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Chosen Companions: A Desert Blaze

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Summary: Buffy, Barinthus, Rhys and Merry...does anything more need to be written?

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Literature > Merry Gentry seriesNicNixFR2111,5431111,5404 Sep 084 Sep 08Yes

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A/N: This takes place in the Chosen Companions fic that I have been writing and probably will not make much sense if you have not read that story. So, if you're interested...please go back and read the original fic.

A Desert Blaze

Merry reached her first and wrapped Buffy up in a crushing hug. “Don’t you ever do such a foolish thing again.” Merry berated Buffy, who, she noticed didn’t agree to anything. For the moment, she let it go, happy to have her newest friend safe and healthy. Merry looked up as a shadow fell over them.

Barinthus and Rhys embraced the two women with a kind of desperation, it was so fierce. It was a natural progression to move from holding to stroking and caressing. At first, the touches were chaste, a reaffirmation of life to make certain that the others were solid, real and safe. No one was left out. It began with Merry and Buffy soothing the men with palms to the frantic heartbeats, which when obviously not enough, turned to the gentle press of lips to skin, interchangeably. It didn’t matter which of the women was touching either man as long as the contact was constant.

Gentle kisses, were exchanged for deeper, more searching strokes of tongues to lips and teeth to skin. Barinthus bit tenderly into Buffy’s neck drawing a moan from within the Slayer, and she pulled him into her for a harder bite. Barinthus did not attempt to argue, merely tasting the highly sensitised skin with his tongue, before sinking his teeth further, and sucking strongly on her neck. The sensations he created were so intense Buffy collapsed against him, even as she reached for Merry and Rhys with one hand.

Barinthus was vaguely aware that what he was doing was dangerous, but couldn’t bring himself to care, even as he shifted his body so that Buffy was pressed full length against him. His hands were large, so large that one of them spanned nearly the width of her shoulders, as he pulled her closer. He threaded the fingers of his other hand through her hair and stretched her head back so he could feed on her golden skin. Buffy whimpered and gasped as he swapping between teasing nibbles and biting so deeply he marked her with the impression of his teeth. The kittenish sounds were accompanied by strong fingers kneading at him, encouraging further exploration.

Rhys had caught Merry to him, his relief and joy sliding into intense arousal as the two women became engaged in the wonder of erotic touch. He had gone from being numb, to finding an overwhelming clarity in the scene before him. This was as it should be. As he worked his hands meticulously down his princess’ body, appreciating every shiver she made he was also hyper aware of Barinthus and Buffy, who were just within reaching distance, and were in fact stretching to touch them.

Merry caught the hand in her own unconsciously, as she was enjoying immensely the passion Buffy and herself inspired in Rhys. He was sending tingles of pleasure through her as he massaged her back all the way down her spine until he reached her bottom, which he grasped firmly in one hand, even as he moved them closer to Buffy and Barinthus who had now collapsed to the ground.

If any one of the quartet had been paying attention, they would have noticed that they was no longer on sand but in a cave like rock formation. As it was, none of them cared, too focussed on each other to perceive any changes to their environment, even when the rock softened beneath them.

Merry and Buffy were now laying side by side, the men placing their lips against any bare skin they could find, but when Buffy tore her already shredded shirt from her body, the passion between them all became impossible to contain.

Barinthus, Rhys and Merry all reached out to touch soft skin that was visibly quivering with excitement and glowed with a pale yellow-gold hue. The throaty moan which escaped Buffy’s barely parted lips, tightened the muscles low in the other sidhe and built the sexual heat to a blistering level.

Rhys and Barinthus, so close together that their shoulders brushed one another leant over the two women and feasted upon them.

Rhys tore Merry’s top, ripping it up the middle to give himself access to the glowing breasts he had been adoring for months prior to meeting Buffy. Even as he lowered his mouth to suckle on one taught nipple his hands explored. One hand moving downward on Merry, the other reaching across to the small slayer, just barely skimming across the superbly muscled stomach, tracing the indentations with skilled fingers.

Barinthus mirrored his actions, with the exception that he had not just pulled upon Buffy’s nipples, but had sunk his teeth into the soft flesh of her breast, causing Buffy to bite her bottom lip to stifle a scream of pleasure-pain.

“Scream for us, pixie.” Barinthus murmured, his voice vibrating on her skin. “I want to hear how much you love what we do to you.”

Merry gasped out to Buffy, “Just let go, Buffy. We’ll catch you.”

Her head rolling from side to side, Buffy bit her lip harder, breaking the skin, denying the request as Barinthus followed the trail made by Rhys’ touch.

With the copper tang of blood scenting the air, Barinthus lifted his head sharply and growled. “I will not let you deny me this.”

So saying, he lowered himself, taking her remaining clothes with him, sliding smoothly between the tangles limbs to situate himself between her thighs. Buffy gazed down, mesmerised by the vision he presented.

He dropped his chin, his eyes rolling up to watch the length of her body.

Having removed their clothes for better contact they paused for the moment, Merry and Rhys watching in anticipation, for this predatory side of Barinthus was one they rarely saw.

Buffy held her breath, waiting. She had challenged him and would have to suffer the consequences.

Barinthus drowned himself in her body, plunging two long fingers into her and burying his mouth high on her inner thigh, teeth digging in hard.

Buffy couldn’t prevent her body from writhing or the choked cry which escaped her. She could feel every inch of his agile fingers dancing within her.

He laughed wickedly. “Not good enough, pixie. Not nearly good enough.” In the same moment that he pressed a third finger inside her, he surged upwards to the hypersensitive scar beside her neck and dragged his teeth over and into it. Buffy felt her skin give under the pressure, and as Barinthus absorbed the life giving liquid, Buffy screamed.

By this stage Rhys and Barinthus were so engorged it was exquisite agony, and Merry reached out to caress them both. Only to have her wrists gripped by two extremely strong males.

“This will end too quickly if you touch us in such a manner, Merry-girl.” Barinthus voice was strained.

Needing to relieve the tension in her body, Merry demanded. “If you don’t finish this soon, I will not be responsible for my actions.” Barinthus and Rhys looked at one another then at the two beautiful women they were entangled with. Who were they to prolong the torture?

“Andais will kill you if you are with Merry, Kingmaker.” Rhys stated, as he collapsed his body onto the scarlet haired princess, and watched as Barinthus did the same to Buffy.

Rhys drove his body into Merry’s, as Barinthus thrust into Buffy’s. Neither woman preventing the scream which echoed across the desert. Arching into the ecstasy both men overwhelmed them with, they reached to grab something, anything, to maintain sanity in the deluge of pleasure.

They found each other. Side by side, golden blonde strands of hair interwove through scarlet, drops of Buffy’s blood from Barinthus bite painting Merry’s skin as they found themselves side by side, fingernails unintentionally making deep grooves in the other’s flesh as they held one another.

The rhythm was intense, Buffy could feel Barinthus so deep inside her it felt as though he would drive her into the ground. He would withdraw, only to plunge further inside her. Buffy could hear the breathless gasps of Merry as Rhys powered into her. This was so beyond her normal grasp of sexual play, and yet she found herself more aroused than she ever had felt before.

Buffy, Rhys, Barinthus and Merry entwined themselves in a sensual tangle of limbs and colour. It was a glorious mix of blues, whites, scarlet and gold all interwoven in the expression of their emotions. Buffy, who was shining just as sidhe do, felt something more intense than ever blaze through her as Barinthus slammed his body into hers a final time and held himself there, muscles shuddering and his eyes shining with the emotion of the experience. Rhys and Merry reached their peak simultaneously and they collapsed against Buffy and Barinthus. The contact of skin between the four of them built into a flare of pure magic which shoved them over the edge into another orgasm.

Different shades of luminescence blended, and power rose to new levels between the four sidhe, coalescing before it seemed to explode around them. Reality returned in a dizzying rush of colour, light and sound.

A/N: I hope this was satisfactory - it's my first attempt at any kind of erotica.

The End

You have reached the end of "Chosen Companions: A Desert Blaze". This story is complete.

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