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Magic Isn't So Complicated

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Summary: What happens when Dawn 'accidently' turns Spike into a furry little friend?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Dawn-CenteredgetlykemeFR131672118516 Sep 086 Sep 08No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Author's Note: The more R&R means more inspiration for the next chapter. Which I need badly. xD
Buffy belongs to Joss, yadda yadda.
And oh, yes, I promise a longer chapter in the future.

The gang of Scoobies were sitting around a wide, circular table located in the exact center of the Magic Box, a shop owned by Anya Jenkins and Rupert Giles. It was an extremely hot and humid day, and Buffy and Willow had resorted to checking in on their Ex-Demon friend. Giles of course had decided to pop in and check on the store itself, and Xander was there for two reasons. One: There were doughnuts. Two: There was Anya. But mostly because there were doughnuts. Spike had only dropped by, because well, when you're in a crypt all day and the sun can do no less than kill you, there really is nothing to do.

They were all eating little glazed circles that Giles had picked up (reluctantly) on his way over. Xander had to beg, of course. Spike, on the other hand, wasn't eating anything at all (being a vampyre and whatnot).

"So," Dawn began. "I was totally wondering what would happen if you said a random spell from a random book. I mean, like, would anything happen if we didn't mean to?"

Willow piped up at this. "Aww, Dawnie, magic is really complicated. And once something's done.. it's done." Her mind briefly lingered on Tara before adressing Dawn once more. "It's totally unsafe."

Buffy agreed and took a miniature bite out of a jelly-filled doughnut she'd just picked up. It happened to be the last jelly-filled in the box. Giles had a wanting look on his face, but said nothing and resorted to cleaning his glasses.

The thought of messing with something, anything at all, and not knowing what could happen would just not allow itself to be banished from Dawn's head. There was only one way to solve it. She'd have to try something. Anything. "Hey guys, I'm gonna go take a bathroom break. Just, you know, yell if we get something on our latest featured creature." She said, casually walking towards the back of the shop where two doors resided. One led to the small library of miscellaneous books and the other to the incredibly cramped bathroom. Dawn chose the first.

Wow.. Loads of books literally hanging from their shelves. Dust lingered here and there, but other than that it looked as if it was cleaned every other day. Anya's doing most likely. She was /the/ control freak.

Dawn picked up an unusually thick book from the lowest shelf. It was a midnight blue color with a gold engraving in another language she had never seen before. After taking a deep breath, she heaved it open and read the first thing that her eyes met.

"Goya Geminiy Lestafey Comapriya Sai!"


"Don't be a stupid git, Harris. If I wanted to I would have done it a /long/, long time ago - ahhhhyyyy!" Spike's words were cut short by an unnatural drop in his stomache.

Buffy and the other Scoobies only stared in wonder. It was probably another Spike Being A Baby moment. Or something like it.. however, after fur started to sprout all over his face they began to worry.

"Spike.." Buffy began.

"Ooh, the Bleached Wonder isn't feeling so hot now, is he?" Xander snickered, but was quickly silenced by one of Anya's 'shut up and pay attention' looks. She gave them to him quite frequently, nowadays.

Dawn had only walked in a moment before, but her face had suddenly gone pale. "Uhh, Buffy... what's going on?"

" ... I don't know ... but it looks like Spike's ... turning into a ... hamster?" Her words sounded very questionable, but as his leather duster and clothes fell with a drop to the floor, a hamster popped out of the left arm-hole. Anya jumped up and into Xander's arms, Dawn looked uncertainly back at the door to the miniature library, and Buffy only picked the small, furry animal up, unafraid of its sharpened teeth.

This was, with no doubt, the Bleached Wonder.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Magic Isn't So Complicated" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Sep 08.

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