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Summary: What if Willow was in fact the Sister to Sesshomaru and was taken to the future by the PTB.

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Anime > InuyashaelfwitchFR1819350111,1299 Sep 089 Sep 08No
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Buffy the vampire slayer. They are owned by their respected owners, namely Rumiko Takahahi for Inuyasha manga and Josh Whedon for Buffy the Vampire slayer.

Takara was born to Inu-Tausho and his mate, Sakura while Sesshomaru was a young youkai. Since Sesshomaru was already the heir to the western lands, Takara became the heir to the northern lands for Sakura was the only child to the lord of the North.

Takara and Sesshomaru became extremely close at a young age. By the time Takara was the tender age of four Takara was following Sesshomaru around like the puppy. (no pun intended). Sesshomaru called her his little treasure for that was what her name meant, but that was not all. He treasured her so much that it was often said that she was the source of his smiles and joy of living. It was two weeks before Takara's fifth birthday that someone came into her life that would change everything. That someone was Whistler, the messenger for the powers that be aka the PTB. He took young Takara for the PTB knew she was needed in the future for in the future she was a cute perky little red head everyone knew and loved. So for Takara to become like Willow the PTB through Whistler put a permanent glamor and bound her powers. To remove the glamor and bindings a set of events had to occur and once they did Takara's youkai nature would be revealed and so would her powers.

The events to remove the glamor and bindings she would need to first have access to some of her youkai power and magic. Which she would gain access to on her sixteenth birthday. Second she would somehow have to gain an attribute of her youkai heritage. Last but not least she would have to have her youkai family with her in the future, then all of the bindings and glamor would be broken and Takara's full power and youkai nature would be revealed.

While Whistler took little Takara to the future and to Sunnydale to be placed in the Rosenberg household, her kidnapping was discovered in the past . Sesshomaru and Sakura were so heart broken that two things happened over the course of the next few years. First Sesshomaru's heart became cold as ice and his joy left him emotionless and just surviving life instead of living life. Also Sakura died of a broken heart and broken spirit.

After a century of mourning the loss of his mate, Inu-Tousho, remarried and a son was born. That son was named Inuyasha. Even though Sesshomaru had another sibling his heart would not melt, nor did his emotionless state break. For no one could replace his little Treasure, his Takara.

Takara had her memories of her past blocked by the PTB and replaced with her memories of where she was in the future, and now she was Willow Rosenberg. So willow grew up in Sunnydale just like any other normal human girl along with her two new best friend, Xander and Jesse.

That was until their sophomore year in high school when a new student came to town. Everything changed that year for all of them. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had come to the Hellmouth. And so Xander and Willow became her friend and started to help her with her chosen calling. Along with Buffy's watcher Rupert Giles, also know as Giles to Willow and G-man to Xander, and Angel the souled vampire.

In Willow's Sixteenth year some of her youkai powers manifested, but to everyone else she was showing the signs of having the ability to become a witch or wiccan. So Jenny Calender, the tech-no pagan, started to train her in the ways of wiccan and tech-no paganism. But during her training Angel became Angelus and cut her training short by killing Ms Calender, which they all found out that she was part of the Kalderash clan of gypsies. So then the task of re-ensouling Angelus fell to the next witch, which was Willow. So during the re-ensoulment, which Willow would make permanent, her powers her youkai heritage to hold and allowed her greater access to magics that have been dead for thousands of years. So the clause became non existent because of her youkai powers and blood that ran in her veins.

With her powers manifesting the first clause in the bindings broke minutely. She started to attract demons to her. In so Oz started to court her. Him being a were-wolf, would mean that the wolf had detected her underlying heritage as a dog and found her to be an acceptable mate. So Oz started to date Willow in earnest to take her as a mate, but when Verruca came on the scene it changed. Verruca was a jealous wolf. So she tried to be rid of Willow by trying to killer as she became a were on the full moon. But Oz saved her by killing Verruca, but in the process of saving her, he also scared Willow. So he left her to try to get his wolf under control, also leaving Willow with a broken heart and possibly vulnerable to other demons and youkai who could sense her heritage.
Also since Oz had left her, she had been over come with grief of his abandonment. So even if he returned to court her the youkai in her blood would never accept him as a mate so he would have to settle for friendship if he even returned.

And so readers this is where you review and tell me if it is a good story to finish or abandon. This is my first fanfic so please be gentle with the flames.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Takara" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Sep 08.

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