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Dancing Darkness

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Summary: Yaoi, Xander is sent to a different world where he is no longer an adult. There he has to walk the line between the two warring states.

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Lord of the Rings > Xander-CenteredRosefighterFR1865,20603623,2163 Sep 089 Oct 08No

Chapter One

Title: Dancing Darkness
Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS, or LOTR. I own everything else and it’s mine all mine *Evil Cackles*
Warnings: yaoi, AU for LOTR, after the end of BTVS.

//Xander’s Thoughts//


Dancing on nimble feet

She smiles lifelessly

He only has eyes for her

As he left for the storm


Xander swore as the wind picked up, biting through what was left of his t-shirt. As he made his way back to Anya’s school for Girls, he was trying not to think of anything. The closer he got to the school the more he began to sway.

//I knew; I should have called a cab, or one of the girls. But no…I had to walk back and get jumped.//

Suddenly he pitched forward a roar in his ears. The last thing he saw was what he thought was willows magic.


Protector of humanity

Destroyed by the cause

Girls dancing on nimble feet

Through the black fog


“Ash, hurry, he’s injured badly,” said a man’s voice.

“Easy, don’t jostle him,” said a woman’s voice.

//Willow? Buffy? Dawn?... Why can’t I do slash feel anything?//

“Get the kit and hurry,” shouted another’s woman’s voice.


Blood stained blade

Poison running through

She dances on nimble feet

‘O top his grave


As Xander awoke he felt fuzzy, and wasn’t in pain. Opening his eyes, he was staring at a vaulted ceiling. The smell of lemon and disinfectant tickled his nose. When he tried to move a hand gently restrained him.

“Easy little one, you’re in no shape to be moving,” said a green eyed red head.

Xander tried to reply but his vocal cords wouldn’t work. Finally he looked at his body and feinted.


A voice calls out

Lost in the darkness

She’s gone forever

To dance no more


When he woke again he was being carried down a corridor. Finally they went through a door that led to the outside. There stood a girl with curly brown hair, dressed in all black including her cloak. What shocked him was the dark blue and black dragon behind her.

“Take him and be careful, Andy. We cannot keep Deneather, in ignorance much longer,” said the man holding him.

“Don’t fret, Arathorn, we’ll be fine,” said Andy mounting the dragon before she took Xander from him.


AN: I’m looking for a beta. Sorry for all the mistakes .
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