confused at the stranger's words. Truth be known, he couldn't figure out what else to say. For some reason, he knew that he wasn't really outside the school library.

"Of course not," said the other man as if he could read Xander's mind. "This is all in your head. Oh...and I'm the Doctor by the way."

"WHAT?" repeated Xander as the other man pulled him into the library and closed the door. Inside the library, sitting around the table, were eight other men dressed rather oddly.

"You know," said one man wearing an oversized fur coat who was going through one of the books that was piled on the table. "That's what the other young fellow said, right before he went running through that door."


"Hmm...very repetitive fellow, isn't he?" said one man wearing a very long and multi-colored scarf. He pulled a small bag out of his coat and leaned back in his chair, offering the bag to Xander. "Jelly-baby?"

"Um...sure," said Xander. He reached in and helped himself to what appeared to be some sort of gummi candy. He popped the candy in his mouth and sat down in a chair between "multi-colored-scarf guy" and some guy in a weird suit with a celery stalk pinned on his lapel. "Okay...who are you?"

"The Doctor," they all replied almost in unison.

" this some sort of secret demonic order or society? If it is...I'm not interested and you are not going to feast on my soul."

Xander's comment got a variety of reactions from the others ranging from looks of concern, mild outrage, the case of a really old guy in what appeared to be clothing from Victorian England...actual amusement.

"No, my boy," said the old man. "Nothing of the sort...and it's from the Edwardian era."

"Will you please stop going through my head?" asked Xander, getting mildly annoyed that these others could seem to read his mind at will.

"Well, that would be a problem," said another of the "Doctors", a gentlemen dressed in a velvet dinner jacket. He closed the book he was reading and put it on the table, shaking his head. "We're all the same included. We're not quite sure how it happened...possibly some sort of psychic transference, but we're not sure as to its origin."

"Whoa...hold on...psychic transference from what?"

The "Doctor" in the leather jacket gestured to the matching leather jackets that he and Xander were wearing. "It would appear that this transference imprinted of our personalities into a host body that was wearing one of our possessions."

"Okay," said Xander. "Let me get this straight. I bought this jacket at a costume shop...but this jacket belonged to you. You're all the same person, which I really don't understand, but we'll talk about that later. And then something turned me into you...oh crap." He shook his head and looked down at the table. "Damn hellmouth....should have seen this coming."

"Well, he's taking this rather well," said another "Doctor" in brightly colored and mismatched clothing.

"Oh, shut up," said another "doctor" wearing a hat and a red scarf.

"So," said Xander as he looked back up at the other Doctors. "You're all in my head now, and I'm guessing from your comments about the "other guy", that he's the one in charge of my body?"

"Bravo, my boy." The old Doctor who was sitting at the head of the table slowly clapped his hands in mock applause and addressed the others. "He picked up rather quickly on that, didn't he?"

"You shouldn't be too harsh with him," said the Doctor with the fur-coat. "He didn't want this to happen...and neither did we."

"And yet here are," said Multi-Colored-Scarf-Guy. "In the meantime, we wait and we talk to our new friend here."

"About what?" asked Xander.

The one "Doctor" who hadn't spoken yet smiled at him. "About everything, Alexander Harris...about everything."
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