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The Jacket

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Summary: Xander comes across a beat up old leather jacket at Ethan's costume shop.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredTAOFR1879,806511650,4673 Sep 0828 Feb 09No

Pick a Costume...Any Costume...oops.

The Jacket

Disclaimer: Don't own anything...everything here is owned by Joss Whedon and the BBC. Hulk is owned by Marvel (and he only makes a brief appearance).

Author's Note: This is yet another crazed experiment given to me by some crazed plotbunnies that just won't go away. I tried to kick them, but then they came after me with torches, pitchforks, and one of them had a George Foreman grill...yeah...I'm a little concerned too. I apologize for my lack of Who knowledge, since it's limited to what I can get off my small DVD stockpile and whatever I can pull off the web. I also want to thank Methos for doing the little piece of fan-art....I also want to curse at Methos for making that little piece of fan-art that actually motivated me into trying out this little experiment. I swear, you and Lucinda are going to drive me insane one of these days.

Okay, pick a costume...any costume...dammit, I knew I should have called in sick today. But no...had to show up and get dragooned by the troll into herding a bunch of rugrats for trick-or-treating.

Xander continued to grumble as he looked at the various costumes on the rack. There really wasn't much to choose least not in his price range. While the costume shop did have some impressive costumes, his meager twenty-five dollars didn't get much. After browsing through the "cheap rack", he narrowed down his choices to four. A pirate, a soldier (by buying the prop machine-gun in the bin next to the rack), a musketeer (complete with a cool prop sword which made him wonder if the costume was placed on the rack by mistake), or just as himself and keep the twenty-five dollars for something important, like staying at a cheap motel overnight if he got tired of getting beaten up by Tony. After a few moments of deliberation, he ditched the pirate and musketeer, opting for the soldier uniform. And while using the twenty-five dollars to buy a relative night of respite from Tony's beatings, it wouldn't end them and Tony would just beat up on him harder to make up for the "lost time".

He was about to take his purchase to the counter when something on the rack caught his eye.

What the hell is that doing here?

His attention focused on a what appeared to be an old leather jacket that looked like it was well worn but still withstood the test of time. After looking at it more closely, he realized that not only was it made of real leather, but it had a lot of pockets...something that could come in handy for carrying various equipment to deal with the usual Sunnyhell nightlife...and it did look kind of cool.

Oh yeah...this definitely doesn't belong here on the cheap rack. Even second hand, this thing costs more than I can afford.

He checked the tag and almost choked at the price.

That can't be right...fifteen dollars?

He took the jacket and headed towards the cashier.

"Excuse me."

Ethan Rayne pretended to look up and act like he was noticing the young man for the first time. He knew the boy to be part of the Slayer's entourage. Yes...he was certain she had to be the slayer that Ripper was supposedly watching over. He managed to stifle a snicker behind a cough and pretend to be reading a magazine when the slayer had picked up the costume of an 18th century noblewoman. The redheaded girl, unfortunately, picked a ghost costume off the shelf.

But the young man intrigued Ethan when he saw the boy take the leather jacket off the "bargain rack". Unlike the other costumes and items that he had to enchant, the jacket didn't require enchantment. It reeked of chaos magic, or something like it. Ethan had originally purchased the jacket from a second-hand store in Cardiff, sensing it's chaotic properties. However, try as he might, he couldn't seem to tap the energy trapped within. So, he decided to just toss it on the rack, curious to see what happened when he unleashed Janus on this town.

"How can I help you, young man?" he asked, giving the boy a friendly smile.

"The price on this that right?"

Ethan looked at the tag on the sleeve and nodded. "Yes, fifteen dollars. A very good quality jacket." He then paused, to make a back-story for it. "It was actually used in production of that awful show about immortals running around, cutting each other's heads off."

"Highlander?" asked the boy.

"Yeah, that the most of the costumes in this shop, it's stuff I've acquired from various places. You'd be surprised what some movie studios are willing to get rid of at bargain basement prices." He then leaned forward and lowered his voice to barely more than a whisper. "It's one of the reasons I can afford to sell this stuff cheaply."

The boy gave Ethan a semi-suspicious look. "Is that true, or are you just saying that to convince me to buy it?"

Ethan smiled back at him. "A little bit of both...but I'll you what, how about I throw in the prop gun...maybe you can go as an assassin or a spy."

Xander couldn't help laughing, gesturing at the Hawaiian shirt he was wearing as an over-coat. "Nah...don't think I'm spy material. Besides...really just can't get into Halloween anymore."

"Then why are you here?"

"Got dragooned into chaperoning a bunch of rug-rats...however..." Xander pulled out his wallet and gave the man a twenty. "Might as well wear something."

"That's one way of looking at it." Ethan took the twenty dollar bill and gave the young man a five. "Do you want the gun as well?"

The boy considered it for a moment, throwing the jacket over his shoulder, then shook his head. "Nah...for some reason it just doesn't seem to work for me."

For a second, Ethan thought he sensed a surge in chaotic energy coming from the if it were influencing the boy's decision. But that couldn't be possible...could it?

Before he could think further about it, the young man's friends joined him at the counter. The slayer, being the annoying young woman that he had been warned about, playfully but firmly pushed the boy aside. "Move it, Xander...I wanna' pay for this and get home . Angel is going to love this!"

The boy rolled his eyes and shook his head, but managed to put on a fake smile.

Hmm...obviously something going on there.

As he watched the trio leave, he actually felt a little sorry for the boy. Unrequited love was a bitch and Ethan was no stranger to that. However, the boy, along with everyone else, would soon have other things to worry about.

The next night, Xander Harris found himself wondering if he should have lied, said he was sick, and stayed home. He was getting really annoyed herding the rug-rats around, but it was nothing compared to listening to Buffy go on about how Angel would love her costume. Looking upwards at the sky, as if he were addressing some unseen deity, he shook his head. "Okay, can it get any worse?"

As if in answer to his prayer, the air almost seemed to flicker around him and a wave of nausea hit him, causing him to stumble backwards. He wasn't the only one, because he noticed Buffy, Willow, and most of the kids stumbling around as if they were dizzy. Then he saw Willow, still in her ghost costume, collapse to the ground.

"Wills!" He tried to make his way over to her when there was a flash of light and then....nothing.

Xander's body glowed for a moment, bathed in unearthly energy that crackled around him like caged lightning for a few more seconds before fading away and letting him drop to the ground.

The Doctor woke up with one hell of a headache...which was odd...he never experienced a migraine like this, except for that time when Jack and Rose convinced him to try that Ventaxian Ale on that mining colony near the Spirion system...then his eyes widened....Jack, Rose....the Daleks! The Daleks had overrun the station, killing everyone in the name of their god.

No...wait...that wasn't right, he had defeated the Daleks...well, Rose did, but after absorbing the heart of the TARDIS and he had to take the energy from her and put it back into the TARDIS before it killed her...and then...ah...yes...he remembered now...regeneration and...

"Ah yes," he said as he pushed himself up off the ground. " wait...I think we already did this bit, didn't we?"

He looked around and then realized that he lying on a sidewalk next to a public street and not in the TARDIS control room with Rose. In fact, the TARDIS was nowhere to be found and neither was Rose. Instead, he was on a world that looked a lot like Earth...possibly the late 1990s...and it was sometime in the evening. He got back up on his feet, rubbing his head as that migraine still persisted, and slowly started walking down the sidewalk, stopping as he watched three small demonic creatures chasing after two adult humans. He was about to rush to the aid of the human couple when a large green humanoid monster landed in front of the group and proceeded to fight with the demons, the large monster shouting "HULK SMASH PUNY DEMONS!"

The Doctor blinked in confusion and shook his head.

"Bloody hell...what's going on here?"

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