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Worlds Apart

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Summary: After Darth Caedus is killed and peace has set foot in the galaxy, a mysterious string of disasters begin to strike at random worlds. The Caretaker of All Reality decides to send in several champions from all over Creation, to stop the destruction of all

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Hi. Welcome to my insanity here, disguised as fanfiction. Joss Whedon has the BTVS characters, Square-Enix has Lenneth Valkyrie and Valkyrie Profile, George Lucas has Star Wars and the Expanded Universe, the concept of Firestar is Marvel Comics, the concept of The Question is DC Comics. Arcadia Fernandez, Fear, Psiko, and Alan Fernandez are all mine.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

The Nexus Of All
Relative time: Infinity

She stared at the bank of monitors, frowning. At any one time, there were always several trouble spots, but this one looming was a trouble spot. The only way to avoid that one was to send more people in, but who to send? Sighing, she turned to another bank of monitors, summoning a keyboard made of light to skim through them, rapidly clicking through scenes, trying to pinpoint who would be perfect to send.

“This caretaker of reality gig can get tiresome,” the woman says. Wearing her Valkyrie garb but forgoing her helmet, Lenneth Valkyrie scanned through various realities, searching for champions to send to manage the situation cropping up in the sector of realities governed by the energy field known to its inhabitants as the Force. Fingering her long silver braid with one hand, she tapped the keyboard's arrow keys scanning through various scenes:

A tall man with spiked blond hair, wielding a sword bigger than he was. “Nah, too much of a headcase.”

A man with a yellow bandanna, spotted in black, wearing a huge camping backpack with a bamboo umbrella across it. “He gets lost in a one-way corridor; bad idea giving him a galaxy to travel through.”

A man with a seemingly blank face, in a wrestling ring facing off against another wrestler. “Huh. Looks like he got back from where I sent him. Good, he'll be useful. And come to mention it...” She zooms in on a person in the background, with red hair and clothing in a flame motif. Wistfully, she touches the screen. “Okay, there's two, probably three to send. Another couple more...”

A brunette, with a barbed wire tattoo encircling her right arm, idly flipping around a wicked looking knife. “Oh, she'll do nicely. I think I have my, one more...maybe even from this same reality....” The screen flickers to a redheaded girl, floating around a giant girl and talking to her. “Perfect. Now to round them up and send them along....”

Putting her helmet on, The Valkyrie, the All-Mother, Guardian of All Reality and Creation, vanishes to round up her champions.
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