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Dancing Darkness

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Summary: Yaoi, Xander is sent to a different world where he is no longer an adult. There he has to walk the line between the two warring states.

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Lord of the Rings > Xander-CenteredRosefighterFR1865,20603623,2163 Sep 089 Oct 08No

Chapter 6

Title: Dancing Darkness
Chapter: 6
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but my own characters and the computer this is being typed on.
Warnings: Check first chapter.


Three started
So long ago
To change time
History was finally rewritten


Andy nearly fell out of her recliner when Roquen suddenly popped into the mind space. The elfling rubbed his eye’s and stared at Sam and Aragorn. Both of them looked shocked that anyone was able to enter the mind space, let alone an elfling.

“Why are you here little one?” asked Andy softly.

“Andy! I fallowed Glorfy and found you asleep. When I went to wake you up I ended up here,” said Xander turning to face her.

“Why’d you do that?” asked Sam as Roquen crawled into Andy’s lap.

“Because they kept avoiding the question,” said Xander crossing his arms and pouting.

“What question?” asked Andy lightly touching Roquen’s shoulder.

“Where you where and what you were doing,” said Roquen not looking at Andy.

“We were in Minas-Tirith, our commander ordered her to return,” said Aragorn smiling slightly.

“Commander? I didn’t think Sentry’s where like the military,” said Roquen looking puzzled.

“It wasn’t originally. There were originally three sections ruled by the heads, until they died and we went to one commander,” said Sam.

“How did this all start?” asked Roquen finally leaning back on Andy.

“It originally started by Ngarmo, Miuco, and Rusco. The three teens where outside Minas-Tirith when they spotted three young dragons, playing. Back then dragons where considered evil, but for whatever reason, they approached them. They were shocked when the dragons reached out and talk to them through mind-speak.

The six eventually became fast friends. Ngarmo, Miuco and Rusco would visit the three dragon’s everyday and sometimes the dragons would take them flying. It was all going good until five years after they had first met.

The orc numbers had multiplied quickly and soon the wraiths began to ride. All over the land people began to fear for their lives. Even the elves, hand’s where tied, trying to protect their own lands,” said Andy shifting Roquen to a more comfortable spot.

“Then there was the siege of Minas-Tirith that lasted a week. The three’s lives were devastated. When they finally had time to go to the dragons the three where badly shaken. What they found shocked them,” said Sam almost looking tired.


Three warriors stand
To take a chance
To change their world
With drops of blood


The three stood in shock. Instead of just the three normal dragons, there were ten adults with them. Miuco stepped forward but didn’t raise her hand in greeting. Ngarmo and Rusco fallowed behind her ready to run for it. In the last round of attacks Miuco had lost her entire family. Rusco had lost most of his family and was now living with a distant cousin. Ngarmo had been lucky that none of his family had died.

“The three younglings have said that you three have become friends,” said the blue and green dragon.

“Yes, elder, we have,” said the three simultaneously.

“The High King of the Elves, Gil-Galad, has given us a choice. We have decided to start a triad with you three. Ngarmo will have the blood seal. Rusco will have the family seal. Miuco will have the friend seal,” said the silver and gold dragon.

“What does that mean exactly?” asked Rusco tilting his head.

“The blood seal is a continuation of your blood line. Those that join that are of our blood will gain the same symbol. The family seal is for all who swear to your family, are your family or are adopted into your family. The friendship seal will only appear on true friends. On top of all that, all who join will be granted the mortality of the elves,” said a pure black dragon.


Tears fall into a pool of blood
The wolf is silent
The cat has returned to it’s original form
The fox fades away
As the dragons take to the skies


“What do you mean by mortality of the elves?” asked Roquen cuddling closer to Andy.

“Elves are not totally immortal. They can die by poison, injuries or fading. Dragons never die; they fly to a different place and refuse to return. Those that do return never speak about the place to anyone but a fellow dragon,” said Aragorn.

“So if they were ‘immortal’ where are they?” asked Roquen curious.

“Ngarmo, died on the battle field protecting the one he loved. Miuco was hit with a dark weapon and it is said she returned to her original state, whatever that is. Rusco lived to see his great-great-grandchild in a true place of power,” said Andy as Roquen began to fade.

“See you later,” said Roquen as he slowly faded from the mind space.

“He’s an interesting elfling,” said Sam.

“Yes he is,” said Andy.

“He just might become something different,” said Aragorn quietly.


As the heroes sleep
They protect the secrets
That could destroy everything
In a red wave


“Roquen whey where you there?” asked Glorfindel seriously after having Lord Elrond wake the sleeping elfling.

“I wanted to see Andy, and didn’t know that would happen. I just wanted to talk to her,” said Roquen trying not to cry.

“It’s ok pen-neth. Just don’t do it again,” said Glorfindel holding out his hand so he could take Roquen back to his room.

As they walked out of the room that Andy was sleeping in, did Glorfindel swear he heard Andy murmur ‘Goodnight Roquen.’ As Elrond and Gil-Galad watched the pair leave, Elrond double checked on Andy. Gil-Galad just shook his head and sighed. Elrond raised an eye brown and pulled a blanket over Andy.

“Are you sure about this?” asked Elrond packing away his different medicines.

“We will have to wait for them to wake. Then we will get our answers. For now we take care of the world while they rest,” said Gil-Galad, staring at Andy’s glove covered hands.

“So much is weighing heavily on them, and what they choose to do in the future,” said Elrond sighing.


AN: //Falls out of chair// I’m so sorry I haven’t updated. I’ve been really busy with work, school and the fair. It’s been really crazy.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to know more about the original three. If you guys want I will write a side story about it
but it’s up to you.

For all those who’ve voted for Legolas, if you guys truly want him I’ll pair him up with Xander I just have to go edit a major part of the story so he isn’t way older than Xander like he is know but it’s up to you.

Please keep voting!! I’m not closing the polls yet.

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