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Bits and Pieces

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Summary: Ficlets, crossover and non-cross. Mostly gen, a little het, a little slash, and, if I can work up to it, a little femmeslash

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OthertootsFR154834,6343114112,6115 Sep 087 Nov 10Yes

Bits and Pieces Index

Author’s Notes: You’ll notice a lot of changes. Mostly, it was because I was going crazy trying to keep track of all the different series I had going in this collection. So, I organized. These stories have the potential to be more than what I’m making of them. I may or may not get around to trying to make them realize that potential. Anything that gets added after this point will have a date with it to clarify for those of you who’d rather not surf through so many different stories to get to new ones. And after this bunch reaches 100 stories, I’m calling this one done.

General Disclaimer: I don’t own any character that you recognize. Further Disclaimers will be with each individual story.

‘Doomed’ Series (HP/BtVS)

Drunk and Disorderly

Bucket Brigade

The rest are standalones but I’ll be breaking them into categories as much as possible.

BtVS, Angel, HP, SGA, Ff

Wall of Memory (BtVS)

The Box (BtVS)

Just a Little Love (BtVS)

On the Mountaintop (BtVS)

A Lasting Mark (BtVS)

The Gift (BtVS)

Subtlety is Overrated BtVS)

The Triumph of Evil (BtVS)

Glass Houses (BtVS)

Never Say Four Letter Words (Like Love) (BtVS)

IDEK (BtVS, Angel)

Sea breezes (Angel)

Long-term Planning (HP)

Happily Ever After (HP)

Sticks and Stoned (SGA)

Dreamers Do it Better (Ff)


Down in the Dungeons

So Much to Lose

May the Punishment Fit the Crime

Prophecies Can be Problematic

Something about Sisters


Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks (NCIS/BtVS)

A Novel Experience (NCIS/Bones)

The Bookmen (BtVS/SGA)

When is Punishment not a Punishment? (BtVS/PotC)

A Tricksy Tragedy (BtVS/SGA)

Of an Age (BtVS/HL)

One Angry Physicist + One Aging Wizard = ? (HP/SGA)

Just a Little Sole (BtVS/CSI: NY)

Humble Pie (BtVS/CSI:NY/various)

Home isn't a Place (Leverage)

Homecoming (Leverage)

Eye of the Beholden (Glee)

Man Up (Glee)

Prompt Set 1 (Various)

Prompt Set 2 (Various)

Prompt Set 3 (Various)

Prompt Set 4 (Various)

Prompt Set 5 (Various)

Prompt Set 6 (Various)

Bitesized Prompt Set 1 (Various)

Bitesized Prompt Set 2 (various)

Prompt Set 3 (Various)

Prompt Set 4 (Various)
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