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Dawning Familiarity

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Summary: The Slayer was the monk's best bet to protect the Key. So they made Buffy a mother. Wishing for a demon-free life for her daughter and with many Slayers about now to do her job, Buffy decides to check out an offer from the Air Force. And their program.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate SG1 or BTVS. No infringement is intended. Sadly, no profit will be made from this either.

Chapter 1

Deep inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colonel Jack O'Neill knocked at his superior's open door and waited impatiently to be acknowledged. As soon as General Hammond told him to come in and sit, he sighed and let himself fall into the offered chair.

"Any news?" Jack asked hopefully. Avoiding his paperwork was only a minor reason for his question. He was genuinely interested in the answer.

Hammond shook his head. "Not much. Sorry, Colonel."

Sighing in frustration, Jack clenched his fists. "That's ridiculous. First, someone drops a name, says how helpful that person could be in our fight against the Goa'uld. How he was instrumental in taking out the Initiative, a not so kosher yet secret military operation we're not even prone to know more about. Then it takes us ages to find someone to contact said person and now we're waiting for months to even just get a reply! Is he really worth it?"

"We've been warned it might take a while," Hammond replied, leaning back into his chair with a heartfelt sigh. "And assured that the information we have is valid."

"It's not like we are pushing papers around our desks day in and day out," Jack growled. Not when he could avoid it, anyway. "We need any support we can get. Anubis isn't just going away by throwing a name at him! So what is Summers doing that is so important that he can't show up and at least talk to us? See if he can really help us? Can't be saving Earth, cause that job is already taken. By us," he added snarling. "They should have kept their mouth shut if they can't deliver instead of leaving us to wonder." Realising he was sitting in front of his superior officer, someone he happened to like and respect, he added, "Sorry sir."

Hammond accepted his apology with a slight nod. Knowing Jack O'Neill as well as he did, he knew that the rant wasn't directed at him. Besides, he knew exactly how his 2IC felt. It was like someone was dangling an especially tasty piece of whatever in front of them, without them being able to actually reach it. Or, for that matter, without them knowing if it was even as tasty as advertised. "Anyway, I managed to reach Mr Riley again. Apparently Summers is thinking about the offer. Which, according to Riley, is already more than he expected."

"Great, I'm sure our enemies will be impressed," Jack replied sarcastically. "Any news on who Mr Riley actually is?" If they weren't privy to any more information on that Summers guy, then maybe they had more luck with his liaison.

"Sorry, I've been told that this is not our business. At all. It's strictly need to know."

Or not.

Jack snorted. "Then how do we know it's not a set-up, again?"

"The President assured me personally that the information is sound and he agreed with it. However, he also said he wasn't going to push the issue," Hammond explained patiently. They had had this discussion before, but after waiting a couple of month for any sort of reply, he could also understand why O'Neill became suspicious. In fact, that was the very reason he had approached this topic during his latest call to the President again.

"What the hell is Summers doing that is so important, then?" Jack wondered out loud. It was something all of SG-1, the only ones privy to the information about Summers in the first place, had often speculated about. When they had a quiet minute, that is.

Hammond shrugged his shoulders, "Your guess is as good as mine, son."

Without bashing an eyelash, Jack offered, "Twiddling his thumbs?"


Meanwhile, in another part of Colorado Springs, Buffy was … twiddling her thumbs.

This morning she'd decided to check out the local college, after learning of some summer courses that were of interest to her. Sure, she was rather late with a possible application but maybe they had some places left. And, for once, she wasn't sorry to mention Sunnydale as her last place of residence.

Funnily enough, just mentioning you've lived in 'the unknown town of Sunnydale turned into the most famous sinkhole of the whole US', opened a lot of doors.

Buffy – and the rest of the Sunnydale crew, for that matter – had been pleasantly surprised to learn that not only was there an emergency fund for all displaced residents of Sunnydale, but even the insurance companies showed no signs of withholding their payments. Giles figured it had something to do with the Sunnydale syndrome.

It was much easier to pay everyone out rather quickly than accepting that something like the supernatural exists. Besides, a quick pay-out gave the involved insurance companies a rather good publicity and more people were going to choose them over others in the future. Because they've paid out once without problems, they were always going to it, right?

Buffy had already heard from her insurance company and while it would take another couple of month until she actually received any money, they had offered help in form of free accommodation and an emergency one time payment if need be. Not only did her insurance company sell, well, insurances but they also had properties for rent in quite a few places around the country.

When she told them she was moving to Colorado Springs for a while, they had offered three different apartments/houses she could move into straight away. Even better, she wouldn't have to pay any rent until they sorted out her money and, if she wanted, could stay in the apartment or house afterwards as well. Paying the normal rent, of course.

So, over a week ago, she had loaded all her belongings into a rented trailer, put it behind her new SUV and had started the long drive to Colorado Springs. Xander had told her he'd be coming along to keep her company and help both with the driving and distracting Dawnie. After all, which self-respecting four-year old liked being cooped up in a car for long times?

Besides, he had insisted on Buffy needing somebody to check out the apartments she had been offered from a carpenter's and construction worker's point of view. Didn't they both know just the right person for the job? And while she was perfectly capable of carrying the stuff they saved from her house in Sunnydale into her new home, it would look rather suspicious. So he, Xander, would be the alibi muscle as well.

Buffy had been ready to politely reject his offer when he had dropped his cheerful mask and admitted that he needed to get away from everything for a while. He still had trouble coming to terms with Anya's death and he hoped the three-day trip to Colorado Springs – Buffy had opted for longer breaks to accommodate her daughter's needs – and the journey back to L.A. would give him the time he needed. After that admission Buffy had readily agreed to have him come along.

Once they had finally arrived in Colorado Springs, Buffy had to admit she was glad to have Xander with her. After spending the first night in a nice and quiet motel, they had looked at the apartments the insurance company had on offer. The had met the estate agent, Michelle Nichols, in her office and subsequently had let her guide them from one apartment to the next. Dawnie, being on her best behaviour, had managed to wrap the young woman around her finger in no time. Which turned out to be a blessing.

While they had agreed that the first apartment, two bedrooms with a big open plan kitchen/diner/living room and a playground nearby, was in the best condition, the last had other advantages that weren't visible at the first glance. Apart from not being an apartment but actually a free-standing small house with a backyard, that is.

It looked a bit run-down, yet it was clean. Xander had quickly confirmed that the foundations were sound enough and that it could be easily be improved. It would cost a bit of money if contractors were coming in but as most of the works were of a cosmetic nature, they could easily be done by Buffy. The area wasn't too bad either. It wasn't one of most sought-after areas of Colorado Spring, but it was up and coming since a lot of young families had started to move here. Even better, they had already started to clean up the local park.

But, most importantly, the house was on the for sale-list of the insurance company as it didn't fit their profile anymore. So Buffy could move in, see if she like it and the surrounding area and then either move once she got her insurance money or even decide to buy it of them at a possible good price.

Having left Dawn to charm the young estate agent some more, Buffy had taken Xander aside and asked what he thought. His answer had been short and to the point. Take it. Buy it if the price was right and she was sure she wanted to stay here.

Michelle had given a genuine smile at Buffy's decision to rent the place and promised to keep her up to date on the for sale front. After dropping her off at estate agency again, they had collected the trailer from the motel parking lot and went back to move Buffy's belongings into the house. Luckily, the kitchen was workable and, if Buffy decided to buy, didn't need any immediate replacements.

They had shipped Dawn's furniture to L.A. before the final battle, so at least her room was ready for her to move in. A fresh coat of paint and it was almost perfect. Apart from Dawn's furniture, they had a table and chairs for the dining area, a couch and small entertainment system for the living room, Buffy's weapons and respective trunks for them and a mattress for her to sleep on. It was enough to start with.

In the following few days Xander had helped to pick up several more things they needed from garage sales and, together with Dawn, had chosen a colour to paint her room with.

Which brought Buffy back to the presence.

With Xander still around for a couple of days she wanted to use his babysitter qualities as much as possible to set up her new life.

Hence the thumbs twiddling.

In front of the admissions office of the local college. As soon as she had mentioned Sunnydale their demeanour had changed. Where at first she was too late they now told her to fill out the forms right there and then and hand them back in. Then she was told to wait as they were looking into it straight away.

Almost three hours later Buffy returned to her new home.

Shaking her head in disbelieve, she got out of the car and smiled at the view in front of her. Xander and Dawnie were sitting on the top step of the small front porch, drinking what Buffy assumed to be some kind of lemonade. As soon as her daughter saw her, she waved happily before carefully setting down her glass. Jumping up, she almost fell down the steps before running full out towards her mother, her brown ponytail swinging from side to side behind her.

Grinning, Buffy scooped Dawn up just before her daughter crashed into her legs, swinging her up high. Squealing in delight, Dawn let go of Buffy and spread her arms to either side of her. "I'm flying!"

Laughing at her daughter's antics, Buffy swung Dawn around twice before settling her still giggling daughter on her hip. Moving a few loose strands of hair behind Dawn's ear, she asked smiling, "Did you have fun today?"

"Yep. Me and Uncle Xander painted my room!" Dawn replied enthusiastically, bobbing her head up and down. "And then we made lemonade and now we're hanging out," she added seriously.

Still smiling, Buffy walked up to where Xander was still sitting and sat down next to him. "Just hanging out, huh?"

"Yep," he replied, a small smile playing along his lips. "After a long day's work and all that."

Buffy smiled. Stroking her daughter's hair, she looked into the distance, still flabbergasted at what had happened earlier today. Xander, giving her time to sort through her thoughts, finally asked, "So, how did it go?"

Dawn, happy to just be with people she loved, snuggled into her mommy and put her legs into her uncle's lap. Listening to their voices, she slowly drifted off to sleep, her missed afternoon nap finally catching up with her.

"College starts Monday," Buffy finally replied, wonder and disbelieve clearly evident in her voice.

"Monday?" Xander asked, his eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Yeah. First they said I was way too late and then I did the whole Sunnydale-mentioning thing and now I'm going back to college. Lectures in the mornings, homework in the afternoons, five days a week. I even got a free child care place for Dawnie during the mornings," Buffy continued.

"Wow," Xander replied in awe.


Grinning mischievously, he added, "Think they're prepared for the Buffster?"

Glaring at her friend, Buffy slapped him instead of giving him a verbal reply. Grinning, he slung his arm over Buffy's shoulder. "You're going to be fine."


A/N: Wow! Thanks for all the reviews! It's not even my idea, I'm just answering a challenge. LOL. Anyway, some questions asked are answered in the original challenge, so if you want spoilers, that's where you can find them ;). Right. Hope you like this chapter, it is still more of a setting up the background thing than anything else. But I've already started the next – and I can already tell you that there'll be a first meeting of characters from both shows.
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