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I'm Your New What-Now?

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Summary: After Spike is appointed as the new DADA teacher, things start to get a little twisty. Possible young Anya/Spike.

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Harry Potter > Spike-CenteredgetlykemeFR131731111,3876 Sep 086 Sep 08No
Author's Note: Okay, so here goes my first TTH fanfiction! =D R&R is loved, as well. This may later progress to a Spanya. AND YUCK. SORRY FOR THE SHORT CHAPTER. I PROMISE LONGER ONES IN THE FUTURE.

Buffy belongs to Joss. D<
And all things Potter belong to JKR.

Imagine it's exactly one year after you've killed the one and only Slayer, and the next is on her way to track you down, the source of all this chaos, and finish you off. That's the way it is for Spike. Hiding hasn't been helping his situation at all, and to be quite frank Spike hasn't had a good brawl in days. All the more reason for this new Slayer lass to hurry the Hell up.

As the bleached blonde vampyre waited miserably for something to happen, he started humming a little tune to occupy himself. "Early one mor-or-ning, just as the sun was ri-i-sing..."

That was a tune that his mother, long dead by now of course, used to sing to him every morning. It had stuck in Spike's head for as long as he could remember, and it would occasionally over-power him and he'd succomb to singing it in public.

The vampyre pushed himself off the dirty brick wall that was currently casting a shadow over the dimmed city, and headed off for a litte, er, stroll. Mmm. There were many meals out tonight, but.. in the year that he'd been waiting for this so-called Slayer to show up, Spike had realized something. That maybe if he was a 'good man' he wouldn't be damned to Hell after all. He was scared. Scared that if he ever slipped up, even the slightest bit, and he was dusted, that Hell probably wouldn't have poker games with kittens as prizes. And trust me now when I say that William the Bloody doesn't scare as easily as you all might think, but this, this was different.

It was hard, yes, but Spike had managed to live off the few animals he could find for the past few months. He knew that if anyone - or anything - knew about his situation they'd all complain he'd gone 'soft' or 'lost his touch'. And to tell you the truth, Spike probably has.

"Ohh, ear-er-ly one mor-or-ninggg... AH. HEY!" Something grabbed him by the collar of his duster and slammed him forcefully against the cold brick wall. It took a split second to realize the situation. The Slayer had finally - I mean finally - shown up.

"Took our sweet time did we, Slayer?" He asked, smirking as he held the wooden stake inches from his heart.

"'Spike' is it? And, oh, please, I have bigger problems than you. The whole world doesn't revolve around a vampyre that's succombed to eating /rats/ for a living. Did you think I'd care if you apparently 'change your ways'? The blonde Slayer was giving Spike an icy glare. If looks could kill, Spike would be dead. Then revived. Then killed again.

"Hah. I'm still a little evil, luv. And hey, what's your name? Can't be goin' around killin' strangers now can we?" Spike still had a smirk plastered to his face as the words left his lips. This was obviously the most fun he'd had in days.

The Slayer rolled her eyes, and Spike realized something. She was young. /Really/ young. Seventeen tops. "Buffy. Now can we please get on with your horrible, gruesome death? I've got a shift at Doublemeat from nine to twelve."

Spike gave a short laugh. "No, I'm serious. And hey, took you a damn year to get here. I expected a little more.. 'fight' than this from the grand Slayer. You can't just kill me and get on with it."

Buffy let him go, forcefully of course. "But if you run off, which I'm sure you will, you know I'm just going to kill you. Only harder." The Slayer took a fighting stance, but quickly slackened when she noticed a rather large green-ish glow in the distance. However, Spike did not.

"I haven't gone.. soft, if that's what you're saying, Slayer. Of course by the looks of you, I'm not even sure why you've lasted so long at any -" He was cut off by a bright flash and a loud bang. Whatever it was, Spike hadn't had time to see, because as soon as the bleached vampyre had turned around, he'd been spun straight into the nearest wall of the nearest building, gashing the side of his head in the process. Everything went black.

The End?

You have reached the end of "I'm Your New What-Now?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Sep 08.

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